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Chapter 406 Side Story Chapter 26 – 101st Floor (1)

[101st floor]

“This is so different from what I thought.”

[Is that so?]

asked Ahb.o.o.boo.

Seregia was silent.

It seemed that it would take more time for her to re-establish her communication skills.

The G.o.d of order could be found through the tutorial.

The G.o.d of order, the system itself, lives off the tutorial.

I re-entered the tutorial through the 61st floor stage, and was able to go straight to the 100th floor with Kirikiri’s guidance.

Unlike before when I was moved to Earth with a clear message on the 100th floor, I was able to face a message asking if I would move on to the next one.

[You have cleared the 100th floor.]

[You have met all the challenges. Would you like to challenge?]

It was a very simple question.

Naturally, I answered the question.

And I expected to face the G.o.d ofOrder right away.

Even if it’s not, it will be settled in a short time.

However, contrary to expectations, the 101st floor had not been finished for several months.


My stomach rumbled.

I felt hungry.

“Ah d.a.m.n.”

I took something to eat from the subs.p.a.ce.

Fortunately, a mountain of food remained.

It was fortunate that a large amount of food was prepared for Lee Ho Jae Faith’s compensation.

Thanks to this, there was no need to procure ingredients and make a fire to cook and eat.

It was a ha.s.sle, but it was also a really good thing in terms of maintaining dignity.

How miserable would it be if I became a G.o.d and sat by myself, making a bonfire, grilling meat, and eating?

[You’re not a G.o.d now.]

said Ahb.o.o.boo.

That’s right.

I am not a G.o.d now.

I wouldn’t feel hungry, and I wouldn’t feel relieved to eating a sandwich.

And I wouldn’t have wasted months of time on this 101st floor.

[Your divinity will be sealed.]

This was the message I saw as soon as I entered the 101st floor.

Sealing of divinity.

As soon as I checked the message, my G.o.dhood disappeared.

My body has gone back to what it was before I became a G.o.d.

As if I was in a virtual world created by the G.o.d of.

“Did the G.o.d of sky follow this place?”

[Yes, it did.]

Ahb.o.o.boo answered my question.

The G.o.d of Sky created a virtual world that annihilated the G.o.dhood through the medium of Ahb.o.o.boo and restored one to their form before becoming a G.o.d.

In it, he tried to subdue the opponent using the infinitely differentiated Ahb.o.o.boo.

It was quite a genius idea, but it was nothing more than a copy of the 101st floor.

It was a little disappointing.

I threw the rest of the sandwich in my mouth.

Bread crumbs remained in my hands.

I had to find wet wipes in the subs.p.a.ce and wipe my hands.

It was annoying.

“Why did the Hundred G.o.ds Temple make such a place?”

I couldn’t understand it at all.

The 101st floor of the tutorial here was nothing more than a device the G.o.ds of the Hundred G.o.ds Temple had made to block the G.o.d of order.

Kirikiri explained that clearing the 101st floor can neutralize the G.o.d of order.

It was a really comfortable story.

If you have the ability to create a place like this, you can create a way to easily defeat the G.o.d of Order from the beginning.

So how comfortable and nice.

[As far as I know, there are good reasons.]

said Ahb.o.o.boo.

When I met Ahb.o.o.boo again, he had a lot of information about the G.o.ds.

There were many limitations in his memory before.

Ahb.o.o.boo, who likes to chat and talk, generously released his memories.

[The G.o.d of order is said to have been a mechanical G.o.d created from the beginning to monitor and contain other G.o.ds. It was decided that it would be dangerous for the control of such a machine G.o.d to be concentrated with one G.o.d. So…….]

“They’ve set up a trial ground like this in case the machine G.o.d breaks down after they’ve put no one to control?”


There was one thing that bothered me.

“In such an ordeal, you should be able to clear it when a certain G.o.d in the Hundred G.o.ds Temple breaks out. Why are they destroying the divinity?”

This was the problem.

When the G.o.d of Order had a problem, it was good to have a device to prevent it.

Because there is actually a problem.

But the problem was how to run the device.

[I heard that there is a reason.]

“What is it?”

What on earth is the reason for putting this son of a b.i.t.c.h ordeal that blows away the divine power?

If there was a good reason, that would be more interesting.

[The G.o.dhood is not reasonable and correct for everyone.]

“What are you talking about, that?”

[The G.o.ds act only according to themselves and their divinity. Even if there is a rational way to save the world, if your divinity wants it to be destroyed, you are willing to do it.]

For a moment, I pondered Ahb.o.o.boo’s words.

It wasn’t wrong.

Let’s think of the G.o.d of Light right now.

One day, the world suddenly collapses.

But if the method of destruction is the explosion of the universe.

The G.o.d of Light will favor destruction.

G.o.d of Hope.

G.o.d of Adventure.

G.o.d of Duel.

G.o.d of Nature.

G.o.d of Death.

G.o.d of Sacrifice.

G.o.d of Devotion.

No matter how much I thought and thought, there was not a single G.o.d who was sane.

In the field of ‘common sense judgment’, all of the G.o.ds were troubled people full of reasons for disqualification.

“So that’s why they’ve eliminated divinity?”

[Yes. It was because it would be possible to make a more rational judgment in this place where G.o.dhood has been eliminated.]

Is blocking the G.o.d of Order really right for the world?

