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Chapter408 Chapter 28 The Boy and The Sword (2)

s.p.a.ce Rift Mind Slash

It was a technique developed by Ahb.o.o.boo.

Although it was given a grandiose and technical name, it was a technique at did not require a specific mindset or enlightenment at all.

It was simply a move that increased the attack range by compressing aura to the limit and widening it with a fine thickness.

The technique of the ‘boy’ that Ahb.o.o.boo spoke of was of a light sword no matter how much I heard it.

Although the power was incomparable at the initial stage, the mechanics of the technique were the same.

Looking back, there were many similarities between the s.p.a.ce Rift Mind Slash and the light sword.

This was especially true of the way the aura was used.

The light sword was a technique that generated light and heat by rubbing aura particles with each other in the process of compressing the aura.

Maybe that’s why it didn’t feel so strange when hearing Ahb.o.o.boo’s story of a boy who was practicing the s.p.a.ce Rift Mind Slash and accidentally created an early version of the light sword.

Because there were so many connections between the two techniques.

[In the end, the s.p.a.ce Rift Mind Slash didn’t work out until the end. So, the s.p.a.ce Rift Mind Slash has remained my own technique for a long time.]

It was an amazing story.

The fact that the light sword was made from the failure of the s.p.a.ce Rift Mind Slash.

It is said that technological progress always comes from failure, and that really is true.

“But you said you didn’t learn it to the end? You just have to practice hard.”

Perhaps because I learned the light sword first, I was able to easily follow the s.p.a.ce Rift Mind Slash.

Shortly after meeting Ahb.o.o.boo, I succeeded, and I improved it and combined it with the light sword to create my own technique.

[Shut up, please.]

Oh my.

Now you curse at me too.

I had one thing to ask Ahb.o.o.boo.

Why didn’t he tell me about the origin of the light sword earlier?

How much trouble did I have on the 35th floor to finish the light sword?

[Ah, I didn’t remember it when I was in the tutorial.]

Yes, I’m sure you did.

Some of the characters appearing in the tutorial often had limited memory.

Ahb.o.o.boo was such a case.

On the 61st floor, the G.o.d of the sky retrieved it and started putting it on him again, and it seemed that his memory was restored.

[It is a story of the time when G.o.d was human. Wouldn’t it be a big deal if it got leaked by mistake?]

“Why is it a big deal?”

As a G.o.d of human origin, I asked.

Ahb.o.o.boo pondered about my words for a moment, and then said.

[Isn’t that a sense of mystery? G.o.d must exist beyond the clouds. Can you feel the awe of a G.o.d who lives next door to you?]

I used to think so too.

If you are a G.o.d, you must be G.o.dly,

But recently, that thinking has changed little by little.

My followers on Earth knew all the dark histories of when I was a pro gamer.

I didn’t even think about controlling all of them, as they roamed around the internet so much.

Anyway, people continued to grow their faith while looking at my human side.

I wondered if a closer and more horizontal relationship between G.o.d and believers could be possible.

[An interesting idea. I wouldn’t agree, though. Anyway, let’s keep talking.]

Ahb.o.o.boo doesn’t like to be disturbed while chatting.

I was starting to wonder if this story was going to end really quickly.

Ahb.o.o.boo, who had clearly ignored my worried expression, started talking again.

* * *

“A hundred? It’s a really small church.”

said the boy.

The sword clicked its tongue.

Of course, the sword didn’t have a tongue, but it made a tsk tsk tongue-clicking sound.

[Yes, it’s a pity that the church hasn’t been destroyed yet.]

It was a great joke.

However, the sword was good at slander and liked to hate others.

The boy didn’t fuss about it and moved on.

[They have no sense of reality at all.]

The members of the church who believed in the G.o.d of Light did not faithfully farm or trade, nor did they cultivate special skills.

They didn’t even have the mindset that they had to live or work hard.

They just loved seeing sparkles.


Their goal in life was to see something sparkling.

