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921 Chapter 921: Nine h.e.l.l Extinction Demon

The lady in red clearly heard what Mu Yanyao had said, however, she didn’t even turn to look at her. In fact, she was looking straight with a shocked expression on her face.

Finally, she couldn’t help but exclaim out loud: “How could this be?”

“This is the aura of Ancient Poison Devil Beast, but I had clearly killed it. How could I still feel its aura here? This aura is so vast and mighty that it seems as if the Ancient Poison Devil Beast is standing out there. What is going on?”

Mu Yanyao couldn’t understand what Princess Chen was saying. A puzzled expression appeared on her face, but before she could ask anything, Princess Chen disappeared. A few seconds later, Princess Chen’s voice echoed in her ears: “It is very dangerous in the Poison Devil Forest. You should go back. I’ll return the Divine Mirror of Overlord Saint a few days later.”


Somewhere in an unknown world, a young man was laying on the ground, completely unconscious. This young man was Lin Hao.

Lin Hao did not know how long it had been since he had regained consciousness, and his body ached everywhere. He opened his eyes with great difficulty, and he seemed to see a night sky with a blood-red crescent moon.

Apart from the blood-red crescent moon, there was not a single star in the dark night sky. A black figure flashed in front of him, and as he looked up, the sight caused his hair to stand on end.

He saw countless evil spirits gnawing at his body. These evil spirits’ bodies were like smoke and were as big as a fist. Their faces were savage, and they laughed as they bit at his body, looking incredibly eerie.

Lin Hao wanted to move but found that apart from his head and neck, he could not move his body. He saw the G.o.d Slaying Sword not too far away, and with a thought, the G.o.d Slaying Sword flew over. Then, with a wave of his hand, all the evil spirits were killed instantly.

His body was incredibly tattered and broken, and he was covered in blood, looking like a corpse.

“Where am I?” Lin Hao wondered in confusion as he swept his gaze around his surroundings. He found that he was lying in a forest, and the trees around him were quite spa.r.s.e. There was a dense stench of blood in the air.

“Your injuries are grave. Quickly heal yourself. The surroundings are quite dangerous!” At this time, the voice of G.o.d Slaying Sword’s spirit sounded in Lin Hao’s mind. Lin Hao immediately took out a few pills from his spatial ring and swallowed them, and then started circulating his cultivation technique to heal himself.

After that, Lin Hao again asked in a feeble voice, “Where are we?”

After waking up, he had a bad feeling.

The G.o.d Slaying Sword replied gloomily, “Have you forgotten already? You are in the trial world of Nine h.e.l.l Devil World.”

Trial world of Nine h.e.l.l Devil World!

Lin Hao suddenly remembered many things at once. When he brought the Mysterious Origin Cup and gave it to the mysterious lady, she gave him his reward. With the help of the reward, his cultivation immediately soared and he became a Ruler Realm martial artist. Now, all he needed was a chance to break through and become an Exalted Ruler.

However, it was at that moment the Mysterious Lady once again appeared in front of him and told him he could directly become an Exalted Ruler if he were to enter the Trial World of Nine h.e.l.l Devil World.

When Lin Hao asked why that lady is helping him, she told him that she requires his help in order to reform her body.

Only then did Lin Hao come to know that the mysterious woman doesn’t have a physical body. She was just a Divine Soul. This frightened him.

However, when the mysterious lady told him her story, Lin Hao started sympathizing with her.

It turned out that she was the Queen of the Divine Kingdom three eras ago, however, it was a pity that she was born at the wrong time. She had only ruled the Divine Kingdom for 10,000 years when the Great Catastrophe descended. The end of the era had arrived.

Ancient Devils resurfaced and started wreaking havoc. At that time, the ruler of Devils was called Nine h.e.l.l Extinction Demon. He ruled over all the demons of three realms.

His ambitions were great and he wanted to rule the realms solely. He wanted to exterminate the Human Race.

