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Handsome Broken Legged Little Military Advisor [6]

In the next ten days or so, Chen Liguo had rarely attended the imperial court and instead took a sick leave.

Even if Le Qi had an obtuse personality, he could see that the events of that night had dealt a blow on his Lord. When he delivered the meal this day, he asked Chen Liguo carefully if he was uncomfortable anywhere.

Chen Liguo lay in bed and said that he was fine and permitted Le Qi to go out.
When Le Qi heard this his pair of beautiful almond-shaped eyes began to mist all over again. He said, "Milord, you must not harm your body due to anger."

Chen Liguo sighed lowly, “You need not say anything more, I have a sense of propriety.”
Le Qi had wanted to continue to speak, but because of his servant status, he did not say anything and turned away.

Chen Liguo saw Le Qi leave, yawned and covered himself with his quilt planning on continuing to sleep. The bed was very warm and Chen Liguo was laid sleeping in it. It was only until Le Qi came to deliver dinner and saw him lying still and became surprised. "Milord, you're still sleeping?"

Chen Liguo mumbled slowly.

Le Qi rushed forward and touched Chen Liguo's forehead, then he hesitated and said, “Milord, you seem to have a fever…”

Chen Liguo didn't speak.

Le Qi said, "Milord, let me call a doctor for you. Your body is too weak to drag this on."

Chen Liguo coughed twice and said, “I'm fine.”

Le Qi's eyes were filled with worry.

Chen Liguo saw that he still intended to persuade him and helplessly said, "Alright, you go call the doctor."

Le Qi made a sound of agreement and rushed out.

After a while, the doctor came and helped Chen Liguo feel his pulse. He frowned and said, “Lord Ji, this is a heart disease caused by too much stress.”

Chen Liguo lowered his eyes and didn't speak.

Le Qi said, "Then may I trouble[1] doctor to prescribe some medicine for my family's Lord."

The doctor nodded and said, "Medicines are merely meant to have supplementary effects and cannot cure the worry of the heart."

Le Qi bit his lips, revealing a sad expression.

The doctor also explained to Chen Liguo important things that he would need to take note of and after prescribing the medicine, he got up and left.

Le Qi picked up the medicine prescription from the doctor and asked, “Milord, is there anything you'd like to eat?”

Chen Liguo was quiet for a moment, then said quietly, “How about you go to Hongyan House and pack up a Joyous Feast dish to take back.”

When Le Qi heard the words “Joyous Feast dish” he thought there was a problem with his ears. He had a foolish expression and stayed for a while before he confirmed, “Mi-Milord, you want to eat a Joyous Feast dish?”

Chen Liguo said: “Mhmm.”

Le Qi was dumbstruck, "But the Joyous Feast dish is so greasy…" The Joyous Feast dish was a very famous dish in the Hongyan House. It used all the best foods—what abalone sea cuc.u.mber, exotic mushrooms, whatever was high cla.s.s, they'd use it, making it as fancy and high-cla.s.s as possible. Clearly, this kind of feast is totally unsuitable for patients.

Chen Liguo gave a bitter laugh and said, “I can't be happy, so let's eat something happy.”

Le Qi's original astonishment turned to sadness in an instant. He choked on a sob and felt that he had touched the most bitter place in his Lord's heart. His Lord could only comfort his heart in such a way.

"Milord, I'll go now." Le Qi turned around, silently wiped the tears from his cheeks and went out to get takeout for Chen Liguo.

Chen Liguo looked at Le Qi's sorrowful back, and the conscious that had already been gnawed away by a dog unexpectedly became a little disturbed. But it was for only a moment. The moment he thought that he doesn't need to drink porridge and can eat some solid foods, Chen Liguo's heart was full of strength.

Le Qi went and returned quickly, just half an hour later, Chen Liguo had a table full of delicious dishes in front of him. The rich fragrance of the Buddha jumps over the wall[2] made people drool even before the covering was taken off. It was just Chen Liguo's pale face that made people doubt whether he could eat all the dishes on this table. Le Qi wanted to stand by Chen Liguo and serve him, but in end, Chen Liguo told him to wait outside.

"Mi-Milord." Le Qi was evidently afraid that Chen Liguo would be too depressed, he said, "You mustn't make things difficult for yourself…."

Chen Liguo said, “Go out.”

Although Le Qi didn't want to, he still slowly went out. Seeing Le Qi out, Chen Liguo immediately picked up his chopsticks and put a large piece of fat in his mouth.
"So delicious." Sure enough, it is the most expensive dish. This fatty meat was fat and not greasy and melted as soon as it was put into the mouth. Tears gleamed in Chen Liguo's eyes as ate. He said, "System, having money is really great!"

System: “…” Holy, here we go again.

Chen Liguo said, "In the next world can you choose an ident.i.ty that's even richer for me?"

System: “Can.”

Chen Liguo was stuffing meat into his mouth and when he heard the System agree directly in such a way, he became a little nervous. He asked, “You're not lying to me?”

System: "No."

