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Chapter 118: Beautiful to the Extent Of Being Forlorn

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Master You had a stern looking face, and he was one who prioritized justice. The cases being judged by him would have no room for negotiation…

When the Emperor was deep in thoughts, suddenly, clear sounds of children were heard from outside announcing, "Master You has arrived."

There were sounds of small chatters heard, but at that moment it quieted down instantly, and everyone stood up in unison…

The sound of footsteps could be heard from the staircase. The first two children came in holding a dusty Buddha statue in their arms each, while the next two children stood on each side of the door steadily, and that was when the figure of a man appeared.

There, a man stood wearing a black robe as dark as night, with his head adorned with a simple black jade hairpin. His face looked slightly pale, with long eyebrows, pupils as dark as night, and lips pale like the crescent moon. Between the brows, was a bright red mole. His posture was straight as a tree trunk, and his beauty was beyond words.

He walked slowly. There was no wind on the floor at the time, but his clothes were still flowing like the ocean waves.


That was the only word that appeared in everyone’s head. His entire body emitted a type of aura that made everyone felt as if cold water had been splashed on their faces, almost suffocating them.

Gu Xijiu's heart was shaken a little, as if Feixing Kingdom were ma.s.s producing handsome men. More and more handsome men appeared one after another!

Among all the handsome men she had met, the man in front of her eyes now seemed dreamy; he was the most dashing of them all.

Not even knowing why she suddenly recalled the jade statue that she saw earlier in the cave - perhaps the beauty of the jade statue had touched her heart. If the jade statue were to be an actual person, it would have been the number one beauty in the world. Beautiful to the extent of being forlorn…

She slightly shook her head, the jade statue was impossibly beautiful! There could not possibly be a real person who looks like that. Otherwise, every woman in the world would have been crazy for him.

"Xiao Cang, what is the name of Master You?" Gu Xijiu used her telepathic powers to communicate with the Firmament Stone on her wrist.

"Tian Jiyue."

Such an unusual name! Despite how cool the name sounded, it befitted the minister's image completely, Gu Xijiu felt in her heart.

"I have some business to attend to, that's why I was a little late," said Tian Jiyue, who faced the Emperor and held his hands up by interlocking both of his palms together in front of his chest. His voice sounded deep, but crystal clear.

The gesture he made was for people of the same status, unlike other ministers that needed to kneel thrice and kowtow nine times.

The Emperor seemed to be used to it. He laughed, "Not late, not late at all. Minister, please have a seat."

"Thank you, Emperor." Tian Jiyue nodded his head slightly, as he sat on the first judge's seat.

He was clear about not greeting him together with the other ministers. He raised his sleeves, as a brush and ink stone was brought before him.

The child placed a piece of paper, and grinded the ink stone. The moment he lifted the brush, his gaze laid on Rong Jialuo, "Prince, did you witness the entire incident? Please state what happened - what did you bet on?"

He glanced at the audience, "If what he says is not true, you can point it out later."

Rong Chu was not feeling well, however after listening halfway, he decided to remain silent. The moment many eyes were watching and all ears were listening, Rong Jialuo did not dare to lie in front of everyone.

Rong Jialuo decided not to lie. In fact, he ill.u.s.trated the entire incident with exactly how it happened.

His skill of memorizing was impressive, as he even repeated the conversation of a few people without missing a word - neither adding nor leaving a single word out.

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