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Gossiping about the brother-in-law who likes me [8]

Chen Liguo had thought that he could do a Shawshank1.

But when things came to a head2 he discovered that he existed in reality, and not in the movies.

Staring at the conspicuous gap on the chain, Chen Liguo heard Ran Qingkong's footsteps at the door.

Chen Liguo scowled miserably: “System, I feel so panicked3.”

The system thought: why did I choose a host like you?

When Ran Qingkong came in, he saw Chen Liguo lying in bed reading a book, his lower body covered with a thin quilt. He looked at Chen Liguo's listless look and touched his forehead. He whispered: “What's wrong? Are you uncomfortable?”

Chen Liguo wined and muttered for half a day, but didn't say anything.

Ran Qingkong saw that he wasn't speaking and asked: "Wenyou, what happened?"

Chen Liguo's heart was sobbing blood, but he still put on the appearance of ignoring Ran Qingkong's love on the surface. He said: "Ran…… Ran Qingkong, have you been busy recently?"

Hearing that Chen Liguo didn't call him Brother Ran recently, Ran Qingkong's brown wrinkled and said: "en."

Chen Liguo licked his lips and stopped talking.

Ran Qingkong saw his coy appearance and guessed that he certainly wanted to ask about Ran Tongtong's circ.u.mstance. He felt an inexplicable disappointment in his heart and said: "Tongtong is fine."

Chen Liguo said: “Wh…en…then when are you going?”

Ran Qingkong said: "I have just arrived and you already want me to go?"

Chen Liguo thought in his heart: if you don't leave and find the hole in my shackles, you must not tear me apart ah.

Ran Qingkong sees Chen Liguo pale and his heart felt bitter, he said: “Wenyou, don't be afraid of me.”

Chen Liguo made an 'en' sound but didn't say anything.

Ran Qingkong said: “I am going to take a shower.” After he said this, he went to the washroom, leaving Chen Liguo alone in bed and uneasy.

Ten minutes later, Ran Qingkong walked over to Chen Liguo while wiping his wet hair. He was about to lift up the bed sheets to lie down when he heard Chen Liguo say quietly: “Your hair isn't dry yet.”

Ran Qingkong said: “Huh?”

Chen Liguo said: “I, how about I help you blow it dry…”

Ran Qingkong didn't think that Chen Liguo would be so active today, he was surprised but it was a pleasant surprise: “Wenyou?”

Chen Liguo ignored Ran Qingkong, turned and took a hair dryer from the bedside table and started to slowly help Ran Qingkong blow his hair slowly.

With his back to Chen Liguo, Ran Qingkong felt the heat of the hair dryer blowing on his head. The heart that should have already been given up was covered with some kind of expectation that it shouldn't have.

The two men fell into a harmonious silence. When the hair was about to dry, Ran Qingkong opened his mouth gently. The first sentence he said made Chen Liguo almost be unable to cry. He said, “Wenyou, I'll take off the chain for you.”

Chen Liguo:"……"

Ran Qingkong said: "You need to run free3, I can't always lock you up for a lifetime."

Chen Liguo:"……"

Ran Qingkong said: “But no matter where you escape to, I will not let you go.”

Chen Liguo:"……"

He said this, turned around and hugged Chen Liguo, kissing Chen Liguo's lips emotionally.

If this were any other day, Chen Liguo would have been thrilled, but not today. He not only wasn't thrilled, but he also gave birth to a feeling of horror.

Ran Qingkong noticed that Chen Liguo's whole body was stiff and thought that Chen Liguo was resisting his kiss. He smiled bitterly and said: "I know that you don't believe me." Having said this, he got up and took a silver key from the pocket of his clothes on the chair, and said, "I will show you."  

Chen Liguo's entire face froze. He knew that he should refuse, but at the moment, he didn't know what sort of excuse he could give. Lest he should say to Ran Qingkong that he didn't need to take it off, I'm fine with staying here?

