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Gossiping about the brother-in-law who likes me [7]

Although Chen Liguo weighed more than 160 pounds, compared to before, he was still thinner!  This is the truth! This is a cruel fact!

When Chen Liguo and Ran Qingkong became speechless, he indescribably felt as though he had been wronged. It wasn't as if he wanted to be this heavy. Could it be that because of his weight, Ran Qingkong won't want him anymore?

Ran Qingkong said: “Are you accustomed to eating? I saw that you were eating so little..”

Chen Liguo said: “It's too hot over here, not used to it.”

Ran Qingkong said: “When this period of time is over, I will find another place.”

Chen Liguo hummed in approval. He wanted to ask about Ran Tongtong, but every time he asked, Ran Qingkong would explode, so he held it in.

Moreover, the system miraculously didn't bother him during this time. He didn't know if it was because he finally understood him, or if it was because he gave up on him……

When they finished weighing their weights, Ran Qingkong and Chen Liguo both went to take a shower, and then afterwards, the two men got sticky again1. Of course, Chen Liguo was pa.s.sive—he was afraid that the system would send him out of the world as soon as he takes the initiative.

Ran Qingkong really liked the meek Chen Liguo. He looked at Chen Liguo's slightly shy appearance, and his whole heart softened.

Chen Liguo lost himself in the tender emotions covered his sweaty face with his arm. His ears filled with Ran Qingkong's burning breaths.

Ran Qingkong said: “Xu Wenyou, I like you.”

Chen Liguo heard this and did not respond, even though he also wanted to whisper back: “Me too.”

The situation back home seemed to be resolved, and Ran Qingkong also became idle. Every day, all day, he would accompany Chen Liguo. It was only at night would he go to the study room to handle some business.

Chen Liguo had holed himself up in the living room to play games. Ran Qingkong came over and asked him what he was playing.

Chen Liguo said the name of the game and Ran Qingkong asked: “Is it fun?”

Chen Liguo said that it was fun, he put down the game controller and went to the kitchen to get a Popsicle to lick. When he came back he saw that Ran Qingkong was actually holding the video game controller, brows furrowed in concentration.

Chen Liguo sat down next to him: “Giving it a try?”

Ran Qingkong didn't answer. He looked at the Popsicle in Chen Liguo's hand and bent over to take a bite of the Popsicle.

Chen Liguo looked at the teeth marks on the Popsicle and took another lick

Ran Qingkong didn't notice Chen Liguo's actions, and while facing the screen he asked: “How to play?”

Chen Liguo explained the rough operation of the game and then was baffled “Wasn't it you who bought this game?” In this residence, there were a lot of games, most of them were the most recent hot games.

Ran Qingkong said: “My a.s.sistant bought them.”

Chen Liguo snorted, he just knew that Ran Qingkong definitely wouldn't understand these games.

Ran Qingkong died twice and said: “This is fun?”

Chen Liguo nodded and propped his feet up, seriously licking the Popsicle: “It's fun.”

Ran Qingkong said: “Staying here alone, is it too boring?”

Chen Liguo said: “It's still alright.”

Chen Liguo saw that Ran Qingkong wanted to say something, but when he was about to speak, he seemed to hesitate.

Chen Liguo enthusiastically ate his Popsicle, not having any intention to ask what he had wanted to say. And so the two of them played the game in silence.

It was Ran Qingkong's first time playing, so his deaths were extra miserable, practically every two steps he'd be knocked to the ground.

Chen Liguo saw that his brows were getting more wrinkled and tight, and found it hilarious. When Ran Qingkong died again, he sullenly said a single sentence: “Why is this game is so hard?”

Chen Liguo smiled and said: “This game was originally notoriously difficult. To wretchedly die in the first playthrough is completely normal.”

Ran Qingkong put down the controller in his hand and Chen Liguo took it with ease.

