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Chapter 407 Side Story Chapter 27 – The Boy and The Sword (1)

Chapter 27

The Boy and The Sword (1)

There was a small village.

This village was special.

It was a village that had two features that were different from other villages.

For that reason, the village was enough to be called a special village.

The village paid no taxes.

While the other villages at the foot of the mountain were struggling to make a living due to tax collection, the villagers did not pay a single penny in taxes to the lord.

The village was a slash-and-burn village where slash-and-burn people lived.

Young people who fled to avoid taxes gathered and formed a slash-and-burn village.

It didn’t matter when a few people lived in hiding in the mountains.

They were earning a living by quietly plowing the fields and hunting for meat and hides.

However, as more and more people fled the territory due to the tyranny of the lords, the scale of the slash-and-burn village grew.

The lords became aware of the existence of the slash-and-burn village.

The soldiers came in.

The lords did not burn the slash-and-burn village.

Instead, they allotted harsher taxes to the villagers.

The people resisted.

From then on, the villagers became rebels.

Slash-and-burn village became a rebel base.

Although they were given the grand word “rebels”, there was really no basis for calling them “an army”.

There were three hunting bows, and there were more than ten tree furrows for plowing.

Hunting traps were installed in the rugged mountains.

That was all the rebels had.

When fewer than a hundred rebels were contemplating whether they should run away from the slash-and-burn village, or should they die while fighting.

A boy climbed a mountain.

“Hey, wait a minute.”

I cut off Ahb.o.o.boo for a moment.

Before continuing with the story, I have a question to ask.


Ahb.o.o.boo asked.

“Why are you starting such a long story all of a sudden? Out of the blue?”

Aren’t you too free?

We are still on the 101st floor to challenge the G.o.d of Order.

[Aren’t you going to rest a little while recovering anyway?]

It is, though.

“It’s because the story is so long that it doesn’t seem like it will end during the break.”

If I ask you to stop talking in the middle and move on, you’ll be disappointed.

I know it all.

I’ve been through chatting with Ahb.o.o.boo not just once or twice.

[Ah. It’ll be over soon. It’s not a long story.]


[Yes. Of course.]

Ahb.o.o.boo rea.s.sured.

Okay, so I told him to talk.

It didn’t matter if it wasn’t a long story.

As Ahb.o.o.boo said, I should have rested for a while to recover anyway.

Then Ahb.o.o.boo started talking again.

The boy who climbed the mountain alone solved the problem.

Leading the men and besieging the mountain

He sent the lords back to their estates.

Through an agreement with the rebel chief, he obtained a promise to exempt all taxes for three years, after which they would pay a reasonable tax for their income.

So the rebels again became ordinary villagers in a special village.

The village chief wanted to repay the boy who saved them from death.

He wanted to reveal the other reason why their village is called a special village, so he could reward the boy.

The village chief took the boy to a small cave.

Deep in the cave, there was a sword stuck in the stone floor.

“It’s a magic sword.”

“…A magic sword?”

The chief nodded his head and explained.

“It is a magic sword that makes you angry if you hold the sword carelessly, and makes you go crazy with blood l.u.s.t if you pull it out without permission.”

“If it’s such a magic sword, isn’t it right to throw it into the furnace and melt it?”

Said the boy.

Then, the magic sword stuck in the cave floor began to hum.

It was a ghastly and gloomy sight.

But the village chief shrugged his shoulders as if he was familiar with it.

“But it’s a wise magic sword. The advice of that sword played a big role in how we lived and formed a small town here.”

It was difficult to understand.

A magic sword that can be a good adviser.

“That magic sword always lamented that it had no master to have itself. To handle that sword, you need excellent skills and a strong mind that will not be shaken by the temptation of the magic sword. I think the warrior is enough to become the master of that sword. .”

That was the first meeting between the boy and the sword.

I listened to the story up to this point, and finally intervened.

“Ahb.o.o.boo. Were you a real magic sword?”

[It was a long time ago. That was a long time ago.]

It’s no wonder that he was a magic sword.

This was much more realistic than the story that he was a holy sword from the beginning in the first place.

Ahb.o.o.boo continued the story.

The boy liked the sword.

Although the sword was called the Magic Sword, it did not harm people randomly.

It was kind to the boy and shared its wisdom with the villagers that often spoke to it.

Above all, its performance as a sword was amazing.

The spirit of the sword was a little cruel.

He did like blood.

But the boy decided to live with it and take the sword.

The sword was originally an object that could become evil.

What the sword would do ultimately depended on the one who wielded it.

The sword liked the boy too.

It was not easy to meet a boy who seemed to have a talent for swords in a cave deep in the mountains.

[How did you save the people?]

The magic sword knew the situation the village was in.

The three lords were encamped at the foot of the mountain, leading their soldiers and knights.

If all the villagers did not come down within two days, expressed their intention to surrender, were punished, and paid their taxes, the soldiers would have climbed the mountain.

[I was planning to fight even if I borrowed the hand of the village chief’s son.]

“Why him?”

The boy asked.

[Hmm. Because the village chief’s son has good arm strength]

The boy thought that this magic sword cared for the villagers more than he thought.

It was a positive thing.

The boy told the magic sword how he had saved the village.


“I bought this mountain. Now, this is my estate.”

The greedy lords just couldn’t go back.

The boy bought this mountain from the lords.

And a small number of permanent residents live on this mountain.

The lords will also have new lords in the neighboring land.

He didn’t like the fact that he had to go back without punishing the bad guys even though he had led the soldiers.

