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Gu Xijiu treated Long Siye better now. When she recalled the betrayal she experienced, she did not feel the pain anymore. In fact, she even felt it was not that evil of him to do so given the circ.u.mstances.

Long Xi was Ye Hongfeng’s fiance and they were an official couple. It seemed reasonable for him to exploit a clone for his beloved fiancee.

Gu Xijiu realized she became more understanding of the situation. Did that mean she was now carrying the genes of a saint? She shook her head and decided not to think about it anymore.

Anyway, Long Siye had left together with Rong Che for a few days. She had not seen him since. Did he send Rong Che straight back to the Feixing Kingdom? It was possible. After all, Rong Che really could not move and it was quite dangerous for him to travel alone. However, he was a prince and Long Siye was obliged not to leave him alone.

Long Siye’s cla.s.ses in the Tianju Hall would only begin in half a month. Hence, his departure would not have any impact on his cla.s.ses. She had pondered all this while cleaning the house.

After cleaning the living room, she went into the inner chamber which was The Lord’s bedroom. That was her first time to be in his bedroom.

The Lord was always seen to be high and mighty above everyone, just like a G.o.d on top of the clouds.

Thus, The Lord’s bedroom should be squeaky clean.

Perhaps it should be like the room of a monk, with only a futon mat on the floor and a few paintings of mountains and the Sun. However, all her thoughts were proven wrong when she entered the bedroom.

There was a part.i.tion with paintings of the clouds in the room. The floor was made of white jade; there was a set of marble tables and a chair with purplish clouds patterned on it. There was also a flower pot beside the window which had a few stones in them that looked like purple jades, along with a few flower buds that were growing between the gaps of the stones and waiting to bloom. Meanwhile, she could also smell a nice fragrance in the room which made her feel comfortable and fresh.

Gu Xijiu was drawn to the flowers. Unfortunately, she could not identify any of them. She decided to seek advice from the Firmament Stone as it was quite knowledgeable, "This is a Jade Incense. Do you think its leaves look like purple jade stones? The flowers seemed to grow from the jade, and it could gather the surrounding spiritual energy. If its present in a room, a rich amount of spiritual energy would be present. Have you sensed that the spiritual energy is richer here compared to other places?"

Gu Xijiu nodded and asked the Firmament Stone again, "I didn’t know this flower has such an amazing function. Perhaps, we can pluck a few and put it in our house!"

The Firmament Stone was dismayed by her stupidity, "Do you think this is Chinese cabbage on a farm which you can get whenever you want? It's a rare flower and only grows in…" The Firmament Stone explained the entire story to her.

That was indeed a unique flower, and it was so difficult to find. Apparently, it was not meant for someone who only possessed level five spiritual power. Therefore, Gu Xijiu gave up on the flowers and just took a few deep breaths to inhale some spiritual power.

She wiped the flower pot a few times until it was sparkling so that she could absorb more spiritual energy.

The Firmament Stone was speechless as it observed her actions. Finally, she had come to the bedside. There was a big bed with drapes hung from the ceiling. The curtains were painted with black ink and the painting looked like a picture of a paradise.

Based on her interactions with The Lord, Gu Xijiu felt that The Lord did not actually need to lie down to rest but only needed to meditate to sleep. Thus, she found it strange when she saw the bed and the curtains. She was surprised that a mighty G.o.d lived like a human.

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