Whenever they could afford it, they lit a fire and played while appreciating it.

It’s a sad story.

Oil, firewood, and gunpowder were all consumer goods.

Therefore, most of the members of the G.o.d of Light were poor.

They make fires as soon as they have money.

There were no temples.

It was said that they played with fire so much that they burned them all down.

It would not be strange if the church died of starvation tomorrow.

“It’s a church that makes you really wonder about how it is maintained.”

said the boy.

The sword was guessing the reason.

[Maybe because their G.o.d is powerful.]


The boy did not understand the sword’s words.

[The G.o.d of light that those crazy fanatics believe in is so powerful, that’s why they’ve been able to survive. Perhaps]

The sword guessed so.

“But wasn’t the greatness of G.o.d determined by the number of members and the power of the church?”

The boy asked.

It was a theory.

[I don’t know, I guess the G.o.d of light is at least powerful.]

The sword knew nothing more.

It had never been interested in theology in its lifetime.

However, it had experience working with a priest of the G.o.d of Light.

[I once entered a dungeon with a priest who worships the G.o.d of Light.]

To the boy, the sword told the story of its past.

The priest he met by chance when the sword was a human had tremendous abilities.

[Once, I cut my chest with a monster’s claw. At that time, the priest of the G.o.d of Light healed me, and the ability was really great.]

“Did the wound heal all at once?”

[No, it only stopped the bleeding]

The healing effect was weak.

Instead, the lighting effects were awesome.

The little blood-stopping effect came out of a light that was like as if the sun that erupted from the priest’s hand.

Anyone who saw it would have thought it was a resurrection.

[Thanks to that, all kinds of monsters in the dungeon came. I barely managed to escape.]

“What about that priest?”

[I don’t know, I left him in the dungeon.]

The boy scolded the sword.

No matter how many monsters the priest had brought in, he should have rescued the priest and came out together.

[What a comfortable thing to say. If I did, I would have been a good roast with the monsters.]

As the monsters came, the priest fired a holy spell.

He was really p.i.s.sed off.

Like a drunkard who drank only alcohol all day, he poured dazzling divine spells without stopping, as if peeing everywhere.

Laughing like a crazy person.

[He was under stress in the dark dungeon, but when he saw the light, I guess his head had finally turned crazy. He was so engrossed that he burned the monsters to death. He tried to burn everything in sight, so I ran away too.]


[Anyway, that wasn’t the ability a single priest could use. There is a limit to human magic. It must have been that G.o.d who gave power to the priest. And if it was a G.o.d who would give so much power to a single plain priest going crazy and setting fire to a dungeon, then of course the G.o.d would be incredibly powerful. It’s so powerful that it doesn’t matter if they just consume it.]

Only then did the boy understand.

The G.o.d has great powers, but it was a little strange.

Very strange believers who worship a slightly strange G.o.d.

The boy defined the Church of the G.o.d of Light as such.

The next morning, the priestess who worships the G.o.d of Light came to visit the boy again.

She screamed and begged him to show her the shining sword, but the boy just ran away from the priestess.

Around the time when his stomach, which was filled with breakfast, finished digesting and began to feel hungry.

The goblins that attacked the city yesterday are back.

With a greater number of kin.

Unlike yesterday, there was the boy in the city, and the city walls were stronger than yesterday.

Eventually, by the time the sun began to set, the goblins stopped attacking the city and retreated.

But it wasn’t without damage.

The soldiers who had not recovered from yesterday’s battle were vulnerable to the unexpected claws and stone axes.

A new cemetery was built.

The cemetery was full.

If the goblins’ attack continues tomorrow, another cemetery will have to be built tomorrow.

There was a woman approaching the boy who was bowing his head in helplessness and self-blame.

She was a priestess of the G.o.d of light.

“It was great today! Bang! Flash! How do you get that light from the sword? Can you show me one more time?”

The boy didn’t say no.

Instead, he asked a question.

“Why didn’t you come forward?”

