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Yan Kongqing is a charming man. When Chen Ligou met him for the first time, all his attention was on him.

Yes, Chen Ligou is gay. If it is not because of this spicy chicken system, he wouldn't force himself to be good to Yan Tongtong. 

The cigarette in his hand is taken down by a slender fingers and throw it in front of Chen Ligou. Yan Kongqing's other hand is in his shoulder, he said, "Xu Wenyou?"

Chen Ligou's body slightly tremble and immediately reveal a bright smile. He said, "Long time no see." He turn his head and see the man wearing a suit.

Yan Kongqing's face is really handsome, ah, sword eyebrows, the eyes is like a star and the thin lips is really pleasing to see. Chen Ligou's throat tightens when he look at him.

Yan Kongqing said, "Where have you been?"

Chen Ligou is a bit unnatural. He feel the warmth of Yan Kongqing's palm on his clothes and continuesly spread through his shoulder. He suddenly feels his face is burning. he said, "I just go to a few places."

Yan Kongqing: "A few places?"

Chen Ligou take a breath and said, "Yan brother..."

Yan Kongqing: "How did you learn to smoke?"

Chen Ligou: "..." He actually smoke all the time. He just force himself to quit for his own image. He was force to answer a question but he is somewhat guilty.

"And an earring in your ear?" Yan Kongqing's emotions are not easily shown. But this time, his brows are slightly frowning. He stared at Chen Ligou's ear for a while and directly squeeze Chen Ligou's earrings with his hand.

Chen Ligou: "... Yan brother!" The action of Yan Kongqing shock him a bit. He wanted to step back in reflexes but Yan Kongqing suddenly increase the strength of his hand in Chen Ligou's shoulder.

The atmosphere of the two people became awkward. Chen Ligou's throat is tight and is trying to casually say something to ease the atmosphere. However, he see Yan Kongqing release his shoulder and walk away without saying a word. 

Chen Ligou look at his back and sigh heavily.

"Are you afraid of him?" The system's mechanic voice say with a bit of doubt. 

"I'm not afraid of him." Chen Ligou shrug his shoulder. He lower his head and wash his hands and said, "I... Like him."

System: "This is why you insist on going abroad?"

Chen Ligou said, "You're talking too much."

The system didn't say anything again.

Chen ligou wipe the water on his hands and slowly walk out.

The wedding proceeded very smoothly. Chen Ligou sit in the front rowand look at Yan Tongtong in a wedding dress. She exchange her feelings with the groom and a sour feeling of marrying his daughter to other people is born in his heart.

As the elder brother of Yan Tongtong, Yan kongqing also says a few words but he only say a few words. Even in his little sister's wedding he didn't talk much.

After coming out of the toilet, Chen Ligou and Yan Kongqing also met a few times. Yan Kongqing no longer take the initiative to speak with him and his expression when he talk is rather cold.

Chen Ligou knew that he must have been angry with himself, so his heart is a bit bitter but in the end he didn't know what to say.

Yan Tongtong who is wearing the wedding ring shed tears of happiness and is being held in Gao Zheng's arms. No one sigh for  a good pair of couple.

However, Chen Ligou's attention is not on Yan Tongtong's direction. When he found out that he is falling for Yan Kongqing, he didn't consult with anyone and went out of the country alone. He wanted to clear his unnecesary thoughts... But he did not expect that Chen Ligou's heart can't calm down when he saw Yan Kongqing again after a few years.

"When can we go to the next world?" Chen Ligou drink a gla.s.s wine and ask the system.

The system said, "That depends on Yan Tongtong." 

Chen Ligou look at Yan Tongtong and see that the progress bar on her head change from 88 to 89— a wedding only let her fate increase a little.

Chen Ligou's head is starting to ache again.

The wedding of the youngest daughter in the family is naturally going to be a big party. The celebrities are all invited. As an illegitimate child of Xu family, Chen Ligou is less noticeable.

While he is drinking, he peek at Yan Kongqing but found that the man is gone...

"What? Where's Yan Kongqing?" Chen Ligou had to ask the system.

The system is silent for a while. When Chen Ligou thought the he would not answer, the heard the system faintly say, "With a woman in the hallway."

When Chen Ligou hear the word woman, his heart is tight. He sais, "I know that girl?"

System said, "Know."

Chen Ligou ask, "Who?"

The system, "Your sister."

Chen Ligou: "..." Its a d.a.m.n day. 

As I said before, Chen Ligou is an illegitimate child in this world. He also has an older brother and older sister. Anyway, they are most unwilling to see Chen Ligou.