Ran Qingkong saw Chen Liguo stay wrapped up in the blanket resolutely, refusing to let go. A little surprised, he asked in confusion: "Wenyou?"

Chen Liguo gave a smile even more unsightly than crying: "Ran, Brother Ran……" He once again called Brother Ran.

Ran Qingkong said: “Hmm?”

Chen Liguo said: “I, I don't want to go anymore…”

Ran Qingkong heard this and his eyes slightly widened. Evidently, he had never expected Chen Liguo to say such a thing.

Chen Liguo said: “Brother Ran…I…”

Ran Qingkong called out: “Wenyou……”

Chen Liguo: "Brother Ran……"

The two people looked at each other affectionately for a long time, then Ran Qingkong lifted the blanket.

At this point, the black gap on the silver chain on Chen Liguo's feet was particularly conspicuous. Even with Chen Liguo's myopia that was more than 50 degrees of myopia, it could be seen clearly, not to mention Ran Qingkong……

When Ran Qingkong saw the gap and looked up again, his originally affectionate face became completely cold, and he called out softly: “Wenyou.”

Chen Liguo trembled at his call and pitifully looked at Ran Qingkong, almost unable to speak, he said: "Brother Ran, let me explain."

Ran Qingkong said: “You explain.”

Chen Liguo: “…" He carefully thought about it, but he really had no explanation to give.

Ran Qingkong: “Well?”

There's no other solution now! Chen Liguo took a deep breath, made a miserable expression, then said with a bitter smile full of desperation: "Brother Ran, you say that you like me, but I am also a man, to be locked away every day like this……"

Ran Qingkong held a chain in his hand, his face as cold as frost. He said, “This is why you want to escape from me?”

Chen Liguo: “……” Brother, please love me again!

Ran Qingkong looked at the gap in Chen Liguo's ankle chain and reached out to pinch Chen Liguo's chin. He said slowly: “Xu Wenyou, trying to leave here, it's because you want to go find Ran Tongtong, right?”

Chen Liguo eyes were slightly dodgy. He no longer tried to refute, and instead pursed his lips tightly.

“I did those sort of things to you, and you never tried to flee. But once you knew that Tongtong was in a bad situation, you wanted to leave here?” Ran Qingkong smiled gloomily: “Unfortunately, you can't go anywhere.”

"Brother Ran!" Chen Liguo was pushed down onto the bed by Ran Qingkong. He saw Ran Qingkong's rage and tried to turn and flee, but Ran Qingkong grabbed the chain and pulled him back.

"Don't! Brother Ran!" Chen Liguo was like a pitiful small animal shivering under Ran Qingkong's body. He feebly tried to push Ran Qingkong away in resistance, his eyebrows twisted in desperation. Ran Qingkong saw these actions but the movements of his hands did not relent. Since he is so desperate, then let him become even more desperate. Perhaps if his despair reaches his limit, he would no longer think about other things.

After entangling, Chen Liguo tiredly fell asleep. Ran Qingkong looked at his tired appearance and reached out to gently touch Chen Liguo's wrinkled brow.

Chen Liguo muttered a few words and shrank into Ran Qingkong's arms.

Seeing Chen Liguo's action, the gloom between Ran Qingkong's eyebrows was slightly dissipated. He knew that he should not desire for Chen Liguo's love, but human beings were precisely such greedy creatures.

The next day, Chen Liguo got up feeling completely refreshed. Seeing that Ran Qingkong didn't wake up yet, he sneakily leaned down to steal a good morning kiss, and then he buried into the blankets giggling foolishly to himself.

The system faintly asked: “Feel good?”

Chen Liguo crisply answered: "Great!"

The system said: “And you still want to feel good in the future?”

Chen Liguo: "Want!"

System: "Ran Tongtong!"

Hearing these three words, Chen Liguo despaired, he said: “I know, I know…”

The system said: “Are you certain you know?”

Chen Liguo said: “Certain, certain!”

The system no longer spoke.

