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While listening to his colleagues chatting and especially seeing them with their children and virtuous wives, he was not feeling good.

Remembering the time when he had just become a general, his son, Gu Tiannuo was verified as a genius. Luo Xinglan was happy too. And a strong woman like her was also holding his hand.

When they went to dinner at the palace, they unflinchingly held each other's hands while getting in and out of the carriage. Both of them would sit together, and she would serve him with food. Because she knew all his preferences, the food she served was perfect.

They were admired by many at that time; everyone was congratulating him for having a fantastic wife who was not only beautiful but also proficient in Kung Fu and pa.s.sionate. Even the emperor admired him.

At that time, he was feeling fortunate every day because Luo Xinglan was entirely in love with him. She also confidently said that she wanted to have a dozen genius babies with him so that he could become the best man at the Feixing Kingdom. Unfortunately, people always live in plenty without appreciating it and are still greedy.

When they were in love, he had committed the so-called men sickness as he started to admire his colleagues with numerous concubines, hence, giving an opportunity for Leng Xiangyu to enter his life.

At the end of the day, he managed to get himself a couple of concubines, but he had also lost the most important person. He was kind to Leng Xiangyu as well as his other concubines but what he had for them was just to fulfill his s.e.xual desire, not affection.

Furthermore, even though Leng Xiangyu looked like a wise person, she was not comparable to ladies from a good family. She would make a fool of herself when she went out with him. Though she later learned to be better, she just looked like an ordinary concubine and was not stunning at all.

He could no longer find that warmth and throbbing feeling that he had when he was with Luo Xinglan.

People always realize the importance of others after losing them. Unfortunately, there was no return even if he regretted what he had done!

"General Gu, your daughter is honored to have His Majesty organizing her a farewell dinner." An official said jealously.

"That’s His Majesty's kindness, my trepidation." Gu Xietian simply replied.

"Haha, His Majesty was not doing it for you but The Lord. General Gu, you’d have to understand it." Somebody teased.

Gu Xietian, "…"

"Oh yes, why is your daughter not coming together with you? It’s indeed a good opportunity to show her off after all."

Gu Xietian was not good in communication. Hence, he began to stammer.

Someone teased again, "Actually you should have shown her off earlier, perhaps His Majesty would award you, and you could become the deputy commander!"

As long as one was forming gangs at the imperial court, one would have many enemies. Besides, Gu Xietian was a soldier who was good in leading armies to war but not debating at the imperial court. Therefore, he stammered most of the time.

As the people got the opportunity, they started to provoke and tease, making Gu Xietian look enraged.

He wanted to punch them in their face, but he could only endure because he knew that he could not hurt any one of the imperial court’s officials.

Because he was not tactful and was rather straightforward when dealing with people, he did not have real friends even from his gang. When they saw that he was besieged, they perceived him as a joke, and some also took advantage of the situation.

When the hall was very noisy, the eunuch was reporting from outside that crown prince Rong Jialuo, eighth prince Rong Che, and fourth prince Rong Chu had arrived.

The people paid their respect and waited for the three princes to take their seats before they sat back down again.

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