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Chapter 199 part 2

Victor jumps and overtakes the words of Mago.

Mago, who was interfered when conversing with Yuu, clears his throat with a「NNN!」.

But Victor did not seem to hear his words, while veins bulged on Mago’s head.

「Story later. Narumo, lower the bridge.」


The tiger beastman Narumo lowered the bridge, the merchants and the guards kept staring at the sea dragon, while workers started to carry luggage one after another onto the Magic ship.

After confirming that all the luggage and people were onboard, Yuu sent the signal for departing.

「Wow… fast. But there is no wind, how is this possible?」

「Wind Magic. No, is a wind magician casting magic inside there?! But still, it's impossible to cover such a huge magic ship. Besides, the resistance of water would also have to be reduced.」

「This magic ship is certainly very amazing and well-equipped, but this magic ship is...

It looks similar to the marine ship of the Marinma Kingdom.」

Would they really care even if the ship was previously s.n.a.t.c.hed from the Marinma kingdom?

Merchants were running around the magic ship, hopping around to find its secrets while using the skill "appraisal".

「Oh my, this really surprised me. Even though Mago-dono and I both expect that you would prepare a ship for us, but to think that Satou-sama would have such a huge ship and for it to even be a magic ship.」

Victor opened his arms wide while trying to hug Yuu, but Yuu in a smooth motion, stepped aside. But looking at Yuu's nonchalant att.i.tude made his heart to start burning.

「I did think of doing so at first, but it seems that the location of the island have been leaked to other countries.」

「Hmm, that's right. I came here myself because it was the first time, but from next time----Oi, Narumo.」

「Yes, yes- I'm here.」

「This here is Narumo of the tiger beastmen tribe. He shall be the one to come from next time around. Narumo, this guy right here is Victor, a merchant. As you can see, he is quite the pervert, so make sure to be careful.」

「Hahahaha, Satou-sama, how can you be so mean. I will feel hurt if you say that.」

「There is no way that you're such a delicate man.」

After that, Yuu had a short chat with Mago and the other merchants.

Narumo was following behind and listening intently while wondering who these escorts were.

「Isn't it time that we see the island?」

「Hohoho. It seems it will take quite a few hours after leaving Povoru. It's quite surprising that Yuu-sama's country is quite close.」

「Mago, there is no way that it is true. Just because you could not feel the wind does not mean that you could not notice that the ship is moving faster than a horse.」

「Wh-what!? Even though it is a magical ship… there is no way that it can outrun a horse… right?」

「Satou-sama, I wonder if you are willing to sell this technology to us?」

Everyone turned their eyes towards Yuu at the words of Victor.

All the merchants around wanted to know about the secret behind the speed of the magical ship. If this magic ship were to be made available, then the chances of them encountering monsters on the sea would decrease. If this technology is obtained along with a method to prevent monsters from attacking, then the amount of profits that can be generated by each voyage would be astronomical. These were the thoughts that were going through the heads of these merchants.

「There is no way I am selling it right.」

「No way… desuka. But that is understandable. Maybe someday Satou-sama will tell me once he opens his heart to me, I'm sure.」

「O-k. It's time, you should be able to see it now.」

The Nameless Kingdom was slowly coming into view, while a port bigger than the one in Povoru could be seen. Voices of admiration could be heard leaking from the merchants who were looking at the splendour of the port.

When the ship finally docked and the luggage started to be taken down, Yuu called out to the merchants who moved towards the enormous gate with their guards.

「That's not the way.」

「Oya~ Are we not going to enter the country?」

「Isn't that quite natural?」

Mago and the gang were guided towards a stone building by Yuu.

Inside was Rubanof, Byarune, Mauno and all of the tribe heads along with ten armed guards; Swindler master and Yuu's slaves were waiting too.

「Don't be so stiff.」

The guards, who had their hands on their weapons unintentionally, lowered their hands after being reminded by Yuu.

「The people here are the Beastmen, Corrupted Dwarves, Fallen Demons and their respective heads, and behind them are their guards.」

The guards who were protecting the merchants were overcome by the pressure that was being released by the youths who were acting as guards to each race and tribe heads.

「Hohoho. There is no need to be so reserved and scared, let us continue our business without any worries.」

The tension in the air had grown very tense at that moment if not for Mago’s words. Then the business meeting finally started.

「Please do?」

「Aa, I shall not be doing anything. You all can deal with this yourselves.」

From the words of Yuu, the merchants immediately felt down.

In the first place, the reason for the merchants having to come to such a remote island was to seek Yuu's potion. Therefore, the items that they had prepared this time were with the thoughts of suffering a loss. Since the other party were stupid demi-humans, unless Yuu speaks up then there would be no problems.

All the merchants were thinking that this place was easy pickings and that they would be making quite the gruelling profits.

Here, the merchants were roughly divided into three groups.

Those who sell poor quality items at high price with their tongues; those who sell at a reasonable price; and those who sell at a lower price than the market price in hopes of future profits.

「Please look at this wine. The Raia Village had quite the poor grape harvest this year.

Among them, this particular item is quite difficult to find.」

「This wheat is the special local product of the famous Ryuge Village desu!」

「Do you perhaps know about the Mansonju which is said to be quite a beautiful city? This smooth silk is a product from there. If clothes are made from these for women, they would certainly be pleased.」

To the words of the merchants, the group nodded their heads with a smiling face while they purchased at the said price.

「I can't stop laughing.」

With the Swindler master’s remark, the movement of the merchants who were accustomed to selling cheap items for a very high price stopped.

「Excuse my impertinence, but this person is?」

A merchant who felt quite displeased asked Yuu.

「I am but a slave ja.」

「Slave? Ho… a slave you say. If you are a slave, then please act like one and behave yourself.」

「Quite reasonable~de~aru. But I also serve as a teacher~de~aru.」

「Te-teacher? What kind of teacher? It-can't be, you teach that stupid way of talking.」

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