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Chapter 1206: She Missed Her Original Body
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There was currently no device to detect such a bond. It was similar to a spiritual relationship between identical twins. Thus, he could always find her again by following the unique sense between them and perhaps, he could even locate Di Fuyi's headquarters.

The lava was gushing towards him, and he could only wait to be engulfed by the lava. Though his body would vanish, his soul would be able to escape! However, the way he was going to die was harmful to his soul.


After a long goodbye, Gu Xijiu could soon reunite with her original body again.

It was kept in a crystal coffin with its eyes closed as though it was sleeping. They had treated the wound on her chest to the point where the injury she suffered previously was no longer visible on its surface. Moreover, her skin looked soft and nourished. Even her cheeks looked rosy.

The crystal coffin was in an ice palace in Fucang Hall.

Initially, Di Fuyi had wanted to bring her to his main headquarters - Biwu Palace, but she refused to go as she subconsciously felt that there must be something wrong with her current clone body. She thought that it was too risky for her to go there even if she could get rid of the navigation device.

Di Fuyi's Biwu Palace was extremely private and hidden, as it was the primary home of The Lord and no one knew about it. Since it was such a well hidden and important place, Gu Xijiu did not want to take the risk. Hence, she suggested returning to Celestial Master Zuo's palace first.

Di Fuyi gazed downwards as though he was pondering about something. However, he did not reject her suggestion. Hence, both of them quickly headed to the Feixing Kingdom and back to Fucang Hall.

There was a new emperor in the Feixing Kingdom as Rong Jialuo had inherited the crown. Countless tasks were waiting for him ahead. However, he insisted on paying a visit once he heard that Celestial Master Zuo had returned.

Di Fuyi was an arrogant man, and so he did not want to see anyone especially when he was currently unwell. Thus, he refused to see Rong Jialuo which gave Rong Jialuo no other option but to return to his palace.

Gu Xijiu's father, Gu Xietian, heard that Gu Xijiu was also in Fucang Hall. Hence, he also paid a visit so that he could see his daughter. However, his treatment was even worse as the guard did not report his arrival to Di Fuyi.

Di Fuyi had a.s.signed four female servants to Gu Xijiu ever since she came to Fucang Hall so that she could have a good rest.

After all, she was exhausted because she had been working very hard to remove the navigation device. Hence, she should rest adequately.

Despite returning home, Gu Xijiu was depressed as she still missed her original body. She decided to see Di Fuyi after a short nap to find out more about his original body and also to see whether it was still possessed by Wu Wuyan.

Unfortunately, Di Fuyi was having a private practice session where he was not supposed to be interrupted. Thus, she decided to wander around in the garden. Surprisingly, she b.u.mped into the mussel.

Perhaps, the mussel was also wandering in the garden. It rushed towards Gu Xijiu with tears as soon as it saw its master and tried stopping a few meters away before crashing into Gu Xijiu. The little kid stared at her with a pair of teary eyes. "Master…!"

Gu Xijiu did not expect to b.u.mp into it in the garden as she had left her three majestic beings behind in the Tianju Hall to practice before she went out with Ying Yannuo for a mission. Gu Xijiu had even said goodbye to them before she left and also made them good dishes to feast on.

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