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Chapter 1208: It Was Because She Swapped Bodies!
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Firmament Stone finally flew back onto her wrist after moving around Gu Xijiu. It blinked again and produced a stronger glow.

Gu Xijiu did not speak.

She could not believe that it had become so arrogant after being apart for only about ten days.

Was it jealous?

Gu Xijiu decided not to bother it at the moment, and her gaze fell on the love bracelet instead. She was stunned.

The love bracelet's gems used to be shiny and lively. However, it was now all dull and greyish as though it was made from a normal stone.

Gu Xijiu treasured the bracelet very much, and she was worried that it might get scratched. If she could remove it, she would most certainly have kept it in the most hidden place she knew.

She felt so depressed as she saw that her love bracelet had turned dull. Thus, she decided to ask the Firmament Stone for more information. Initially, the Firmament Stone did not want to respond. It said nothing even though Gu Xijiu had asked it twice.

Gu Xijiu slightly frowned as she felt that the Firmament Stone was overreacting. She turned around and left as she was thinking about asking Di Fuyi. Suddenly, she felt chilly on her wrist and realized that the Firmament Stone had coiled around her wrist and it was continuously blinking. However, it refused to express anything in her head.

Gu Xijiu was annoyed as she could not understand why the Firmament Stone was refusing to communicate with her even though it could simply send her any word it liked. It seemed to have said something earlier, but she did not get it... Was it because she swapped bodies?

"Little Cang, are you only able to communicate with the person that owns my original body?"

Gu Xijiu asked the question in her head. Since she was unable to receive messages from the Firmament Stone, she gave it two options. She told the Firmament Stone to blink once if she was right and blink twice if she was wrong.

The Firmament Stone blinked once!

Indeed, it was due to her swapping bodies! Hence, Gu Xijiu would not be able to remove the love bracelet and communicate with the Firmament Stone if she did not get back into her original body!

She took a breath and decided to talk to Di Fuyi about this issue. Perhaps, he had a better solution!

She knew that Di Fuyi was not keen for her to go back to her original body, but she still felt that there were too many cons if she did not do so.

Di Fuyi was having a private practice session in a crystal palace at the center of the Fucang Hall. Therefore, Gu Xijiu was blocked by Mu Feng as Celestial Master Zuo needed three days to complete the practice. She was asked to rest properly in the hall, and Di Fuyi would bring her out once he had completed his practice.

Gu Xijiu felt that Di Fuyi was treating her like a child and she would be getting candies when the adults return home. She took a glimpse of the said palace and saw the crystals surrounding it. Perhaps, the wall was too thick as she could not see anything from the outside and of course, she could not see Di Fuyi as well.

Mu Feng could not help but laugh as he saw Gu Xijiu paying close attention to the palace. He always thought that Gu Xijiu was like an eagle which flew high in the sky and refused to be controlled, but now, she just wanted to attach herself to Celestial Master Zuo all the time. Indeed, his master was incredibly charming, and no girl could escape from the grasps of his master's fingers.

As he saw Gu Xijiu turn around and was about to leave, he quickly reminded her. "My Lord wants you to practice the method he taught you. It's beneficial to you."

Gu Xijiu nodded and left.

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