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"Just now, Mo Yuyan came out with an order."

Di Fuyi, "…" That cunning brat!

Without further ado, he quickly went out. It was late at night and the streets outside were totally emptied. Therefore, he could see the other end of the street directly but her silhouette was nowhere to be seen.

It had ran away rather quickly!

He touched the black ring on his finger but then he frowned because that Black Hair Curse was unexpectedly not working!

This brat was such a good deceiver! Though he managed to catch her a few times but his efforts were futile…

He grasped his fingers even tighter, but his eyes were gleaming.

Great, she had completely triggered his interest!

The little brat knew how to disguise, change one's breath, and even imitate people’s way of speaking. Looking for such a person was not easy in the normal world indeed.

But in this world, it would not be easy for her to run away…

Where would she teleport herself to at this hour?


In a coffin shop.

As it was very late at night, the shop was already closed for business.

There was only an oil candle lit up in the shop, like a ghost fire.

There were also a few unsold dark coffins being placed in the shop and the atmosphere was rather eerie.

Suddenly, on the cover of a coffin, there was a young lady that came out of nowhere. She was wearing a light green garment and had long black hair. She looked beautiful but her face was rather red, as if she was in a rush.

This young lady was panting and she was sitting on the cover of the coffin for a rest.

Would that b.a.s.t.a.r.d catch up?!

The security levels of the Fucang Palace was indeed very tight. Besides, she could not use 100 percent of her teleportation technique. Plus, the palace only allowed people coming in and not going out today. Therefore, after she had inquired all information she wanted to know, she waited patiently.

She first disguised Mo Yuyan, that little girl to become herself and laid on the bed. Then she disguised herself to become Mo Yuyan and guarded outside the door. Whoever came to ask her anything, she could deal with them easily.

Finally, Di Fuyi came back. As what she had guessed, this palace master would not look at his servants. She acted like Mo Yuyan, saluted and kept lowering her head, hence, the great Di Fuyi did not even realize.

As he entered the room, she quickly went out and used her partial teleportation to get to the main entrance directly.

With the return of Celestial Master Zuo, the guards were rather relaxed. Besides, the order that banned people from going out was removed too. Therefore, she could easily fool through the gates of Fucang Palace. As soon as she got out, she quickly teleported…

She did not go to the places she used to go, but she had come to this coffin shop instead.

This place was known to be unlucky, hence, n.o.body would come at night. That pervert Celestial Master Zuo would most likely not guess this place…

The truth proved that her guesses was very accurate. Though she had stayed for an hour in the coffin shop, she did not see that person appearing suddenly from nowhere like a ghost.

She used a special make-up remover to remove the disguise on her face and when she wanted to make-up again, the Firmament Stone suddenly spoke, "Master, have you realized one thing?"

"Realized what?"

"The red patch on your forehead seemed to have faded a lot!"

"Oh, really?" Gu Xijiu looked at herself in the mirror and found out that the red patch on her forehead had indeed faded a lot.

It originally appeared like the maple leaves during autumn but it had now changed its color from bright red to a light red color…

Gu Xijiu was curious!

What had just happened? She did not do anything after all.

Was it because she had always put on special medication on her face while disguising and among the ingredients, there was some which could heal the red patch?

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