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It was her first time manoeuvring the plane and he was right beside her, guiding her. As she was extremely clever, she learned quickly. At the beginning, though she flew the plane with a slant, it was still flying normally.

At that moment, he complimented her and said that she was not like a normal person…

She thought he was truthfully praising her - she was so happy that her eyes lit up.

As Long Xi was the instructor of the killer camp, he acted rather coldly. He also barely praised any student but usually scolded them instead. Therefore, every killer in the camp was afraid of him, yet respected him. Occasionally, when he praised someone, it would make everyone jealous and make the person happy for a few days…

Almost all the girls secretly had a crush on Instructor Long - wishing to capture his attention.

Gu Xijiu was an indifferent person. She did not fall in love easily but she was only interested in this instructor.

She was seventeen when she first started to like him. He praised her in the plane and her heart fluttered for the first time…

She was so excited that she flew the plane with various styles and when she saw the wing of the plane pa.s.sing through the cloud, she said that she wanted to ride on the bird…

It was just a joke as she had never thought that she would fly in the sky riding on a bird.

The crane flew speedily but the wind was not strong on its back. The ride was also not b.u.mpy; it was actually quite comfortable.

Certainly, Long Siye had casted a spell to separate the wind from the back of the crane.

Long Siye was usually not talkative but he was today. He talked a lot, mostly recalling the memories of his previous life.

In contrast, Gu Xijiu neither spoke a single word nor had she responded.

No matter how sweet it was, it was just a joke if it ended up being a big lie. Therefore, it would be a heartache instead of sweetness in reminiscence!

The blowing wind had dispersed the irritation.

Though Gu Xijiu did not speak a single word, she had been checking the surroundings secretly. Long Siye obviously did not set any stealthy enchantments because they occasionally saw some people riding various birds pa.s.sing by. Though those people had pa.s.sed by, they did not even look at them.

It seemed that Long Siye was indeed a capable man and was not regarded as one of the three overlords for nothing.

Along the way, as they had not seen the appearance of that pervert, Celestial Master Zuo, they had obviously shaken him off completely.

"Xijiu, are you sleepy? If you are, you can just take a nap while leaning against me. I'll wake you up once we arrive." Long Siye said gently.

Gu Xijiu remained quiet and she did not even want to sleep.

The corners of her lips was raised slightly.

She could not sleep; she was afraid that if she was lying on the operating table, her organ would be waiting to be taken away when when she woke up.

Long Siye seemed to have thought of something too. He darkened his eyes, pursed his lips, opened his eyes as if he wanted to explain but he did not at the end of the day. He just let out a sigh.

Tianwen Mountain was far away from Tianxing Kingdom, with a distance of more than a thousand kilometers apart.

Even a well-bred horse was required to run for a day but the speed of this crane was much faster than the former. It flew only for a night before Tianwen Mountain could already be seen by the break of dawn.

The shape of Tianwen Mountain appeared to be like the Mount Shu in the game.

The mountain looked high and beautiful, a wonder, but a dangerous one.

The clouds surrounded the middle part of the mountain and its entirety was partially covered in clouds, just like an artwork would depict.

Tianwen Mountain comprised three peaks and the peak in the middle was the highest and also the steepest.

As soon as Overlord Long saw the Tianwen Mountain, he heaved a sigh of relief.

That person did not catch up with them eventually. It seemed that his trick to confuse their whereabouts was working.

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