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Di Fuyi was a music master too!

If humans could live enough, perhaps they could discover many talents too.

Gu Xijiu was finally willing to acknowledge defeat.

She picked up her gla.s.s and tasted it with the tip of her tongue. It tasted slightly bitter, sour, and spicy, but was not particularly awful. Besides that, it was not poisonous, so there seemed to be nothing to lose. Gu Xijiu finished the drink in one mouthful.

That was tragic!

It was not that bad when she tasted it with the tip of her tongue. However, it gradually became worse as it went deeper into her mouth! It was bitter and she quickly poured a few mouthful of water into her throat! "It's awful!"

Di Fuyi looked at her and felt a sense of pity for her, so he pa.s.sed a dried fruit to her, "Here you go." The fruit looked like an apricot, so Gu Xijiu quickly stuffed it into her mouth and started to chew. It did not taste like an apricot, but it was really delicious! Most importantly, it removed all the bitter taste in her mouth!

"Thanks." Gu Xijiu exhaled.

"Is it tasty?" Di Fuyi looked at her and asked.

Gu Xijiu answered, "You can try it yourself!"

"Uhmm, I’m good. Do you want some more?"

"Of course not!"

"I see. Then you must sing properly." Di Fuyi gave an evil smile as he spoke. "To be honest, I prefer to enjoy the alcohol alone. I’ve got some more of the Forgettable War drink; you can sing out of tune if you want to drink more."

He was such an evil person but at least he never hides it. That made Gu Xijiu willing to tolerate him. She was kind of depressed along the journey. However, she was forced to focus on battling with him now. She picked another song this time.

This time, she put more effort in it but Di Fuyi was still not happy with it and tried to pick out the mistakes. He was right again, and Gu Xijiu had nothing to argue with him. Therefore, she took another drink. Fortunately, she was well prepared this time. Coupled with the dried fruit from Di Fuyi, she could handle the taste.

She had sung three songs and drank three gla.s.ses of the bitter drink. After the third one, she realized she had a phobia to it already!

Was it really made from the water of the legendary w.a.n.gchuan River? It was as though all the bitterness in the world had been placed together in a concentrated solution. She would have fainted if there was no dried fruit.

Naturally, Gu Xijiu knew that she must sing well after consuming so much of bitterness. Not for the drink but the pride! He had triggered her ego!

She was not going to give a sh*t about Long Siye/Long Xi, the beauty in the ice coffin/clone... Di Fuyi was pleased with what he heard but not with the emotions that she put into the song. That was the reason her singing was terrible... Thus, she picked a song that fit her mood more suitably.

"The snowfall met the flowing frost,

And the memories were looking for a habitat,

The melody entered the pine hall,

What a pitiful soul trapped in the sword,

I remembered the black hair and white robe,

That was you battling so hard in the arena,

The sunset was hidden in the sleeve,

And the unavoidable one was the tragedy between you and me,

There was a demon sign within the palm lines,

The joys and sorrows crept into the miserable heart..."


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