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Chapter 199 part 4

「King.we were waiting for the word」

The Fallen demons glared at the merchants while intimidating them, while byarune of the corrupted dwarves indifferently arranged the goods.

Merchants who thought that it would be nothing but a monstrous waste of money, while buying from the fallen demons, corrupted dwarves and even from the beast men, but the items that were lined up in front of them made them change their att.i.tude completely when they examined them with "Appraisal".

「WHAT!?  This bracelt has 『greater poison tolerance』while this ring has 『Greater paralysis resistance』and 『Greater Curse Resistance』, the heck it has two skills!?」

「Th-this sword has 『Greater Slash a.s.sistance 』and 『Greater Arm strength』, and this Armor 『Greater physical resistance』.......i-i can't believe it!! These things are not from the labyrinth but from yo--really.

how were you able to make this!?」


I did not bring a lot of things since there were no buyers」

「It is a product of the  corrupted dwarves.

We are able to produce any type of ornament of this level at any time and as much as required dena~」

「No matter how many.....are you for real? Th-these articles, if you were to sell these articles how much would you sell them for?」

「wwait! i am not imp-impressed at all」

The ornaments that gave resistance to poisons,paralysis, curses etch were constantly being sold at high prices to n.o.bles who were very fearful of a.s.sa.s.sinations.

how high would they be able to sell weapons and armour made by the corrupted dwarves to the knights.

Just considering that profits alone, were making the merchants mouth salivate.


You guys are not even qualified to buy these items in the first place」

From mago's words, the merchants leaked a sigh which included regret.

「Do you understand now? My potion is not the only treasure.

Besides that, there are several interesting products alongside the potion.

Yuu said so, while arranging vials filled with dubious colours.

「This a potion that was developed by the humans and the giants」

「What kind of effect does it bring?」

Victor was about to use『Appraise』, but Yuu stopped him.

「Three days for Humans, one day for giants, one portion of the body becomes quite lively.

Rari---, who was used as an experiment, even thought they were the one who made it they asked me to name it, the name of the product is---」

「What is the name of the product?」

「『The tale of my hard son』da」 TL: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The merchants immediately turned rowdy.

shouting words like 「Staying hard for three days!?」「Even the giants will have it hard for an entire day!!」「If i were to have this, i will never have to listen to my wife----tell me i was early!!」and some others who were murmuring incomprehensible things.

「Ho, hou.

then what about this potion?」

「I tried this potion with a dwarf, and the sprinkled part gradually grew hair.」



I suppressed its efficiency」

「Hmm? why would one need to supress it's efficiency?」

H-The merchants with little hair on their heads looked on expectedly.

「If it was to grow suddenly then it would be suspected.

If it was to be gradually, then there would no aftereffects of people fussing about it and them would gradually calm down」

(I'm saved)

(I'm really saved)


Somehow, one of the voice in their hearts leaked out.

「Well, These two potions would not have that much demand」

The merchants shouted in their mind.

「There is no way that is possible!!」.

「Satou-sama, if silver is required to deal with Satou-sama, then what kind of privilege would there be if it is gold or platinum  which is at the top? For example would gold allow one to setup a shop here while with platinum what can be done?」

「What indeed」

Victor's eyes were screaming that he would get that platinum medal without fail.

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