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"You want me to miss the appointment?"

"Huh?" Gu Xijiu had not managed to respond to his question.

"I’ve promised to check your homework on the sixth day, and today is the sixth day. How could I simply break the promise?"

Gu Xijiu remained silent for a short moment and then coughed, "I’m afraid you might be exhausted… My Lord, it’s really fine even you break the promise! I mean it...?

"It’s great that you’re so understanding." The Lord seemed to be glad and looked around, "It’s so dirty here, there is not even a place for me to sit…"

Gu Xijiu was speechless. She thought in her head, "My Lord, you could just wave your sleeve, and everything would be cleaned as usual..." Apparently, he wanted her to clean it.

To obtain some favors when he checks her homework later, Gu Xijiu decided not to argue and quickly rolled up her sleeves to clean, "Xijiu will clean it."

The Lord was pleased with her and nodded, "Alright, you clean this place, and I’ll just take a break at your place." He then disappeared instantly.

Gu Xijiu was shocked and kept silent. She almost cried.

Gosh! My Lord, my nest is worse than here though.


The door was opened, and a purple shadow arrived in a rush, "Shiuuu!"

The mussel rushed forward, "Master! You’re finally back!"

The purple shadow was Lu Wu. Unfortunately, it flew away before it got to cuddle with the person who just came in, while the mussel has been stepped on its sh.e.l.l and could not move at all.

Lu Wu went back under the blanket. Its body was upside down, and its nine tails were wagging. It was not their master; it was The Lord!

The mussel felt its sh.e.l.l was locked, "My… My Lord…"

The Lord flew in and saw everything in the house.

The bed was messy, and Lu Wu was lying under the blanket with its eyes staring at The Lord.

There was a round nest at the left corner with a soft cushion inside, and the cushion seemed to have a shallow pit in it. It was probably the mussel's den.

There was also a rectangular nest at the right corner of the room, and there was a mat inside. The Wind Caller was standing on it with a pair of weird shoes on its head.

Its characteristic was different from Lu Wu's which was clingy and naive. It was also different from the mussel which was overly expressive. The Wind Caller was a gentle mythological animal, it always walked like a gentleman and brought the house slippers to Gu Xijiu whenever she came back.

The Lord’s smile had gone away when he looked at the two creatures and then looked at Lu Wu who was hiding in the blanket. There were three majestic beings in the bedroom, and one had even climbed up to the bed.

Was she keeping majestic beings or raising pets?

He did not expect the little girl treated her majestic beings so nicely.

One's favorite things would always be their weakness, and it was easy for people to exploit it. Therefore, it would affect one's sense of judgment. It was fine if someone else lost their sense of judgment but she could not.

He gently waved his sleeve, and the chair he was looking at was immediately cleaned. He sat down and then observed the three majestic beings in the room silently.

The mussel felt numb and nervous from being stared at, and it accidentally said something inappropriate, "My Lord, what brings you back? Master is going to cry this time…"

The Lord was speechless.

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