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The song she selected was ‘The End of Life.'

It seemed apparent that the song had touched her heart before. It was quite good this time coupled with her effort to save her face.

"Not bad, here you go!" Di Fuyi pa.s.sed her the alcohol.


Finally, Gu Xijiu got to taste the alcohol; it was fantastic! It soothed her stomach which had been tortured by the bitterness earlier. After the first gla.s.s, she returned the empty gla.s.s to him and said, "One more!"


Di Fuyi kept his promise; he gave her three gla.s.ses as she sang well. She felt warmth in the stomach after three drinks, and her blood was circulating well compared to when she was in the ice palace. She got excited and shouted, "Nice one!" Now that she knew how good the alcohol was after tasting the bitterness, she wished she could drink 300 gla.s.ses!

She continued to sing and drink and realized that no matter how much she drank, there was always alcohol in the bottle!

"It’s all about happiness; I need another 300 gla.s.ses!" Gu Xijiu stretched three fingers out and kept swaying her fingers in front of Di Fuyi. She did so when she finished her 20th drink.

Di Fuyi raised his hand and held her little fingers, "You would die if you drink 300 gla.s.ses!"

The table was quite small; she was leaning on the small table. At the moment, she felt uncomfortable as someone was holding her fingers, so she tried hard to pull away! However, it was not as easy she thought!

She has applied too much force and accidentally crashed into his arms instead! One of his hands supported her, "Sweetheart, are you drunk?"

Apparently, he was quite alert. He was still holding Gu Xijiu's little hand when he supported her body and was ready to avoid being stabbed. Fortunately, her hand was empty. Her fingernails were clean; she did not hide any poisons or weapons. She did not plan to attack him.

She had flushed cheeks, and her breath was full of alcohol. Her vision was blurred, and her eyes were almost closed. However, she was annoyed by the table and kicked it away. She stood in front of Di Fuyi and said, "I’m not drunk! I can drink another 1000 gla.s.ses!"

Even though he was sitting down, they were now almost the same height. Gu Xijiu always portrayed herself as a calm and composed person. However, she looked different when she was drunk. As the sun shone on her, she was like an arrogant little phoenix flying in the air, "No one can make me drunk! I was just pretending every single time when I was drunk. I have to make people trust me if I want to complete my mission."

Di Fuyi looked at her and asked, "I see, what kind of mission do you need to complete?"

"Murder!" Gu Xijiu responded abruptly. She turned around and took out a short knife and then placed it on Di Fuyi’s neck. Di Fuyi did not care about the knife on his neck but looked at her and asked, "Do you always kill people?"


If she did not drink that much, or if Di Fuyi did not know the power of the alcohol, he would have thought she pretended to be drunk! Gu Xijiu tilted her head and looked at him. She did not answer his question but asked him, "Who are you? Why are you sitting with my knife on your neck?"


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