Chen Liguo: “…” He feels that it'll be even worse when it's over. Although he suspects that the system harbors malicious intentions, it is estimated that going to the next world is something that would happen a long time from now…… and Chen Liguo was too lazy to think about it so he simply put more effort into eating the food in front of him.

His has not consumed such greasy foods in a long time. It is reasonable to say that Chen Liguo's body would not be able to bear it if he eats too much. But because of System's golden fingers and Chen Liguo's own love for these things, he actually swept away most of the food on the table.

When he ate just about enough, Chen Liguo took the remaining pastry on the table and started eating again. The pastry was a little dry, and Chen Liguo ate it rather urgently. As a result, with a single moment of carelessness, it immediately got stuck in his throat. Chen Liguo tried to swallow it with difficulty for a long period of time but was entirely unable to swallow. His already pale face, this time, became even more like a ghost. The thing that made him the most speechless was the fact that he searched the entire room but couldn't find any water.

“System, System! Help me, I'm dying!” Chen Liguo felt that he was going to faint.

System: "……." Holy, he's mentally r.e.t.a.r.ded.

Just when Chen Liguo felt that he was going to depart from the world on account of a piece of pastry, the door was suddenly pushed open. Chen Liguo thought that it was Le Qi, but when he raised his head, he saw a face covered in black clouds——Oh my! My Third Prince, how come you've come over again?

"Third Prince, you can't go in." Le Qi also tried to best to act as though he could not stop the Third Prince.

Yan Jingyi was not soft-hearted. He directly lifted Le Qi and as though throwing out a garbage bag, threw him to the side, then entered the room and locked the door——It was not until the room was locked that Chen Liguo, who was choking to death on a pastry, reacted, Yan Jingyi's eyes were fixed on Chen Liguo. His eyes swept through the few remaining dishes on the table in the room. With a sneer, he walked up to Chen Liguo in a few steps.

Chen Liguo examined the situation and felt that he was definitely not Yan Jingyi's opponent. However, because of his ident.i.ty, he cannot show weakness, so he could only sit at the table with no expression, pretending that he did not see Yan Jingyi.

Yan Jingyi looked at Chen Liguo's pale face, then looked at the table of the practically eaten foods again. For a long time, neither of them spoke.

His disguise uncovered so abruptly, Chen Liguo's expression was actually still calm, but in fact, his heart had already crumbled. He cried, "System, will he beat me to death, ah?!"

System: "Will."

Chen Liguo wu wu wu wu: "You're not going to help me?"

System: "No."

Chen Liguo: "Can you say a few more words?"

System: "Can[3]."

Chen Liguo burst into tears and immediately swore that he will never bully the system again. The System had been talking nonsense to Chen Liguo the entire time.

At this time when Chen Liguo's heart was fluctuating violently, Yan Jingyi spoke up, however, the first sentence that he spoke stunned Chen Liguo. He said, "Lord Ji, I had never expected that you would actually go as far as to think of such a method to torment yourself."

Chen Liguo: "……" Eh, the plot is different from what he had thought.

Yan Jingyi reached out and pinched Chen Liguo's chin. He slowly drew Chen Liguo's face to his own and said in a deep voice, “Lord Ji?”

Chen Liguo looked at Yan Jingyi's handsome face and smelled a faint b.l.o.o.d.y smell coming from him——It was such a fright that the pastry that had been stuck in Chen Liguo's throat was swallowed.

Chen Liguo: “…” So great!

Yan Jingyi looked into Chen Liguo's eyes that were misted over. Just when he thought that Chen Liguo would cry, the moisture disappeared without a trace. When all was said and done, Yan Jingyi's interest in this unyielding scholar before him became stronger.

Chen Liguo said bitterly, "Third Prince, what on earth do you really want?"

Yan Jingyi said, "If Lord Ji would follow me, I would treat you with due respect, how about that?"

Chen Liguo closed his eyes, his body was shaking a little, and seemed to be suppressing the intense emotions in his heart, and when he opened his eyes again, there was a hint of inner tranquility once again. He said, “Forgive me, it is difficult to comply with your request."

Yan Jingyi had already guessed this answer. He looked a Chen Liguo's thin body and said with interest, "Lord Ji must already know, there are many different ways that I can destroy a person."

Chen Liguo said, “What use is knowing?”

Yan Jingyi turned his head and looked at the table full of cold leftovers and laughed, "Tell me, are you worth valuable enough for me to employ my worst method?"

Chen Liguo was silent.

Yan Jingyi said, "Lord Ji?"

Chen Liguo didn't want to talk. He was afraid that he would talk to himself—he would puke out all that he had just eaten. Sure enough, it was too much to eat, bleurgh—it was all stuck in the throat.

Yan Jingyi watched as Chen Liguo's face became increasingly unsightly. He thought that his threat that had taken effect, so he gently approached him and seemed like he wanted to kiss Chen Liguo's lips. Feeling Yan Jingyi's lips press on his own, Chen Liguo's complexion turned black, without the slightest hesitation he pushed away Yan Jingyi then turn over: "Bleurgh!!!"

Yan Jingyi saw this scene and his face became black and blue. He said, “I make you feel this disgusted?!”

Chen Liguo: “…” No! Let me explain, that's not the case!

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