That’s why he started a great battle against humans that shook the entire Heavens. In that war, Nine h.e.l.l Extinction Demon and Ancient Devils were working together.

That war ended the era. It was in that war she died. Moreover, she died under Nine h.e.l.l Extinction Demon’s hands.

At that time, she was already an Ancient G.o.d. However, she died after battling Nine h.e.l.l Extinction Demon for three days and three nights. Her Divine Kingdom was also destroyed by him.

Well, before she died, she managed to escape with her Divine Soul. It means that only her physical body had died, her soul lived.

She didn’t dare to come out during the war. When the war ended, the three realms were already in chaos. Many races had disappeared from the Heavens.

The fact worth celebrating was that Nine h.e.l.l Extinction Demon failed and died under the siege of hundred of Ancient G.o.ds.

Being surrounded and attacked by hundreds of Ancient G.o.ds doesn’t mean the entire war was fought with only hundreds of Ancient G.o.ds.

No, hundreds of thousands of Ancient G.o.ds partic.i.p.ated in that war. And all of them were busy fighting hundreds of thousands of Ancient G.o.d-levelled devils and Ancient Devils.

Well, before Nine h.e.l.l Extinction Demon died, he left behind his legacy. His most famous and terrifying cultivation technique called Nine h.e.l.l Extinction Flame and Three Life Mysterious Body Technique.

After the war, she tried many times to obtain the Three Life Mysterious Body Technique. It is because this technique could help her create a perfect new body. However, she failed every time.

She had continued to do this for an entire era. She even chose other people many times to help her. But all of them failed.

That’s why she created a test for them. The test is to bring the Mysterious Origin Cup for her. Mysterious Origin Cup is a G.o.d-levelled Treasure that gave birth to a drop of Mysterios Liquid every hundred thousand years.

When Lin Hao obtained the Mysterious Origin Cup, it was sealed. This is why he was unable to see the mysterious liquid.

But when he returned the cup to the mysterious lady and she cracked the seal, he saw the cup filled with liquid. It means the Mysterious Origin Cup was there for an unknown number of years, or maybe for an entire era or two.

His reward was that mysterious liquid. She only gave him one-third of the Mysterious Liquid, but it already helped him directly become a Ruler from Worldly Divine Lord Realm. It was a great leap in cultivation.

It is no wonder that the Mysterious Origin Cup was a G.o.d-levelled Treasure.

Well, the mysterious lady created a test and placed her only possession, the Mysterious Origin Cup for the test. She wanted to find a person who could pa.s.s her test. Only that person could have a little bit of chance to pa.s.s the trial set by Nine h.e.l.l Extinction Demon and obtain the two marvellous and powerful cultivation techniques.

pa(nd)a novel There had been countless people who took her test and there were only ten who managed to pa.s.s. But even those ten people died during the trial of the Nine h.e.l.l Extinction Demon.

Lin Hao was the eleventh person to pa.s.s her test. She wants him to go and pa.s.s the trial set by Nine h.e.l.l Extinction Demon. If he could pa.s.s the trial, she would again give him the Mysterious Liquid and help him take another step and become an Exalted Ruler.

But the condition is that she would take Three Life Mysterious Body Technique. Because that technique could help her recreate her body.

As for Lin Hao, he could take the Nine h.e.l.l Extinction Flame cultivation technique. She told him that the destructive power of this technique is terrifying, and it is also a G.o.d-levelled cultivation technique.

Lin Hao knew if he could really pa.s.s the trial, he would gain a lot. Thus, he agreed and entered the world of trial left behind by the Nine h.e.l.l Extinction Demon.

This trial had two stages. Who would have thought that in only the first stage of the trial, Lin Hao almost died?

Taking a deep breath, Lin Hao constricted pupils and hurriedly asked, “How many days was I unconscious?”

G.o.d Slaying Sword replied, “Seven days, you were unconscious for seven days. Fortunately, you have pa.s.sed the trial. Otherwise, if you had fainted during the trial, it would have been very difficult for me to bring you and escape.”

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