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Chapter 117: Was He Worried About His Fiancé?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

He looked at her sisters by her side. Under such solemn occasion, all of them were earnest.

Although they tried very hard to calm themselves down, they still looked anxious and restless, except for Gu Tianqing, who was well-behaved. The rest of them were charming but were easily upset.

The emperor was accustomed to all varieties of beauties, and naturally developed an immunity against them. Regardless how lovely the girl was, he would get used to it and would never feel touched.

But now when he saw Gu Xijiu, his heart trembled a little bit. This girl was special!

She was emanating an aura where threat lurked within!

She was attractive even when she was merely sitting all by herself. Which was similar to her mother Luo Xinglan…

The emperor and Luo Xinglan met each other before. That year when the emperor was carrying out a clandestine investigation, he was nearly a.s.sa.s.sinated. It was all thanks to the heroine Luo Xinglan that he survived. He fell in love with her but she left hastily right after the rescue. He did not even know her name.

He was finally informed of her name. When he was about to propose marriage to her, he learned that she was in love with a poor vagrant and eloped with him despite disapproval from her family!

He was depressed, but there was nothing he could do.

He was a talented and intelligent emperor. For the sake of Luo Xinglan, he was willing to let go of past grudges, recruit that poor vagrant and promote him in his career until he now became a great general…

Deep down inside the emperor, he had a soft spot towards Luo Xinglan. He admired her character.

He was even concerned about her daughter. When Gu Xijiu was born, the emperor abruptly arranged a marriage between her and his son…

Whatever happened afterwards was beyond his prediction. Luo Xinglan committed suicide by jumping off a cliff when Gu Xijiu was one year old. And when she turned three years old, she was diagnosed with weak body type, and even developed rashes. She eventually became the joke of the entire Feixing Kingdom and had made the marriage an embarra.s.sment…

The emperor looked at his son Rong Yan. He was seated by himself, holding a cup with pale fingertips; he was nervous about something. He was peeking at Gu Xijiu,and occasionally stole glances at her secretly…

The emperor snorted silently with indignance. Ever since the marriage was forged, that brat liked to make noises in front of him about the despair of receiving garbage and had made him regret thoroughly.

Now it seems that he was not entirely cold toward Gu Xijiu.

Was he worried about his fiancé?

He had every reason to worry. If Gu Xijiu lost the bet, not only could she not get married to Rong Yan, she had to have her tongue cut out…

Such bet was too cruel for a young lady!

The Emperor glanced at Gu Xixi in annoyance. That Tianwen Saint was beautiful; she wore a white robe just like the fairies of the Nine Heavens, which was divine and graceful.

The emperor was impressed when he first met her. But that pretty face of hers was emotionless all the time, like a lifeless ice sculpture that lacked vibrancy. One would feel tired after a long look at her.

Was not it true that doctors treated their patients like their own children?

The Tianwen Saint was furious that she had treated a young kid the way she did. She was uncommonly grudging…

This bet was not favorable to Gu Xijiu. The emperor was worried about the young lady. Perhaps if she lost, he would plead for her with his powers?

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