Are they saying that you have to get rid of the G.o.dhood and decide again after you judge?

I understood.

There was a really good reason.

That fact was even more surprising.

“Then why didn’t the G.o.ds directly block the G.o.d of Order?”

Why did they make a tutorial and nurture a challenger to take on the challenge here?

As time dragged on like that, the G.o.d of Order went beyond a simple problem and came closer to the G.o.d of Transcendence.

[Isn’t the G.o.dhood disappearing? What kind of G.o.d would want to give up his G.o.dhood himself? No matter how temporary.]


It was such a G.o.dly reason.

I got up.

The enemy was approaching.

The enemy was a huge beast-type monster.

With a bizarre appearance that looks like it was made from black cotton b.a.l.l.s.

With golden claws.

My pulse was beating fast.

My body trembled with excitement.

Yes, my G.o.dhood was sealed, but this one thing was good.

Being able to feel the excitement and pleasure from before becoming a G.o.d again.

I heard Ahb.o.o.boo.

From that point on, the beast monster started running towards me.

It was a surprising phenomenon in itself.

Order was an unusual concept.

I have talked about the concept of order with Hochi in the past.

What is order and what is chaos?

Divinity is the force that shakes the law.

An apple that should have fallen down soars toward the sky.

Time flows backward.

It creates an impact force that is physically impossible in the air and creates life without any components.

G.o.dhood had such power.

It was such a force to destroy order in itself.

The golden claws containing the divine power of the G.o.d of Order created a phenomenon the moment they were swung.

The divine power of the G.o.d of Order produced miracles, and the will of the G.o.d of Order did not allow miracles to entangle the laws of the world.

The clash of divine power and will lead to dimensional differentiation.

Instead of embodying the action of the divine power that tangled the world into reality, he created a new world.

The division of the world was the next best thing the G.o.d of Order could have chosen.

Numerous universes were created as the golden claws swung.

And countless universes fell with the golden claws.

It was a universe compressed into a s.p.a.ce close to a point.

The weight that filled the world swung towards me.

I tried to calculate the impact.

It was impossible.

It was not a physical force that mere mortals dared to imagine.

Even after my powers were frozen, I did not stop doubting my abilities.

Even in a s.p.a.ce with limited power, I was strong enough.

It was impossible.

This was not a place that could be overcome only by the abilities of mortals, except for divine power.

Every moment was a test of myself.

Can I persevere in the face of overwhelming power?

Can I affirm myself?

Can I be G.o.d?

I asked myself.

I answered once again.

Under the golden claws, I became a G.o.d once more.

“Go die.”

Ahb.o.o.boo was swung

The black beast with the golden claws.

It annihilated the fragmented universes as they were.

[Your divinity will be sealed.]

In the next moment, my divine power was gone again.

After being a G.o.d for a while, I became a human again.

“I’m getting used to this.”

[…I have nothing to say.]

Ahb.o.o.boo murmured.

I warmed up.

The body that became a G.o.d for a while and then returned to a human was stiffened with tension.

However, it was fortunate that only one came out this time.

If several beasts attack at the same time, I have to gain and lose the G.o.dhood and repeat it several times.

After that, my body can’t stand it.

Due to excessive tension, the new system begins to collapse.

Each time, I had to pull myself together before moving forward.

After all, I haven’t been able to clear the 101st floor here for several months.

[The G.o.d of Sky must have failed.]

said Ahb.o.o.boo.

“What do you mean?”

[The G.o.d of Sky did not want to entrust everything to the challenger. He was trying to solve the problem himself.]

I nodded and listened to the story.

The G.o.d of Sky was such a G.o.d.

[The solution was to make me infinitely different, as you know.]

Ahb.o.o.boo with a number that is close to infinity.

It will definitely be a huge power.

[But I don’t know if the G.o.d of Sky came here with me and succeeded. He probably failed.]

I think so too.

Perhaps the G.o.d of Sky’s preparations were appropriate.

As long as the G.o.d of Order had not reached the Transcendental G.o.d.

The G.o.d of Order, which is said to be approaching the Transcendent G.o.d, was clearly demonstrating abilities beyond common sense.

The monsters that contain the power of the G.o.d of Order, even in a limited way, were embodying a transcendental phenomenon that could not be imitated by any other great rivals.

The idea of creating multiple universes in an instant and using the weight of the universe that was shrunk to pin down enemies.

It was surprising in itself.

However, there was one more surprising thing.

It was because of the favor that Ahb.o.o.boo was showing to the G.o.d of Sky.

Whenever Ahb.o.o.boo talked about the G.o.d of Sky, the affection and loyalty he showed were beyond my expectations.

[Of course, how long have I been with him? I have a lot of affection.]

“More than me?”

I asked.

As I asked, I knew it was childish.


Ahb.o.o.boo answered immediately.

I was frankly upset.

Yes I am childish

“It’s surprising. I wouldn’t be like that.”

If someone locks me up in the tutorial, and even after pulling me out, playing around with me.

I’ll never let it go

I must stab them in the back.

[Warrior is a great man, who, if given the opportunity, will hit the person above him in the back of the head.]

said Ahb.o.o.boo.

I couldn’t think of anything to refute.

[Maybe it was the first time we were together, I don’t know.]

“First time?”

[Yes. I remember the days before you became a G.o.d, when you were still an immature human.]

Ahb.o.o.boo started talking about the past again.

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