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Di Fuyi was speechless.

Gu Xijiu frowned at his silence, but her left hand was still holding her knife to his neck. She used her right hand to lift his chin and said, "You’re such a beautiful guy. A man who is kind to me. My knife is very fast and your head would roll off your shoulder if I wanted it to happen. By that time, you wouldn't be pretty anymore!"

Di Fuyi was running out of words. He looked at her and slowly said, "I guess you rarely get drunk…"

Otherwise, she would have scared many people to death!

If a gentle little girl could be so fierce and daring when she was drunk, Di Fuyi felt it was worth it for him to share the alcohol! Thus, he allowed her to lift his chin as though she was flirting with him. He even blinked his eyes and asked, "What are you going to do?"

Gu Xijiu's right hand then gently ran up to his eyes, "Such a pair of s.l.u.tty eyes... They seem to have the power to suck out our soul...."

She was unable to reason as she was speaking, "It was… nasty eyes! An actor from X City has a pair of nasty eyes… It attracted so many people…"

"X City? Actor? Everyone was attracted?" Di Fuyi repeated her words. Apparently, some of the terms were new to him. However, the latter ones were easy to understand. Thus, he could roughly conclude that many people were attracted to that man.

He found a few keywords to ask, "Who's the actor from X City? And, where is X City? It sounds like a place. Is the name of that man ‘Actor’?"

"You’re such an outdated person." Gu Xijiu was frustrated with his questions, "Where did you come from? How could you not know X City… or actor…?"

That would be the first time Di Fuyi someone described him as an outdated person! He smiled as he looked at her, "Alright, you're not an outdated person. Come on, tell me more."

"Explain? What do you want me to explain?" She was confused by his lack of knowledge.

"Who is the actor with the pair of nasty eyes from X City?"

"Liang Mingcheng." Gu Xijiu mentioned a celebrity from her modern world.

"Does he look better than me?"

Gu Xijiu looked at him with blurry vision, "You… You look better!"

Di Fuyi smiled proudly, "Of course! I’m the most charming person in the world. Which part of my features look better than his?"

People tend to tell the truth when they were drunk. It was very difficult to hear something sincere from this little girl when she was conscious. However, now was the best time to get more information from her.

As Gu Xijiu had removed the mini table between them, Gu Xijiu was swaying in front of Di Fuyi as though she was going to fall at any time. However, she tried very hard to support herself and held the knife steadily.

She looked at him and suddenly said, "You… You have three heads! You got two more than him…"

Di Fuyi was speechless and upset.

He tried to support her so that she could stand properly, "I have only one head! Come on, focus!"

Gu Xijiu was looking at him and repeatedly blinked her eyes. She tried to focus and suddenly seemed inspired, "Indeed, you have only one head…"

"Are you sure I look better?"

"Yes! You look great! You’re more beautiful than girls! He… he is handsome! Mature and handsome…"


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