Ran Qingkong sat next to Chen Liguo. He liked Chen Liguo. There was no doubt about it, but he found that he didn't really understand the person in front of him.

For there to be such a person who had such a light reaction after being imprisoned, it was as if he didn't care about anything—No, Chen Liguo still cares about one thing, he cares about Ran Tongtong.

Ran Tongtong had already inevitably become a knot that couldn't be unraveled between Ran Qingkong and Chen Liguo.

After Chen Liguo played the game for a while, he felt a little sleepy. Ran Qingkong saw him rub his eyes but still holds onto the controller, unwilling to put down the controller and said, “Don't play anymore and let's go to sleep?”

Chen Liguo heard the word 'sleep' and tensed up. By 'sleep' did he mean the 'sleep' that he was thinking about? If so—certainly!

Ran Qingkong saw Chen Liguo freeze when he heard his words and gave a self-deprecating laugh: "Don't worry, I won't do anything to you."

Chen Liguo: “…” Wait, wait a minute, brother, you won't do anything to me? Then what's the point of sleeping?

Ran Qingkong didn't know what Chen Liguo was thinking in his heart. He urged Chen Liguo to close the game, take a shower, and then get into bed.

Chen Liguo was obedient and climbed into bed after putting on pajamas.

Ran Qingkong laid beside Chen Liguo and reached out to wrap his arms around Chen Liguo's waist tightly.

Chen Liguo perceived the burning breath behind him and shamefully—got hard.

However, Ran Qingkong apparently took Chen Liguo's rigidness as disgust and said: “Wenyou, you have to get used to it sooner or later.”

Chen Liguo thought in his heart: Get used to what? Get used to a life without s.e.x?

Ran Qingkong said: “No matter how much you hate me, I won't let you go.”

Chen Liguo shed tears in his heart, but he said: “… Don't think too much, sleep.”

Ran Qingkong breathed a sigh of relief and really didn't do anything to Chen Liguo and fell asleep like this.

Chen Liguo expressed that he was really disappointed.

However, Chen Liguo's disappointment only lasted for one night, because the next morning, Ran Qingkong went out to pick up the phone and returned with a black face. Upon returning, the first thing he did was tear off Chen Liguo's clothes.

Chen Liguo who had been sleeping soundly was frightened awake by Ran Qingkong's action and instinctively resisted. As a result, he was tied to the bed by Ran Qingkong.

"Ran, Brother Ran?" Chen Liguo trilled.

Ran Qingkong ignored him and stripped Chen Liguo completely.

Chen Liguo looked down, but couldn't see Ran Qingkong's expression. He could only tell by Ran Qingkong's breathing—he was extremely angry.

However, even though Ran Qingkong was very angry, he was still very gentle when he entered Chen Liguo and did not hurt him.

When Chen Liguo was entered, he let out a sigh—he though, if he and Ran Qingkong could be together, it would be wonderful. But unfortunately……this wasn't a good time.

After Ran Qingkong finished, he also thoughtfully cleaned Chen Liguo's body for him. Chen Liguo laid on the bed motionless, it was as though he was paralyzed.

Ran Qingkong looked at the traces he left on Chen Liguo, and the gloom in his eyes that scattered was not little.

The two just slept quietly like this until the next day.

Chen Liguo thought that Ran Qingkong was angry because something had gone wrong at his company. But he soon found out that it was not that something had happened to the Ran family business, rather it was Ran Tongtong—Ran Tongtong, found out that Chen Liguo liked her.

It was a rather curious incident. When Ran Tongtong grief for Chen Liguo's death had gradually faded, suddenly a girl who had liked Chen Liguo came out and accused Ran Tongtong of being a green tea b.i.t.c.h2. She said that Chen Liguo had liked Ran Tongtong for so many years, but Ran Tongtong turned a blind eye to it and actually invited Chen Liguo who should have been abroad to return to the country, causing Chen Liguo to die in the country.

