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Published at 5th of July 2019 02:45:04 AM Chapter 2027: 2027

Gu Xijiu's heart raced even faster; she somehow thought that they were indeed a married couple . Besides that, she never rejected his request to make love to her as she wanted him as well! However, the circ.u.mstances were rather odd . "We are in… in a forest…"

"Stupid, how is this place a forest? This is our bedroom . " He carried her to the bed .

Her light green dress was as messy as her heart rate . She took a look at her surroundings and was shocked . She was in her bedroom in the Saha World . It was all familiar furniture- the bed drapes she always had and the bed . The layout of her bedroom has never changed all these years .

Mu Feng and his colleagues thought that it was too simple as there was not even a painting on the part.i.tion; furthermore, her bed drapes were always in a single color . It did not look like the house of the Lord at all . They had wanted to renovate it for her, but she rejected .

Although she did not like the layout of her bedroom, subconsciously, she did not want anyone to touch anything in the bedroom, as if she was trying to preserve something . She used to sleep in there every time she returned; hence, she was already used to the layout . That was the reason she could recognize the bedroom with just a glimpse .

Nonetheless, she noticed that there were some differences in there . There were some drawings on the part.i.tion which was the scenery of Jiangnan . It was so detailed and accurate that one could feel like they could enter the painting as long as they fixed their eyes on the painting long enough .

Besides that, the bed drapes were painted with lotus flowers and fishes . There was also a group of white herons flying across the sky . The bedroom which was initially dull had become lively after being filled with different colors . She jumped out of his arms and suddenly realized that it was supposed to be the style of this bedroom, which made her feel homey .

Home; she has not felt at home for a long time . Of course, she only managed to idle for a very short time . . . Soon enough, she was already pressed down on the bed . The kisses were hot enough to melt her lips, and her heart rate was so familiar yet strange to her .

She realized that she could not focus and began to feel numbness in her body . She could not remember anything at that moment, but subconsciously reacted to him and felt his touch as if it was something very normal between them . Certainly, she was not against it and slowly accepted his entry, his 'invasion,' and everything about him .

When he was sending her to the peak, she called his name as she trembled . "Fuyi…"

'Pakkk!' Her hand hit something . She quickly opened her eyes as her body trembled! It was a white drape in front of her, a white blanket, and a shining luminous pearl . She realized the sky was bright . Gu Xijiu was sweating; she did not even know the date when she opened her eyes .

After a while, she quickly touched her cheek after she regained her consciousness . Her face was burning, and her heart was still racing! Gosh! She had a dirty dream! It was so real as if it just happened!

She suddenly recalled so many things . . . She remembered that she was still a virgin . . . She felt soreness on her body, and her face was burning as she sat there .

How would she have such a dream? Did that really happen between Huang Tu and her? But the appearance of the man in her dream was . . .

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