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923 Chapter 923: Emissary Of Heavens

The heavenly thunder was getting louder and louder, as though something was horrifying rolling in the thunderclouds. This made all the people watching from afar shudder.

What was this heavenly tribulation?

A lightning silhouette of a giant with three heads and six arms appeared above the clouds. He stretched out his arms to which lightning bolts gathered. He was a few hundred meters tall and looked like a thunder G.o.d with divine majesty.

Ye Xiao looked up, and the next instant, Void Shattering Spear appeared above in his hand. He frowned slightly as he looked at the sky. This lightning silhouette looked extremely powerful.

Furthermore, Ye Xiao had never encountered such Heavenly Tribulation before. It is his first time encountering a tribulation where a giant with three heads and six arms appeared.

That giant’s aura was almost equally powerful to Ancient Samsara G.o.d.

Before he could think more, the giant lightning silhouette swooped down with bolts of lightning. The majestic scene looked like the sky was falling down.

Ye Xiao immediately thrust out his spear. The Void Shattering Spear soared upwards with extreme swiftness and penetrated the lightning silhouette.

Everyone including four old men and Princess Chen opened their eyes wide in disbelief as they saw this scene.

Such extreme speed!

But the real tribulation was just beginning.

The heavenly lightning transformed into countless lightning silhouettes. At one glance, they were like heavenly soldiers swarming toward Ye Xiao.

Princess Chen frowned when she saw this and mumbled, “This tribulation looked more like the tribulation to reach Ancient G.o.d Realm.”

The power of the heavenly tribulation showed how powerful and talented Ye Xiao was.

She once again looked at Ye Xiao deeply and tried to remember where she had seen him, but she can’t remember at all.

Because she had awakened her previous life’s memories just a year ago when her successor appeared, her head was messed up. In her previous life, she had already lived for millions of years. All those years of memories swarmed into her head, messing up with her current life’s memories. That’s why she was finding it very difficult to remember where she had seen Ye Xiao before.


Princess Chen was right. The tribulation that Ye Xiao was facing was indeed an Ancient G.o.d Realm level tribulation. However, Ye Xiao was no less powerful than an Ancient G.o.d. Thus, he was able to face the tribulation with his own strength.

Ye Xiao was within the divine tribulation and had held on for more than ten hours. All of the people in the surrounding cities were watching him from afar.

The Void Shattering Spear surrounded by lightning spiralled in the air; its aura already surpa.s.sed the divine tribulation.

The four old men and Princess Chen were completely dumbfounded.

“That spear…”

“It is a very terrifying weapon!”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen someone pa.s.sing a divine tribulation like this.”

“Whose legacy is that spear? After all, it is a G.o.d levelled weapon and is not something that an Exalted Ruler should have.”


Ye Xiao’s True Essence started to surge inside his body and his Small Universe started to expand rapidly. Ye Xiao knew that the moment of breaking through has arrived.


His aura exploded upwards and surpa.s.sed the Exalted Ruler. His soul seemed to sublimate and an indescribable change was going on as he felt that everything around him became illusory.


He felt like a real G.o.d now!

Even though most he was now a G.o.d, his own strength far surpa.s.sed that of any G.o.ds and even Ancient G.o.ds.

Mighty and powerful energy shrouded in mysterious laws descended on him for pa.s.sing the tribulation that started to fill his body. Following this, it started to fuse with his tendons and bones.

After a while, the thunderclouds dissipated, and by now, Ye Xiao looked like he had become a person made of light.

The powerful aura caused everyone’s hearts to tremble.

“Did that boy really only break through to the G.o.d Realm?” Old Qi felt quite shocked. This kind of aura has already surpa.s.sed the G.o.d Realm and was comparable to a genuine Ancient G.o.d, or maybe even stronger.


Ye Xiao’s aura once again exploded upwards, and he suddenly raised his head back and roared. The light covering his body suddenly shrank into his body, leaving behind only faint light on the surface.

