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She looked at herself in the mirror again and found out that the girl in the mirror had looked more beautiful with the fading red patch.

At this moment, she had no time to identify the cause that lightened the red patch. However, the fading red patch had made it easier for her to disguise herself now. At least, she did not have to turn her face dark-red anymore.

Then, she disguised herself as a weak youth with a yellowish face and then teleported a few times to head out from the city. She took a rest on a big rock and when she wanted to teleport to the nearest town, a hand was suddenly placed on her shoulder, which stopped her from teleporting!

She was shocked! And her first reaction was that pervert, Celestial Master Zuo had caught up with her!

"Di Fuyi, you know the place really well…" She suddenly turned and stopped grumbling!

There was a man standing behind her. He had a good posture as well as a beautiful and refined face, as if immortal.

Long Siye!

Unexpectedly, it was he who found her!

He held her arms tightly but did not look good. He was gazing at her eyes while he said, "Xijiu, it’s me!"

His eyes seemed to be very excited that he stared brazenly and piercingly at her.

Gu Xijiu also looked into his eyes and laughed after a moment, "Overlord Long, your grip hurts, release me!"

She struggled. Long Siye did not release his hand but he pulled her into his arms instead, "I’m not releasing you! Xijiu, I swear I’m not letting you go this time!"

Basically, he taught all the kungfu he knew to Gu Xijiu in his previous life. Therefore, he clearly knew her characteristics, habits and even her way of dealing with things. Furthermore, with the help of the tracking bird, he could find her quickly.

Her current kungfu was so poor and was even poorer than it was in her previous life. Meanwhile, as he had been practicing for a hundred years in this world, his kungfu was much better than his previous life's and thus, making him more arrogant. Therefore, she could not escape at all.

Gu Xijiu stopped struggling, stayed in his embrace while smelling the familiar breath. Then, Gu Xijiu laughed, "Overlord Long, what do you want?"

Her laugh was actually a tease. Long Siye was hurt but he kept hugging her tightly, "Come with me! Believe me, I’ll give you the best life."

He beckoned his own crane and jumped up while bringing Gu Xijiu along.

The clouds were floating by; his crane was not a normal one. It had a gold crest, a snow-white long neck, a trim body, a dark green fan-shaped tail and was about four to five times larger than a normal crane. When it opened its wings, it was like a glider but its speed was comparable to a combat plane, swiftly pa.s.sing through the layers of clouds.

Gu Xijiu was sitting on the back of the crane while Long Siye was sitting behind her. One of his arms was put around her waist, hugging her pet.i.te body.

The bright moon was seen in the sky, along with the dim stars and white clouds.

Such condition appeared to be familiar.

"Xijiu, come, touch these clouds." Long Siye let the crown go through the layers of clouds, and swept the cloud to Gu Xijiu with a flick of his sleeve.

The cloud was material-like that would not disperse with his wave.

Gu Xijiu did not reach her hand out even when Long Siye swept the cloud towards her.

A flash of disappointment was seen in Long Siye's eyes but he forced a smile and said, "Xijiu, can you remember? You were seventeen that year, and I taught you how to maneuver the plane, the smallest type. We were flying through the sky like we’re doing now. You said, it would be better if it was a bird so that you can touch these white clouds while riding on the bird..."

Gu Xijiu kept mum.

How could she not recall?

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