"If Yan Kongqing is with my cheap sister, what do you think I should do?" Chen Ligou said to the system.

"I don't know." The system is very honest. He said: "In the past, Yan Kongqing pa.s.sed away when he was in high school. I don't know what happened to him afterwards."

Chen Ligou put down the gla.s.s of wine in his hand heavily and gloomily said, "It's not good."

When the system hear Chen Ligous words, he immidiately raise his vigilance and said, "Calm down. Don't forget that you didn't hold back in the first world. The result you're wasted for a decades..."

Chen Ligou said: "Well ok, I know." It seems that even if Yan Kongqing have a relationship with my sister, he also have to accept.

However, despite this, Chen Ligou's eyes begin to linger in the hallways."

The system did not lie to Chen Ligou. After a while, he see Yan Kongqing and his cheap sister walk out from the corridor. He didn't know what they are talking about, but looking at their satisfied expressions, they are clearly in agreement.

Chen Liguo feels that the chinese cabbage that he work so hard to raise is more intense than the pig.

He is staring at them in an annoyance. Chen Ligou's sister is talking to Yan Kongqing but he didn't know if she notice him staring, she suddenly look at his direction.

Chen Ligou quickly bow his head and made a serious drinking appearance.

"Wenyou." The result is beyond his expectation. His sister Xu Luoya, who is always looking at him like he is a dirt actually take the initiative to ask him.

Chen Ligou is overwhelm: "What is it?"

Xu Luoya said, "Why didn't you tell us that you've already return to China?"

I will tell you? If I tell you then what will you do? Didn't you wish for me to die outside and also save a money for cemetery? No matter what you offer, whether you want to commit evil or not, it has nothing to do with me.

But his face is still in a beautiful appearance. he smile and said, "I suddenly returned and did not have time."

Xu luoya: "Which country did you go to?"

Chen Ligou said, "I've been in a lot of trips and have gone everywhere."

Xu Luoya hear that and look faintly at Chen Ligou's eyes. Although she try hard to suppress her feeling's, but in the end she show a little of it. She said, "You will not go home this time?"

Che Ligou said, "Oh... I'll go back after Tongtong's wedding."

Xu Luoya nod with satisfaction. She said, "The world is free of gra.s.s, why would you love a flower?" She said with a sympathetic expression.

In the eyes of everyone, Chen Ligou who attend the wedding of the one he likes for several years is the most sympathetic.

Chen Ligou put a piece of ice in his mouth, chew and swallow it only to see Xu Luoya's pretend pity appearance.

After attending the wdding, Chen ligou refuse the invitation of his old friend and go back to the hotel alone. He pack up his bags to go home.

The system ask him how he is so active this time. Che Ligou said, "Active? If I'm not active then Yan kongqing will marry Xu luoya in his home!"

The system said, "This is a good thing. If he marry Xu Luoya you have a chance to get close to him."

Chen Ligou: "... Good thing your a.s.s."

When he thought of Yan Kongqing and Xu Luoya together, he is angry.

He rid e a taxi and go home. The old maid see Chen Ligou push the door and is surprise. However, he did not dare to ask anything and just call master Xu.

Chen Ligou hum and drag his lagguage back to his room. Fortunately, although the Xu family did not see him as a son, They did not deal with anything and continue to clean his room during the period of his departure.

Chen Ligou put the luggage down and take a bath and go to bed. Although he is sleeping, his mind is full of Yan K
ongqing's face.

In the early morning the next day, Chen Ligou is awaken by a phone call. He pick it up in an unsteady manner and hear Xu Luoya's voice. She said, "Are you still sleeping? Get up, I have something to tell you."

Chen Ligou is still in a trance for two seconds and immediately wake up and said, "How did you know my phone number?" After he left the country, he change all his contact numbers.

Xu Luoya: "Is it really hard to find out if I check it out?"

Chen Ligou: "..." He did not believe that Xu Luoya found it.

"Well, Tongtong gave it to me." Xu Luoya said, "Are you still sleeping?"

Chen Ligou said, "Uh... Just get up." He didn't know why Xu Luoya is looking for him. She is urgent.

"Okay, hurry up and come here. I have something to say to you."

After he finish washing, he eat some bread and milk and go to the address that Xu luoya said.

The system is in doubt because Chen Ligou really go. "Didn't you always dislike her? Why are you cooperating today?"

Chen Ligou said, "She and Yan Kongqing's relationship is good. I'm worried ah."

System: "..."

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