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Gossiping about the brother-in-law who likes me [6]

In the eyes of Ran Tongtong's friends, Chen Liguo is a perfect spare tire.

From when he started school to when he graduated from college, he had been secretly in love with Ran Tongtong. And when Ran Tongtong found her own prince charming, Chen Liguo had sadly left the country alone.

Everyone had noticed Chen Liguo’s feelings for Ran Tongtong, except for Ran Tongtong herself. However, perhaps because of a women’s intuition, Ran Tongtong did not feel that Chen Liguo loved her, but only felt that Chen Liguo was a very good friend. That was ideal for Chen Liguo.

This time, Chen Liguo had returned to China because he was invited by Ran Tongtong to attend her wedding.

However, just after the wedding ended, Chen Liguo accidentally got into a car accident, and Ran Tongtong found it hard to not blame herself.

The result was that while Ran Tongtong was sad, she found out that she was pregnant.

Chen Liguo listened to Ran Qingkong’s description of the matter in a few words and was a little concerned in his heart. Ran Tongtong had suffered through difficulties in the world where he had not intervened. This time, because of him, her mood was fluctuating while she was pregnant. Hopefully, nothing bad will happen.

Chen Liguo said, "Brother Ran……"

Chen Liguo hadn't even spoken when Ran Qingong already guessed what he wanted to say and said spat out a single word: "No."

With a tangled expression, Chen Liguo said, "But Tongtong……"

"I know that you like her." Ran Qingkong's hand gently stroked Chen Liguo's cheeks in an unhurried action. "She is also my sister."

After saying this, Ran Qingkong saw Chen Liguo's eyes revealed a hint of desperation, but he did not change his mind.

Chen Liguo is indeed desperate. He was worried that the completion of the world was going to be wasted, but he looked at Ran Qingkong in front of him, and instantly felt his heart being filled with strength—in any case, it's still alright, forget it, it's not too important.

Ran Qingkong looked into Chen Liguo's eyes and found that they were lifeless. Feeling distressed, he leaned down and kissed Chen Liguo's lips.

He kissed and kissed, but Chen Liguo who would've usually resisted didn't react at all. Ran Qingkong looked at his motionless appearance, his heart gave birth to a rare anxiety. He grabbed the chains on Chen Liguo's ankle and tugged a little, it was a bit tight.

Chen Liguo was forced to lie on the sofa, he looked at the burning eyes of Ran Qingkong above him, a little bit of shyness appeared in his heart. Then? Obviously, they did it. In the early stages, Chen Liguo symbolically struggled a little, by the time Ran Qingkong entered him, Chen Liguo was already unable to think.

The two did it all the way until morning, upon which Chen Liguo began to unconsciously cry and beg for mercy. But Ran Qingkong purposely paid him no heed and stubbornly pressed Chen Liguo under him.

Chen Liguo's eyes couldn't focus as he panted for air, his mind blank, unable to think of anything.

Ran Qingkong watched Chen Liguo who had fallen asleep from exhaustion. He touched Chen Liguo’s sweaty hair and sighed softly. It couldn't be helped, as long as he heard Chen Liguo mention Ran Tongtong, he would be unable to control his emotions—just when had he started to like Chen Liguo? Ran Qingkong wasn't clear about it himself.

The next day, Chen Liguo only felt as though his waist had been broken. Ran Qingkong was not at the bedside and didn't know where he had gone to.

Chen Liguo crawled out of bed and saw the pack of cigarettes on the bedside table, he took one and took a slow drawl.

Ran Qingkong entered the room from outside and precisely saw Chen Liguo's action of sitting on the bed and smoking.

Compared to when he was a teenager, Chen Liguo is already a mature man. His appearance was not br.i.m.m.i.n.g with male pheromones like Ran Qingkong, his temperament was even more gentle and mild than the peaceful stream of a bamboo forest.

All of Chen Liguo's attention was on Ran Tongtong and he never paid attention to other people and never knew that someone named Ran Qingkong had turned his attention to him from the first time he saw his face.

When Chen Liguo noticed Ran Qingkong, the cigarette was almost finished, his hand trembled and the cigarette b.u.t.t nearly fell onto the bed.

"Brother Ran." Chen Liguo stammered.

"Yeah." Ran Qingkong walked in and looked at the cigarette b.u.t.t in Chan Liguo's hand. "Smoke less."

Chen Liguo made a sound, not saying yes or no.

“I have something to do, I have to go first.” Ran Qingkong whispered.

"Okay," Chen Liguo said lowly,

“Rest properly.” After saying this, Ran Qingkong got up and left.

For the next period of time, Ran Qingkong became very busy, but he still kept Chen Liguo company once every two days, his face haggard.

Chen Liguo had endured for some days but really couldn't hold it in anymore. He opened his mouth to ask what he was worried about, “Did something happen to Tongtong?”

When he raised this question, Ran Qingkong was changing clothes. When he heard Chen Liguo ask this, his movements stopped, and he turned his head and looked at Chen Liguo with a blank expression: “Are you worried about her?”

Chen Liguo shrunk back at Ran Qingkong’s expression, and said, “I…”

“You are worried about Tongtong?” Ran Qingkong put down the tie he had been tying and slowly walked over to Chen Liguo.

Chen Liguo said lowly: “We've been friends for so many years.”

Ran Qingkong said: “Even though you're in this sort of situation, you still worry about her?”

Chen Liguo said: “Brother Ran, in the past few days I have thought a lot…” He really thought a lot.

Ran Qingkong said, "Go on."

“I, I will not leave you, so can you tell Tongtong that I'm not dead?” Chen Liguo really is afraid that his death would stimulate Ran Tongtong.

