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Chapter 119: It’s Alright to Not Bet on It...

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

From his narration, there was nothing personal, it was unbiased. When he finished his statement, everyone was impressed.

Even the fussy Rong Chu was rendered speechless. Tian Jiyue scanned the crowd, "Is what the prince said, the whole truth? Do any of you have anything to add?"

The audience shook their heads.

The crowd presented were still in the dark about the hidden agenda, but now that they have heard what Rong Jialuo had to say, they would have shook their heads deep within their hearts.

However, those were just childish tattles, even the Tianwen Saint started to turn a tad more serious. She even wondered what the purpose of starting the battle was.

But they did not agree with Gu Xijiu, because her claims did not tally with the Tianwen Saint's, saying that her healing technique was terrible and even suspecting that she was an imposter...

Gu Xixi had always been high profiled, so there were people amongst the crowd that recognized her, knowing that she was the real Tianwen Saint.

Regarding the proficiency of her healing technique, the audience did not doubt it, since her healing technique had been pa.s.sed down from the Tianwen ancestors - the only few throughout the entire land.

Every best doctor from each country that came to see her would need to honor her with the t.i.tle "Saint", and some would even call her a master.

Unless Gu Xijiu could prove that Gu Xixi's healing technique was indeed terrible, she would not be able to win the case!

How could such a young lady come up with something that could convince others?

It seemed that her tongue will be cut off!

The audience looked at Gu Xijiu with a hint of pity.

The child was already unfortunate, they never would have thought that it could get any worse.

Some of the audience looked at Gu Xixi; there was a sense of disagreement, feeling that this case had been exaggerated.

Tian Jiyue turned his gaze at Gu Xijiu with a pair of cold eyes, "Are you sure you are going to gamble this round? Since I am here as a judge, naturally, I will also pa.s.s judgment myself", the last few words sounded cold.

Gu Xietian was nervous. He was genuinely worried for his daughter, especially after hearing what Tian Jiyue had said. He felt some movements, so he braced himself and said, "Minister, these were the words of a kid, it's ok to not bet on it…"

"I am betting!", Gu Xijiu said calmly, interrupting whatever Gu Xietian had to say.

"Xiao Jiu!", Gu Xietian started to get anxious; sweat was dripping from his forehead.

Tian Jiyue’s gaze stopped at Gu Xijiu for a moment, and moved away emotionlessly, before looking at Gu Xixi, "What about you?"

Gu Xixi's face seemed cold. She said coldly, "I do not want to argue with her, but she is defaming the Saint’s name. Defaming my name would be the same as defaming all of the masters and ancestors. This is something I would absolutely not tolerate!"

"There is no need to speak further. Saint, are you betting against this young lady?" Tian Jiyue cut her off, his voice was clear and calm, monotonous even, but Gu Xixi could feel the hint of sarcasm from the minister.

Facing a minister, Gu Xixi felt a little nervous. Nibbling her lips, her eyes scanned Gu Xijiu, and spoke with discontent, finally taking a step back, "Seeing that she is still a child, if she would kowtow soundly 18 times, and slaps herself 100 times, and say "I was wrong" 100 times, maybe I can forgive her this time"

Her conditions were vicious, but it was much better than the terms of the bet. The audiences could not help themselves but look at Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xietian took a step forward, ready to accept the punishment on behalf of his daughter.

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