When Ran Tongtong heard this information, she had been momentarily stunned and asked, “Xu Wenyou likes me? What the h.e.l.l are you talking about?”

The girl was even angrier when she saw Ran Tongtong. She sneered: “Ran Tongtong, Xu Wenyou likes you, ask anyone and you would get the same answer. Everyone knew, it was only you who didn't know? Hehe, frankly, I think you don't actually want to know.”

Ran Tongtong did not dare believe and asked those around her. However, the results she obtained made her pale. Although no one was willing to say it, it is clear that Chen Liguo liked her, almost everybody was aware of this.

Ran Tongtong who was stimulated had to be admitted into the hospital immediately. Yet the girl who had told Ran Tongtong about this did not receive any pleasure from her revenge. The dead are already gone and would not return no matter how much the living torment each other.

The phone call Ran Qingkong received was the news of Ran Tongtong's admittance into the hospital. Although Ran Tongtong's body did not have any major problems, her mood was very worrying and she wasn't willing to talk to anyone.

Because of Ran Tongtong's situation, Ran Qingkong could no longer stay by Chen Liguo's side to fool around. He left early in the morning, but before leaving he still reminded Chen Liguo to rest properly.

Chen Liguo lay on the bed, lethargic. He reached out to scratch the place where the shackles of the chains on his ankle were and yawned slowly.

The Chen Liguo who had disappeared, aside from Ran Tongtong, did not care about anybody else. If they died, they died. Shed a few tears and lament about the impertinence of life and the matter would be considered finished.

In fact, Chen Liguo also hoped that his death would not impact Ran Tongtong too much. But obviously, he did not have the power to decide this sort of thing, for the system had given him a warning.

The system had said that if something happened to Ran Tongtong, all his efforts in this world would be in vain, and now Ran Tongtong is in a very dangerous situation. If Chen Liguo does not intervene, he would likely fail within the sight of success3.

Chen Liguo thought about it, and finally reluctantly decided to escape from here. Although he really likes Ran Qingkong, he couldn't choose. After all, if something wrong happened with Ran Tongtong, he would be immediately removed from the world

Having decided, Chen Liguo began to plan his escape.

Because he had been very well-behaved in the past, Ran Qingkong had relaxed his guard against him. Chen Liguo found an opportunity to hide a knife and began to slowly grind the chains on his feet.

Since something bad had happened to Ran Tongtong, during this time Ran Qingkong would definitely not come. Chen Liguo had to seize the opportunity, otherwise, there would be no other opportunity.

As Chen Liguo expected, Ran Qingkong really didn't come for ten days, but when he came to the island again, Chen Liguo had only ground a small bit—obviously, this method was not only unreliable but also stupid.

The stupid Chen Liguo: "This is different from what was written in the novel, what should I do?"

The system sneered at Chen Liguo's IQ, and said: “What should you do? How about you wait till you die.”

Chen Liguo: “…” oof4.

Translator Notes:

[1] the two got sticky again – 两人又黏糊上了, well it directly translates as “The two are sticky again”, I wasn't sure if I should write “the two stuck together”, but it wouldn't be as clear as to whether they just clung to each other or did it.

[2] green tea b.i.t.c.h – 绿茶婊, a seemingly unaffected, innocent and charming girl, but really a dissipated and superficial wh.o.r.e

[3] he would likely fail within the sight of success – 功败垂成[gōng bài chuí chéng] to fail within sight of success (idiom); last-minute failure; to fall at the last hurdle; s.n.a.t.c.hing defeat from the jaws of victory

[4] oof – 哦豁: read as o ho.
Generally used in three ways
1 sigh (oh ho, there's a power outage, the game is not working!)
2 ridiculous ridicule (Oh ho, your baby is not lucky, luck does not help you, hehe~)
3 stands for sound, such as coughing.
I used the “oof” from Roblox that a lot of kids use these days because it seemed to fit in an English context.

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