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Chapter 199 part 3

The Swindler slowly stretched his index finger and thumb with his right hand and grabbed his beard and stretched it.

Every action of this man angered the merchants.

「I am their teacher of swindling.Sadly enough, these children still have a lot to learn in the art of swindling de~aru」

「A Swindler, and that manner of speaking......!? it can't be ..........『Black Swan』Frank abigail!!」

「WHAT!? The man who made a n.o.ble forcefully sell his castle just by words alone.That same Frank abigail!?」

All the merchants unanimously voiced their voice of surprise and directed their scared eyes towards him, only mago and victor who sold him to yuu was not surprised.

「I did hear about this a while ago, but it is still quite surprising de~aru.

Is lyer-village really having a bad harvest this year?  That place was originally a thin land where plain crops cannot grow causing the crops to not have much weight and ending up quite thin.

Ryuge village's speciality is cotton rather than wheat and mansonju is quite a beautiful city but there is no silk production in that area.


I really can't hold my laughter de~aru」

The merchants would usually have a calm and composed demeanour when conversing, but if the other party was a swindler than the story would be quite different.

Because some of the merchants here had also had their share of experience once or twice with swindlers.

However, this time it was the merchants whose face were dyed in red, but soon after noticing him, their face immediately paled.

The fact that this swindler was the teacher of these demi-humans who they thought were tumbling around in the palm of their hands up until now.


It is already too late de~aru.

And moreover it's time to get some liqour.

Even if it looks like this, i am also entrusted with the management of the bar and the wages are also provided de~aru」

Frank laughs as if making fun of the merchants, while rolling a gold coin in between his fingers as if they were living creatures.

The merchants who were expecting a ma.s.sive profit, looked at Yuu fearfully.

「You guys, were you underestimating them because they were demi-humans ?」

To the unkind smile that was being displayed by yuu, the merchants started having cold sweat.

The merchants who were selling products at reasonable prices and cheap prices sent a cold gaze towards these merchants as if saying you had it coming.

「King-sama, over here」

Yuu recived a paper from the cho, and swept his eyes through it.

The shrewd victor was able to see the contents of the paper, he turned around and floated a smile.

「Ssatou-sama, is something the matter with that paper?」

one of the merchants who could not stop having cold sweat spoke to yuu to change the atmosphere.

「Hmm? Aa, just making a register to record everything that you sell」

The quant.i.ty of the cold sweat on some of the merchants further increased.

「Well, you all don't need to have such a blue face.

Recovery is still quite possible.

byarune, distribute the medals」

「Understood, certainly」

Byraune took out a small box, and started handing out medals made of copper to the merchants.

While mago and Viktor recived medals made of iron.


yuu-sama, this is?」

「The merchant guild usually gives out copper,iron,silver,gold,platinum clocks depending on the achievement of the merchants.

The medal is similiarly permission to deal with the Nameless kingdom.

You can sell things to the people with copper, while you can buy things from the people here with iron.

and with silver you can purchase from me, so good luck....and save them points」(TL: In this case considering the age of development, the clocks would refer to the ones which were used by n.o.bles, a personal handclock i mean)

It was clear that when Yuu refered to points it was probably referred to the products sold and quant.i.ty which was written in the register.

To the products that the demi-humans held, the merchants hand no interest in them.

They were only interested in the silver medals with which they could make deals with Yuu.

「You guys, are you still looking down on them?」

「No no no! The thought is absurd」

Yuu was not at all convinced to the words of the barefaced merchant.


Show them you're stuff」

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