Ye Xiao opened his eyes and two rays of bright light shot out of his eyes, looking almost corporeal.

His body had gone through ma.s.sive changes. He didn’t expect to find serendipity just like that and become a G.o.d.

Ye Xiao was incredibly delighted, but his expression remained cool. The transformations of his body and soul caused his strength to skyrocket.

Compared to before, he was 10 times more powerful. This kind of powerful feeling made him feel incredibly grand.

Now, his breakthrough had concluded. Ye Xiao descended to the ground, sat down, and started to settle his aura. He had already put away the Void Shattering Spear.

However, it was at this moment, something happened.


A ray of black light flashed in the sky and expanded greatly, and in an instant, a black vortex appeared in the sky.

Ye Xiao and others were greatly shocked when they saw this.

A horrifying aura descended, and every being in the world, including Ye Xiao, felt very uneasy.

As though they were facing death itself.

A pair of b.l.o.o.d.y eyes appeared from the vortex. They looked extremely malicious. As though an incomparably ma.s.sive demonic G.o.d was looking down on the mortal realm from above the heavens. Just the eyes were so gigantic, it was hard to imagine how ma.s.sive the body will be.

“He is coming! Emissary of Heavens is coming!” Princess Chen’s face turned grim as she said with gritted teeth. She did not expect to see the Emissary of Heavens so soon.

“Whooo!” “Whooo!”

At this moment, a horrifying gravitational pull began pulling everything up. Ye Xiao and the others quickly stayed low to resist the pulling force.

Faraway, countless humans, demons, and demonic beasts were swept up toward the black vortex.


“What is that?”

“Why… How did things turn out to be like this?”

“Someone, save me?”


All kinds of miserable cries and shrieks could be heard.

Ye Xiao wanted to save them, but he found that a mighty and domineering aura has locked on him. If he dared to move carelessly, he’ll definitely suffer greatly and might even die.

Ye Xiao had already become a G.o.d, but even so, he had this kind of feeling. Ye Xiao was shocked.

He didn’t know what kind of terrifying being he was up against now.

On the other hand, Princess Chen couldn’t control herself anymore. She immediately erupted with a powerful aura that belongs to a G.o.d as well. Then she took out a sword and slashed toward the black vortex wildly.

The countless sword Qi was shot across and shredded the beings being sucked into the vortex along the way into pieces, causing blood to rain down.

The sword Qi disappeared the moment it came into contact with the black vortex. It neither caused any sound nor destruction.

Ye Xiao was also shocked when he saw this.

First of all, he didn’t expect another G.o.d to come forward and help him. Secondly, when he saw Princess Chen, he was surprised to find that she looks familiar. However, now is not the time to try to remember someone.

Princess Chen seemed to be gritting her teeth, and immense hatred could be seen flashing in her eyes. It means she knew what is going on.

That’s why, Ye Xiao asked: “Hey, you, lady! Do you know what is going on?”

Princess Chen didn’t turn her head. Without looking at him, she replied: “This is all caused by you, and you don’t even know what is going on!”

Then without waiting for Ye Xiao to say anything, she spoke again: “Somehow, you have angered the Emissary of Heavens. He is coming for you. This vortex… It is a path he had created to descend into this world from his Heavenly Palace. However, this vortex is like a black hole, it has extremely strong suction force. The longer it’ll stays in this world, the stronger the suction force will become. We have to destroy this vortex as soon as possible, not only to save the lives of this world’s people but also to stop the Emissary of Heaven from descending to this world. Otherwise, none of us will live this day to tell a tail!


Before Ye Xiao could say anything, a horrifying might suddenly slammed down and pressured him. He raised his head to look above, only to see the pair of crimson eyes staring fixedly at Princess Chen. Then it shifted its gaze and stared at Ye Xiao again.

Whoever was stared at by the pair of crimson eyes, would shudder endlessly.

Princess Chen was also covered in beads of cold sweat. She was a little lost at what to do. If she stayed here any longer, she needed to face the Emissary of Heavens once again.

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