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Chapter 1259: b.a.s.t.a.r.d!
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Make her yours! Make her your girl, and she will never run away! Some girls act this way. The more you pamper her, the more problems she gives you. However, once you make her yours, she will love you wholeheartedly and will never leave you again…" Mu Yun could not stop giving his opinions.

"This sounds like a good idea…" A voice came from the other side of the room, but it was as cold as the ice and snow.

Mu Yun was terrified, and his hands were trembling. "My… My Lord…"

"Gu Xijiu is my fiance and your future master. Do you know that you've offended her?!"

"Yes, spare my life, please…"

"I shall leave you alone now since you know that you're wrong. Remember to report yourself to the Ice Valley after my fiance has been found. The weather is very nice over there, so I believe you will have a clearer mind while you enjoy the cold."

Mu Yun almost cried. "Y...Yes…"

A moment later, Mu Feng's comforted Mu Yun insincerely. "Mu Yun, you know what? I heard that the weather in the Ice Valley had become colder these days. I guess even Iron Man wouldn't be able to withstand the temperature. I was going to get someone to check on the temperature. Who knew that you're going there so soon."

Mu Yun gritted his teeth. "Mu Feng, you're such a b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Why didn't you give me a heads up when The Lord was with you?!"

Mu Feng answered casually, "I didn't say that The Lord wasn't with me…"

Mu Yun was speechless.

Mu Feng added, "Don't worry, after settling the case, I'll send you there myself. Anyway, I can offer you some advice now since we are good brothers. Remember to bring along more jackets when you are heading there…"

Mu Yun was furious, and so he switched off the jade tablet!

The temperature in the Ice Valley was 80 degree Celsius below freezing point. It would be useless even if he were to bring along winter coats, let alone jackets!


There were a total of eight peaks in the Dark Forest, and the wizardry barrier was at the eighth peak. No animals could escape from the eighth peak regardless of how ferocious or powerful they were. Of course, no man could enter the barrier as well.

The Lord was the one who had set up the barrier. He had made it in a way that he would be notified as soon as someone had broken through it. Therefore, they only needed to search around the seventh peak or below.

Mu Feng and his team felt that they would be able to find Gu Xijiu very soon once they had arrived in the Dark Forest. After all, she was with her three majestic creatures, and they could hardly behave themselves. Chaos always ensued wherever they went, and so they were confident of finding Gu Xijiu by searching for places which were in disarray.

Unfortunately, it was very easy to encounter a ferocious beast inside the Dark Forest, and none of the peaks were an exception. The principles of nature were upheld in the Dark Forest as killing among beasts happened every day. The strong ones lived while the weak ones died.

Therefore, the four messengers were unable to find the mussel and the other majestic creatures even though they have searched everywhere. They had also witnessed countless battles between beasts living in the forest. Of course, they did not see Gu Xijiu as well.

Fortunately, Di Fuyi found a campfire and a bunch of grilled bones at the sixth peak. However, there were not many clues left as it had rained not too long ago.

The bones were either buried in the mud or covered by the gra.s.s as it looked filthy. Surprisingly, Celestial Master Zuo who was obsessed with cleanliness picked up the bones and even sniffed it to find more clues.

Right at that moment, Mu Feng coincidentally landed nearby. He felt bad as he saw the scene. "My Lord, let me do the dirty work!"

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