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Chapter 1261: See If She Would Still Flee!
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mu Feng was distraught about his master as he had not been sleeping for two whole days! When he got the news, his Lord had just finished the ritual ceremony, and he looked slightly pale.

There was chaos since Miss Gu fled away. They have been sending people out to find her secretly. Even people from the Gu family did not know about it.

However, Gu Xietian has finally come to question as he could not find his daughter. Fortunately, the servants in Fucang Hall did not let him in but only told him that his daughter was doing well, and the wedding would be held nine days later according to Di Fuyi's earlier instruction. That really p.i.s.sed Gu Xietian off!

He finally had the opportunity to spend some quality times with his daughter when she came home. However, Celestial Master Zuo shamefully ruined his dream again! He wanted to argue but did not manage to see Di Fuyi.

Gu Xietian's ident.i.ty as Celestial Master Zuo's future father-in-law did not give him much respect from the servants in Fucang Hall as they still rejected his visit. However, since he was Gu Xijiu's father, they pretended to be deaf even though he was cursing at the doorstep.

After all, he was a general; it was embarra.s.sing for him to curse in front of the door the whole day. Thus, he came once a day. Di Fuyi had already sent people to find Gu Xijiu right at the moment he realized she was missing. They immediately started a very detailed investigation and searched the palace as well as the general's mansion without missing a single corner. Since all of them were experts, no one noticed the investigation was going on.

All sorts of tools had been used such as the tracking bird, tracing beast and any other helpful devices. They even got a few famous cops from the Department of Central Intelligence (they were also the member of the Anying a.s.sociation) to help.

Logically speaking, one or two of these people would be able to find Gu Xijiu even if she fell into a hidden cave. Unfortunately, to many of their surprises, Gu Xijiu was completely gone without a trace. Although countless of agents were sent out to find her, nothing was found. If were as if she were dead.

Out of fear, Di Fuyi used a lot of his spiritual power to trace her soul. Unfortunately, nothing could be found as well. Luckily, they finally knew her location! Mu Feng heaved a sigh. "My Lord, we will go to the Dark Forest to find her, please have a good rest. Although it's dangerous in the Dark Forest, she has three majestic beings with her; she'll be fine…"

Before he could finish expressing his care, Di Fuyi interrupted him, "Those three are not reliable! Four of you will follow me into the Dark Forest to find her!"

"Yes!" Mu Feng did not dare to say anything but immediately summoned the three other messengers.

Mu Yun could not help but complain after he heard the message. "Miss Gu is really getting out of hand! Our Lord has gone above and beyond for her and sacrificed for her several times. He even risked his life for her. Doesn't she feel grateful? Why can't she just behave herself and let our Lord have a few peaceful days?"

Mu Feng coughed but remained silent. Mu Yun continued, "I feel as though our Lord is too gentle with Miss Gu. There's only one way to tame this kind of girl!"

"What is it?" A sound came from the other side.

"Make her yours! Make her The Lord's wife and see if she would still flee!"

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