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922 Chapter 922: Terrible Shout

Lin Hao took a deep breath. He was about to say something when G.o.d Slaying Sword exploded a bomb: “You should heal really fast. The second trial has already started three hours ago. That’s why I sacrificed more than half of my energy to wake you up!”

“What?” Lin Hao was stunned. “How could the second trial start so soon? And… I was still unconscious when the second trial started. What kind of trial is this? If I have not woken up, I would have been killed!”

“That’s the trial set by the strongest demon of an era for you!” The G.o.d Slaying Sword chuckled and replied. Then it again said: “There is no need to think too much. Hurry up and treat your wounds and quickly leave this place. I could sense two incredibly powerful demons coming this way. In your current state, you can’t fight them. So leave quickly!”

Lin Hao took a deep breath and nervously asked, “What is my second trial? What do I have to do?”

“You have to defeat all the demons and successfully become the ruler of Nine h.e.l.l Devil World!” G.o.d Slaying Sword said in a serious tone, causing Lin Hao to reflexively gulp.

So terrifying.

He actually has to defeat all the demons in this world. Although this is just a trial world, the demons in this world are real. He had even seen a G.o.d leveled Demon.

G.o.d Slaying Sword again spoke: “The strongest demon in this world is a half-step Ancient G.o.d-levelled demon. You should recover hurry. Only when you are at your peak could have a chance to fight and defeat them.”

As such, Lin Hao started healing himself. He was feeling very on edge. Only after an hour was he able to stand up, but his body was still ravaged and b.l.o.o.d.y, looking like a ravaged corpse.

He deeply breathed in, held the G.o.d Slaying Sword, and sped off in a random direction.

A while after he left, two figures walked into the forest. They were dressed in blood-red robes and their feet hovered above the ground. They wore tall, pointed hats, and their complexions were incredibly pale. They had blood-red eyes and their hands were nestled within the sleeves of the opposite hand.

They looked at each other and walked in the direction that Lin Hao had left.


Ye Xiao was still sitting at the depth of the well however, there was no longer even a drop of poisonous blood in the well. He was still comprehending the Law of Creation when the sky suddenly darkened and a heart-whelming roar echoed throughout the entire Three Domain Divine World.

“How dare you?”

“How dare you steal my effort of countless years?”

This cry caused Ye Xiao’s soul to shudder and he immediately opened his eyes and spat out three mouthfuls of blood continuously. His state of comprehension was interrupted and he was greatly injured by just that shout alone.

It has to be known that Ye Xiao is someone who can even kill Ancient G.o.ds now even though he is only an Exalted Ruler. However, he was greatly injured just from the shout of someone beyond the sky, how terrifying that person must be?

It was at this moment Ye Xiao felt a pair of eyes staring at him coldly from somewhere far away, so far that it is out of his reach. So far that he couldn’t go there even with the help of Gate on the Fifth Floor of the Nine Story PaG.o.da.

Before Ye Xiao could even wipe out the blood from the corner of his mouth, the Seal of Creation in his hand trembled and entered his small universe on its own. It came to a world where a broken golden platform was stored. This was the Supreme Platform that Ye Xiao had taken in when the Well of h.e.l.l was being destroyed. He had promised the Supreme Platform to repair it.

He doesn’t know why, but he always felt that Supreme Platform was the reason for the appearance of Domineering G.o.d Crystal inside his body. Maybe, Domineering G.o.d Crystal was always on Supreme Platform, however, when he walked on it, it chose him and fused with his soul, becoming a very part of his Ancient Divine Emperor Soul.

“This is…?”

Ye Xiao didn’t know why the Seal of Creation entered his small universe and arrived in front of the broken Supreme Platform, however, he has a feeling that this happened maybe because of his thoughts.

When he was comprehending the Law of Creation, for some unknown reason, he suddenly thought of the Supreme Platform.

Ye Xiao speculated that this might be the reason why the Seal of Creation went to the Supreme Platform.

Suddenly, the Seal of Creation exploded and a wave of extremely cold but vast energy surged into his Small Universe but it didn’t stay there for long, instead, it traveled into his body.

As for the Supreme Platform, numerous layers of mysterious energy shrouded it completely. Ye Xiao could feel dense Laws of Creation there. In fact, he could not tell if that energy was filled with the Law of Creation or the Profound Meaning of Creation Law.

Ye Xiao didn’t have time to care about Supreme Platform. It is because he could feel that he was about to break through and become a G.o.d.

“Such an abundant energy and they are transforming into True Essence so soon, as if someone is creating them out of thin air.”

Ye Xiao was shocked.


At this moment, in the dark sky above, thunderclouds gathered, and the whole place turned dim. A ma.s.sive wave of heavenly might pervaded the entire sky. Even the people far off in the cities could sense it.

Soon, people started to gather and watch from afar. They were all crying out in shock.

“What is going on? This doesn’t seem like Heavenly Tribulation in any sense!”

“Did you hear those words? Those words almost made my heart explode. Such a terrifying voice!”

“I think these thunderous clouds are related to that voice. Maybe, an Ancient G.o.d is angered.”

“No, I think someone is breaking through to G.o.d Realm?”

Ye Xiao could feel that the target of these thunderous clouds which is very likely to be yet another tribulation is him. He could feel being locked on a mighty power, and at the same time, he could feel some kind of terrifying being rushing at him with an incredible speed.

Ye Xiao ignored this feeling and flew in the sky, ready to face the tribulation and officially become a G.o.d.

At this time, the four old men also saw Ye Xiao. They were stunned when they saw Ye Xiao.

“It is him, he is the one who dived into the Blood Well.”

“Yes, and it is him who caused the Blood inside the well to explode that destroyed the entire core area of Poison Devil Forest.”

“Anyway, why does it seems that this boy angered somebody? And that voice, it seems as if I heard it somewhere before!”

“What, Old Han, have you really heard that voice before? The owner of that voice seems very strong, even stronger than four of us Ancient G.o.ds combined. Who is he, tell us quickly!”

“I… can’t remember who he is!”

Old Han seemed to be in deep thought but he could not remember where he had heard that voice before. he could only shake his head and disappoint his other three friends.

“That was the voice of Emissary of Heaven!”

At this time, a female’s cold voice rang out, startling the four old men. But when they saw who it is, their bodies trembled and they didn’t know how to react.

“What? Have you all already forgotten me?” Princess Chen snorted coldly and asked.

The four old men immediately knelt down on one knee and greeted Princess Chen: “Master!”

Princess Chen nodded her head in response with satisfaction in her heart. Then she looked at Ye Xiao in the sky and said: “I could never forget that voice, the voice of Emissary of Heavens. I tried my best to fight him and even used the Mysterious Energy’s power that helped me increase my strength far beyond any Ancient G.o.d, however, that Emissary of Heaven was on a completely different level. I was unable to even scratch him, and died under his hand.”

“How did that boy offend him?” Princess Chen looked surprised and deep in thought. Then she muttered in a low voice: “And… I seem to have seen that boy somewhere before!”

“What?” The four old men were again surprised. Old Han asked: “Master, are you really familiar with that boy?”

Princess Chen doesn’t know how to answer, for she found Ye Xiao very familiar, as if she has not only seen him somewhere but had also talked to him before.

Old Mu asked next: “Master, could it be that he is your successor?”

“Are you crazy? Master’s successor can’t be a man, have you already forgotten?” Old Qi retorted.

Princess Chen also shook her head and replied: “He is not my successor. My successor is a girl and she also seemed to be in Poison Devil Forst. As for him, I think I have seen him somewhere before. But it is not important though. Let’s see how he’ll do against the tribulation first!”

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