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Chapter 1260: It Was Not A Completely Bad Thing...
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Di Fuyi did not bother about him and said softly, "She was here three days ago!" Mu Feng remained silent as three days were more than enough for Miss Gu to run to the ends of the world. However, at least they knew that she had been here and so they could begin by searching around the area using the campfire as a starting point. Mu Feng released four tracking birds to seek for her, but none had brought back any good news yet.

It seemed that Gu Xijiu and the three majestic creatures had disappeared from the same spot. It was the reason why he hated teleportation, especially when he needed to find someone who knew how to teleport!

No one could catch up with her, and it felt as though they were looking for a needle in the ocean. Mu Feng felt miserable as he looked at the bushes in the forest.

Di Fuyi also clenched his fist inside his sleeve. Indeed, her teleportation ability was kind of annoying, and he felt helpless at times. He remained silent. They found nothing else even though he had searched everywhere within a five-kilometer radius.

Di Fuyi paused and flipped his wrist over. A ring with a ruby installed to it appeared on his palm. It was the ring that he had placed on Gu Xijiu's finger when he proposed to her. He still remembered how happy she was at that moment. She liked it so much, and she always smiled when she was looking at the ring during her stay in Fucang Hall. It was as though she was a kid who had finally gotten her favorite candy.

However, she had left the ring behind along with all the other gifts that he had prepared for her. She had kept everything inside a storage bag. Gu Xijiu hid the storage bag in the guard's sleeve whom she had caught during her escape.

He closed his eyes slightly and let out a helpless smile. Gu Xijiu was always the one who was easily letting go of the relationship. Her decision was enough to break his heart. Perhaps, her love for him was way lesser than what he had imagined.

It was not a completely bad thing. Mu Feng did not have the guts to interrupt as he saw him idling while looking at the ring. He felt sympathetic for The Lord.

Luckily, The Lord did not idle for too long. He quickly drew a spell, and a seven-colored light began to glow from his fingertips, followed by a chain of blood droplets which appeared and flew to his palm. The blood droplets formed a puddle in his palm, and the puddle engulfed the ring.

Mu Feng held his breath as he was shocked and yet amazed by the spectacular scenery which was unfolding before him. The blood did not seem to be normal blood as it emitted a unique fragrance when it had first appeared. It smelled of herbs and flowers, and the scent was rather alluring. Even Mu Feng could not resist it despite his power of determination being the strongest among the group. They heard strange sounds as many wild beasts had caught the scent of the fragrance.

Mu Feng was unafraid of the wild beasts as they were only at the sixth peak. Killing those ferocious beasts was as easy as drinking a gla.s.s of water! However, what was going on with the blood?

The Lord had bled before, but it was not as alluring as this. While Mu Feng was still wondering, he realized that something was wrong when he noticed that The Lord's face had gotten paler!

He had never seen The Lord so pale before. Not even when they locked him with so many Spiritual Chains in the past! What kind of blood was that?!

Mu Feng decided to take a risk and asked, "My Lord, what are you trying to do?"

The Lord did not bother about him. Fortunately, the blood had stopped flowing, and the puddle of blood that had formed in his palm was almost enough to occupy a wine bottle. The ring was still covered with blood, and it began spinning rapidly in his palm.

A moment later, the ring detached from The Lord's palm and flew into midair. It turned into many blood talismans which flew up into the sky.

Later on, many blood clouds appeared in the sky followed by a heavy downpour of red water and loud thunder!

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