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Published at 4th of July 2019 09:20:09 AM Chapter 2025: 2025

Di Fuyi twitched his lips . “I do not like to share food!” He got up abruptly and tossed a bottle to Gu Xijiu . “That is the antidote; take it after an hour . ”

“Let's go . ” He ordered Bai Ze .

Gu Xijiu was stunned .

Bai Ze was very understanding; it knew its young master was not in a good mood . Unfortunately, it would not be able to enjoy the grilled fish . Instantly, it got up and replied, “Alright . ”

It looked at the two of them but was mainly looking at Gu Xijiu . Softly, it said, “Miss Gu, my young master has not been eating well over the past three days as he was rushing to get the antidote for you…”

Gu Xijiu felt guilty; she thought Di Fuyi was behaving like a child and trying to create trouble for Long Siye; hence, she decided to ignore him when he refused to drink the soup . She did not expect him to leave so quickly . However, she regretted her actions after listening to Bai Ze . Before she could say anything, Long Siye added, “We did not know that His Highness does not have the habit of sharing food . Let me get the chef to prepare a tableful of food . Is that ok?”

“It's fine . ” Di Fuyi added . He leaped onto Bai Ze's back after it had transformed into its original form . “Let's go . ”

Bai Ze flew up into the sky and disappeared .

Gu Xijiu remained silent as she held the bottle in her hand .

“His Highness is still young; it is normal for him to throw a tantrum . He is still a kid . Xijiu, do not take it too personally . ”

Gu Xijiu felt frustrated . She knew that she should not blame Long Siye, but she could not help it .  “He is no longer a kid! He is already a man! Could you stop treating him like a kid, Instructor Long?”

She was slightly blunt to the extent that Long Siye got shocked . “Xijiu, are you angry? What happened?”

Gu Xijiu was stunned as she also found herself being unreasonable . She sighed and added, “I did not take it personally . I am tired . I think you should rest early too . ” She then returned to the house .

Long Siye idled as he watched her walking away . All these years, Gu Xijiu was always cool and calm, and she was always good at solving problems . It was rare to see her express her emotions openly . Why did she lose control?

That kid really fell in love with her . He was actually jealous!

Gu Xijiu sat at the edge of her bed and continued to look at the bottle she received from Di Fuyi . She realized that she should have treated him better when he arrived as he had gone through a lot of trouble to retrieve the cure for her .  However, she could not do so as she knew that he had a special feeling for her .

She closed her eyes, and many illusions flashed across her mind . The person she loved was Huang Tu, and what she had to do was to resurrect him . He had traded his life for hers, so how could she fall in love with someone else when she finally found a way to resurrect him?! Therefore, no matter if Di Fuyi was a kid or not, she was destined to fail him . Hence, she should not give him hope .

As a result, Gu Xijiu decided to ignore him, so that he understands that she was not into him . She could not let this kid get attached to her!

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