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Published at 4th of July 2019 02:45:04 PM Chapter 2026: 2026

Given the circ.u.mstances, Gu Xijiu was prepared to put aside her mission until he gets over it . She needed to wait until he could treat her as a regular friend before she could continue helping him develop . Having experienced so much in her lifetime, Gu Xijiu naturally understood everything that was going on . Nonetheless, she still felt guilty about it .

Although she had rejected a vast number of admirers, she never felt bad about it before; what was wrong with her this time? Was it because he was a kid? Or perhaps it was because he was the youngest among all her admirers?

Gu Xijiu shook her head and decided not to think about it anymore . She quickly sat down and started to meditate after consuming the antidote . The antidote was potent, and she managed to recover speedily . An hour later, she was already almost fully recovered . She lied down after doing some stretches and fell asleep unknowingly .

She had a dream . It was very foggy in the dream, and she was walking in the fog alone . Apparently, it was too foggy to the extent she could not find her way out . She paused for a while to try to examine her surroundings and continued taking big steps .

She was very familiar with that dream, as she often had similar dreams . She even knew what she would see in the fog . Sure enough, the mist disappeared after a short time, and she could see a man standing far away dressed in a purple robe . Although she could not tell who it was, she guessed that it should be Huang Tu . Unfortunately, she could never see his appearance clearly; she could not even identify his body size .

Gu Xijiu did not take a step further and decided to remain at the same spot . She knew that there was no way for her to reach him, as she had tried multiple times before . The more she chased after the man, the further he would go, and he would eventually disappear in the fog .

This time, she did not want to waste her effort . Hence, she only observed him quietly . To her surprise, the man in the fog seemed to be getting closer to her, and she could see his appearance . She was shocked! The man looked like Di Fuyi!

Her heart began to race, and finally, she took a step forward . "Huang Tu?" The man's back was initially facing her, and now he slowly turned around . Gu Xijiu immediately held her breath! Di Fuyi? That was Di Fuyi in front of her! He pursed his lips as he looked at her with a pair of charming eyes . "Baby…" His voice was so magnetic .

Gu Xijiu suddenly felt an ache in her heart! "You…" A complicated emotion crept in, and she could sense a sour feeling rush up to her throat as if a duck egg was stuck in there . Helplessly, she felt like crying . Soon enough, she was embraced in his arms; he hugged her tightly as if he was going to stuff her into his ribs .

She was suffocating and slowly lost her focus . She could no longer tell if it was a dream or reality . She hugged him tightly as if he was the one she had been looking for all these years . She then raised her chin and looked at him . "You… You finally returned?!" She felt so helpless and began to sob .

He sighed softly and then kissed her gently! His kiss was intense and pa.s.sionate . Gu Xijiu was swept away and even had a buzzing sound lingering in her head . She felt her body going numb, and she almost fell out of his embrace .

While they were pa.s.sionately kissing, her top was opened, and his lips slowly traveled to her sensitive spots . Her heart was racing, and subconsciously, she tried to stop him . "No . No…"

"Xijiu, we are a married couple . I really miss you…" He held her hand as he looked into her eyes .

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