Chen Liguo sat for a little while, made up his mind, and then slowly crawled up from the bed. He then slowly went to the closet and randomly found some clothes.

Ran Qingkong was still half asleep then did he take Chen Liguo's actions to heart, until—his hands were tied to the bed by Chen Liguo.

Ran Qingkong perceived what Chen Liguo wanted to do and immediately woke up. He wanted to sit up from the bed but found that Chen Liguo was firmly pressing him down.

“What are you doing? Xu Wenyou!!” Ran Qingkong became mad.

"Brother Ran." Chen Liguo's eyes teared up, and it seemed as if he could cry in the next second. He seemed to want to say something, but in the end, he swallowed his throat and finally squeezed out two words: “take care.”

"Xu Wenyou!!" Ran Qingkong struggled like crazy. He said with anger: "Do you know what you are doing? You dare to do this to me—"

"Brother Ran." Chen Liguo said: "Sorry."

Ran Qingkong heard Chen Liguo's sincere apology, and felt all strength disperse, he didn't struggle anymore and just stared silently at Chen Liguo.

Under Ran Qingkong's stare, Chen Liguo felt incredibly bad. He wanted to say to Ran Qingkong, don't worry, if you catch me again, I will go back. But because of the System's mechanism, he had to swallow the words.

Ran Qingkong turned his head and didn't even look at Chen Liguo.

Chen Liguo saw his appearance and felt his heart beat like a drum. He used to think that he only liked Ran Qingkong a bit, but today… he's not sure anymore, if it was just like that, then why does his heart beat so quickly?

Chen Liguo looked at Ran Qingkong's sorrowful face and couldn't hold back. He bent down and kissed his chin.

Ran Qingkong was startled by Chen Liguo's action and his whole body froze. He was about to say something, but heard Chen Liguo say quietly: “Brother Ran, I had never owed you anything.”

Ran Qingkong's expression instantly became dejected. Indeed, from beginning to end, all of it had been his own wishful thinking of Chen Liguo.

Chen Liguo got out of bed, found the key in Ran Qingkong's clothes, and simply opened the lock. After unlocking the lock, he did not throw away the key, but rather, he placed it in the breast pocket of his clothes.

“Wenyou.” When Chen Liguo was about to exit the door, Ran Qingkong shouted and called his name. He asked him, “You, do you hate me?”

Chen Liguo supported himself with the door frame. After a moment of silence, he said softly: “Brother Ran, you will always be my Brother Ran.” If he goes just one step further, nonetheless he cannot say it.

Ran Qingkong said: “Okay… I understand, I will not come find you again.”

Before he got to this point, Chen Liguo had already found it unbearable. But once he heard Ran Qingkong's sentence almost cried—Mother4, why won't he come find him anymore?  His ID card was canceled by Ran Qingkong, how would he live? He had expected that Ran Qingkong would take him back after the matter was settled, but in the end, Ran Qingkong came out with such a sentence. The moment Chen Liguo thought of how his blessed s.e.x life was so short-lived, he couldn't help but shed tears of sadness.

But he did not dare to delay either, and in a few steps, he walked out of the house that Ran Qingkong had caged him in.

Ran Qingkong looked at Chen Liguo's back and bit his lower lips until it began to bleed.


Translator Notes:

[1] Shawshank – 肖申克, From the movie Shawshank Redemption. Tim Robbins' character, Andy Dufresne, secretly digs a tunnel in his prison cell, and hides the dirt and cement from the wall in his pants legs. To get rid of it without anyone knowing, he takes a stroll out in the yard every day, and with every step shakes a little bit out at a time.

[2] when things came to a head – 事到临头 [shì dào lín tóu] when things come to a head (idiom) for a problem to reach a critical or crucial stage

[3] run free – 逃便逃 [Táo biàn táo] escape, but I don't think that's what Ran Qingkong meant (probably something more along the lines of letting a dog or horse run around free range?)

[4] Mother – 娘耶 [niáng yē] It's grandmother backward, and from scrolling around the web, it should mean mother?

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