So the boy paid the price to the lords to solve all their dissatisfaction.

[What, were you a n.o.ble?]

The magic sword was a little disappointed.

Especially because he persuaded the lords with money.

It was the pinnacle of inefficiency.

With that money, the boy could do more.

The foolish boy only raised the stomach of the greedy lords.

“But we were able to save the villagers right away?”

[You could have bought a mercenary. With that amount of money, you could get permission from the central government and win through the territorial war.]

“Then the mercenaries and the soldiers of the lords wouldn’t be saved.”

The boy was optimistic.

[You’re a dreamy fool. d.a.m.n, I think I picked the wrong owner.]

The boy drew his sword.

The magic sword, which said that if someone he didn’t like picked it up, would hum wildly and make him go crazy with blood, didn’t resist at all.

The boy left the village and continued his adventure.

[Have you never learned swordsmanship? Why are you so bad at holding swords?]

the sword asked.

The boy decided to answer honestly this time too.

“Actually, I can only use spears.”

The sword was puzzled.

n.o.bles usually use swords.

This is because swordsmanship has been taught for self-defense and training since childhood.

“Because I’m from the military.”

Whatever a soldier does, how would he be able to get ahead of himself enough to buy a whole mountain?

Did you seduce the daughter of a n.o.bleman?

The sword asked.

The boy talked about his past.

It wasn’t a very interesting past.

In return for it, the sword told the boy about his past.

Before it became a sword, it tells the story of a time when he was a human.

He was a great swordsman during his lifetime.

In his later years, he had a talented disciple.

The disciple mastered all his skills and went out into the world.

And he intercepted his master’s achievements as his own.

[Everything I have built up is known as the achievement of my disciple. d.a.m.n it.]

“Are you going to reverse it?”

The boy asked.

The sword replied immediately.

[No, it’s already too late. Now that I have died like this and remain as a magic sword.]

The sword was gloomy.

To his surprise, the boy could feel the feeling of the sword he was holding.

As the boy was thinking of words of comfort, the sword revealed his ambitions.

[Instead, I developed something more and more wonderful and tried to cover the disciple’s achievement with it.]

“Something wonderful? What is it?”

[It’s a great skill. I’ve never used it myself, but I’ve done it. If you have even half as much talent as I have, you can use it too.]

The boy wondered about the new skill.

To the boy, he gave the name of the technique he had developed just before his death.

[s.p.a.ce Rift Mind Slash]. It is a technique that will change the world.]

* * *



A sudden explosion caused the boy to miss the sword.

It already happened a few times today.

When the boy swung the sword into the air, an explosion would occur as if he had put some gunpowder on the sword.

The boy quickly picked up the sword.

[Hey! That’s not it! Why can’t you leave your life force alone, because the life of this technique is simplicity! The life force runs wild like rabid b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, so they collide and fire up!]

The sword threw a fit.

“I’m sorry…….”

The boy apologized hastily.

The boy, who had already made several mistakes during the day alone, was a little gloomy.

The sword was silent for a while but praised him saying that he did well.

The sword really thought the boy was doing well.

Even though it verbally cursed the boy for being stupid and incompetent, the sword was surprised every day.

It was truly a monstrous level of talent.

The boy’s growth rate felt like that.

The sword thought.

Would he be able to grow at this rate?

No matter how good a teacher is, is it possible to develop a life force in less than two years?

It was impossible.

The sword had fun.

It felt as if the boy’s achievement was his own.

The boy’s adventure continued.

The boy saved and saved people.

The boy saw and learned a lot.

People can be good or bad.

The people rescued by the boy were no exception.

In some cases, some had come back and punished the person he had saved.

Conversely, there were cases where the person he had imprisoned was reborn and found a new life.

People didn’t stop pointing fingers.

Unrealistic dreamer.

An idiot who wants to live his own life.

All were correct.

But the boy did not stop.

Out of the reach of the shield of the law, there were so many people who desperately needed help to lift themselves up.

Always pressed for time, the boy always arrived late.

It was the same when he reached the city that was being attacked by hordes of goblins.

When the boy arrived, the goblins had already crossed the walls and entered the city.

Fortunately, the city’s soldiers and the boy were able to stop the goblins’ attack, but there were many casualties.

There was a person approaching the boy who had been thinking about having a drink alone after leaving the memorial service in the cemetery that was built in haste.

The person was wearing a priestess’s uniform.

The priestess he met in front of the cemetery was cheering.

“Swordsman, please do that earlier! Do it again!”


The priestess saw the sword bang and explode as the boy was fighting the goblins.

In the end, the boy, who could not solve the problem of the life force explosion, found a way to use the explosion in a combative manner with his sword.

The sword complained that it was not cool, but it was effective against monsters who hated fire and light.

“Do that one more time! Kwaang! Flash! Do that again!”

The boy refused.

“Sorry, Priestess. That technique is too dangerous to use in town. Plus, it’s so loud that people will be surprised.”

The priestess did not give up.

She introduced herself as a priestess of the Order of the G.o.d of Light, and she followed and annoyed the boy all day.

The boy eventually ran with all his might and had to run away from the priestess.

[It’s surprising that those crazy fanatics are still alive and not extinct.]

The sword spoke as if it knew about the priests of the G.o.d of Light.

The boy asked the sword.

“Do you know about them? I’ve never heard of the G.o.d of Light until today.”

[It is a small religion with fewer than a hundred members. It was like that when I was alive.]

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