It was a battle.

If one priest with outstanding abilities had been added, far fewer people would have died.

But the priestessdid not take part in the battle.

She sat on the roof of the village building, watching the boy wielding his sword.

“If I step out, the chance to see the shining sword decreases even more!”

The priestess said as if it was natural.

Crazy b.i.t.c.h.

The boy cursed in his mind.

“Would you like to become the paladin of our church? If it were you, all of our members would like you. The G.o.d of Light will also welcome you! Surely!”

“That’s enough.”

After saying that, the boy walked away from the priestess.

The priestess kept shouting at the boy’s back.

“Please think about it! Absolutely!”

* * *

The battle continued.

Day after day.

The goblins’ attack continued for a full week.

The soldiers were exhausted.

Unlike the goblins, the soldiers who had no reinforcements had to stand on top of the wall while still being wounded.

The priestess of the G.o.d of light came to the boy.

She offered to heal people free of charge if he regularly showed her the shining sword.

It was truly a pure suggestion.

It was like a child’s offer to help if given candy.

The problem was that the object to whom the offer was offered was on the verge of drowning and dying.

The priests of that d.a.m.ned church had no idea of morality.

The boy demonstrated the shining sword the priestess had longed for.

Fortunately, the priestess kept her promise.

One thing that was encouraging was that the priests who believed in the G.o.d of Light were flocking to the city one after another, perhaps the priestess was spreading rumors.

When the number of priests was sufficient, all the wounded could be meticulously healed.

But it wasn’t possible to bring the dead back to life.

It was possible to maintain a miraculous exchange rate due to the struggle between the boy and the priestess.

When a soldier on the wall dies, over twenty goblins die.

But there were more goblins than that.

When the number of young people and elderly people who can’t straighten their backs properly among the soldiers was much higher than that of strong adult men.

The boy thought.

This city has collapsed.

[Are you planning to run away now?]

The sword asked.

The boy had no intention of doing that.

“Why? It’s been a month since I sent out a request for help. By now, it’s time for help to come from the neighboring cities.”

However, the fields outside the city were dense with only goblins.

There was no help to be found.

[I don’t know. Maybe saving this city wasn’t worth it. Maybe they preferred it to collapse.]

It was a terrible thing.

Not acting when you have the ability to help and save others.

The boy thought so.

No matter how much people pointed fingers and be sarcastic around him.

Even though he was betrayed and rejected, the boy wanted to help people.

He could not bring perfect peace and happiness to everyone.

It would be impossible, no matter how great a G.o.d.

He just wanted to give to people, as much as he could move and act on.

The boy grew himself up.

To save more people, to solve more dangerous situations.

He was acclaimed as the continent’s greatest warrior, but his limits remained.

The problems that could be solved by an individual’s ability were limited.

[Do you know what you lack?]

The boy asked what the h.e.l.l was that.

The sword answered.

[Justification. Fame. Influence. capital. These things. Do you know what you need this for?]

“…what is that?”

[It is necessary to lead people.]

How many dreamy people want to become heroes on this continent?

How many other people in the armed forces would like to fly a nice flag?

When it comes to money, there are many crazy people who jump into battlefields and dungeons.

And there are those who intervene to gain an advantage in that flow.

[If you had led such people together, there would have been no reason to be sad waiting for the reinforcements that would never come.]

The boy was confused.

He never thought of leading anyone.

He was alone from the beginning, and he has been alone ever since.

He just moved alone and saved people by himself.

The sword saying that he must now gather people and lead them, did not make sense to him.

But he could understand.

That there are limits to one’s ability to some extent.

As the boy grew up and more things started to intervene, more power was needed.

The power of a united group.

“What should I do?”

[What you need is a reason. If you go around saving people, people can praise you for being a really good young man, but they don’t really understand why you’re saving people. So no one agrees with your actions, no one is willing to help.]

[Justify your actions.]

The boy went to the priests of the G.o.d of Light.

The boy became a paladin.

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