"Xu Wenyou." Ran Qingkong heard Chen Liguo's words and his whole body exuded a cold air. He said, "Do you understand what you are saying?"

“Brother Ran.” Chen Liguo smiled and tried to seem sincere. He said: “You know that I've always been alone since I was small and no one would care if I disappeared. Rather than let Tongtong worry about it, isn’t it better to tell her the truth—tell her that I like you and that I, I want to be with you."

Ran Qingkong heard this and felt some doubt, unable to comprehend just what Chen Liguo was thinking, and why he had made such a request.

But thinking about it again, for Chen Liguo to make such a compromise, the only reason could be that Ran Tongtong is in danger – in order to not worry Ran Tongtong, Chen Liguo was willing to go as far as being with another man.

Ran Qingkong was unable to understand Chen Liguo. He pinched Chen Liguo's chin, lifted his head a little, looked into his peaceful eyes that were as tranquil as water and pursed his lips, "You really haven't thought about it, just why did I shut you in here?"

Chen Liguo was bewildered.

“Because I don’t want others to see you.” Ran Qingkong calmly narrated the twisted desires of his heart. He knew that if Chen Liguo knew his desires, he would certainly feel disgusted, but what about it? Whether he feels disgust or hate, Chen Liguo is his, his alone.

As expected, Chen Liguo no longer spoke, he hung his head and his shoulders drooped and seemed to be trembling in fear.

Ran Qingkong gave a self-deprecating laugh and then turned to leave.

“……” Chen Liguo had no choice but to bow his head, he was really afraid that he would laugh in front of Ran Qingkong.

After this day, Ran Qingkong never mentioned anything about Ran Tongtong.

Chen Liguo is also very happy on the island. He has since long been accustomed to living alone and could read a book all afternoon.

The only problem was that he was unable to adapt to the climate of the beach. One or two days was still tolerable, but such a long period of time was unacceptable.

Ran Qingkong took more than half a month to return this time. When he came back, he saw that Chen Liguo lost a lot of weight. He looked at Chen Liguo who sat at the table who seemed to have the appearance of not liking anything. He frowned slighted, "no appet.i.te?"

Chen Liguo ate two bites of rice and made a sound of agreement.

Ran Qingkong put down the chopsticks in his hand and asked, “What do you want to eat?”

Chen Liguo didn't speak.

Ran Qingkong yelled:"Wenyou。"

Chen Liguo smiled and said: “I am fine, I'm just not used to the weather here.”

Even though he said this with a smile, but in Ran Qingkong's eyes this smile seemed strained. When Ran Qingkong had first imprisoned Chen Liguo, he did not react fiercely and had seemed to accept his new situation really quickly—which was in keeping with Chen Liguo's gentle personality. Ran Qingkong had always been prepared to accept Chen Liguo's frantic rejection of him, but he did not expect, that though Chen Liguo did not fiercely reject him, he still caused his heart to ache.

Ran Qingkong put down the chopsticks and no longer continued to eat

Chen Liguo didn’t pay any attention to Ran Qingkong’s expression. All he thought was: Oh, oh, oh, Ran Qingkong is back. Oh, oh, they haven't done it for more than a dozen days. Oh, oh, oh, what sort of posture could they try this time?

Ran Qingkong saw that Chen Liguo had eaten for half a day and but still had more than half the rice in his bowl. The brow wrinkled more. He said, “Don’t eat anymore.”

Chen Liguo looked up and thought that they were about to begin?! He hasn’t taken a shower yet!

Ran Qingkong said: “Let’s go to the study room.”

Chen Liguo thought: Oh, oh, oh, we're doing it in the study room. How thrilling and exciting!

So Chen Liguo obediently followed Ran Qingkong into the study, but what had happened after was completely different from what he imagined……

Ran Qingkong pointed to the scale on the floor of the study and said: "Stand on it."

Chen Liguo:"……"

Ran Qingkong saw that Chen Liguo didn't move and repeated again: “Stand up.”

Chen Liguo dilly-dallies, not wanting to move.

Ran Qingkong asked:"Wenyou?"

Under Ran Qingkong's stare, Chen Liguo stepped onto the scale.

Then Ran Qingkong stared at the swaying 80 and was dumbfounded. He himself was 188 centimeters and weighed only 74 kilograms. Chen Liguo was shorter than him, so how could he weigh 83 kilograms? Is the scale broken? !

Chen Liguo: “…” see, in what way was this body good? It was only that his weight was not normal. He could reach a peak of 85! Though, it's not so easy to tell from his outward appearance……

Ran Qingkong thought that maybe the scale was broken. He had Chen Liguo get off and stood on it himself. After discovering that it was accurate, he was silent for a moment before he asked: “How much did you weigh before?”

Chen Liguo twitched and said eighty-five.

After Ran Qingkong paused for a moment, then said, “I can’t see it.”

Chen Liguo:"=皿="  So you dislike me.

Ran Qingkong adjusted his mood and whispered: “Slimmed down”

Chen Liguo: “…” Why do you say that without any confidence? ! Did I really get thinner? !


Translator Notes:

[1] male pheromones – 男性的侵略性 it directly translates to Male aggressiveness, might mean s.e.x appeal, but if it were later, it would mean that Chen Liguo has no s.e.x appeal.

Other Notes:

Chen Liguo is thirsty! And also somewhat heavy. I told myself that I’ll study for my exams and do my final project after finishing chapter 5. In the end, I spent thirty minutes on my a.s.signment and then translated chapter 6… I guess I could count this as stockpiling for my exam period.  ^_^

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