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Gossiping about the brother-in-law who likes me [9]

The place that Ran Qingkong had imprisoned Chen Liguo on was an island. Fortunately, the island was not too large and Chen Liguo hadn't walked very far before he saw a yacht parked on the sh.o.r.e.

Before Chen Liguo had left, he did not forget to take the yacht keys, Ran Qingkong's mobile phone, and all the money.

After finding the boat, Chen Liguo found his position with the mobile phone and found that the island was not too far from inland. It seemed that Ran Qingkong was also afraid of something unexpected happening.

Chen Liguo did not hesitate too much and immediately left on the boat.

When they were on the boat, the system explained to Chen Liguo about Ran Tongtong's situation in detail. He said that Ran Tongtong's fate appeared to be unexpectedly fluctuating, so if possible, Chen Liguo should return to China immediately.

Chen Liguo heard this and smiled bitterly: “Go back to China? I don't have anything on me……”

System: “This isn’t something I need to help you with.”

Chen Liguo sighed, he thought for a while, and in the end, took out the phone and dialed a number.

The phone rang twice and the person at the end picked it up: “h.e.l.lo?”

Chen Liguo said: “h.e.l.lo?”

“……” The phone was silent for a while.

“Yue Chi.” Chen Liguo called out this name.

"Boss Ran? Your, what happened to your voice……" The man who had been called by Chen Liguo, Yue Chi, asked hesitantly.

“I am Xu Wenyou…” Chen Liguo whispered. “I am not dead.”

Yue Chi is a student from Chen Liguo's University. The two had a particularly good relationship until Chen Liguo left the country. Because of Chen Liguo, Yue Chi's att.i.tude towards Ran Tongtong has been bad—In everyone's eyes, it was because he was unable to let go of his bitter love Ran Tongtong that he had gone abroad.

“You are not dead?” Yue Chi's voice exploded. He said, “What do you mean you didn't die?"

Chen Liguo simply told Yue Chi what happened to him. Although he omitted some details, Yue Chi immediately understood what Chen Liguo was explaining.

“Ran Qingkong dared to treat you in this way.” Yue Chi gnashed his teeth and said: “Do you owe that brother and sister pair from the Ran family?”

Chen Liguo only vaguely answered his question and only said that he was abroad right now. He asked Yue Chi if he could find a way to pick him up. As for the news that he was alive, for now, he shouldn't tell anyone.

Yue Chi said: “Why not tell others?”

Chen Liguo quietly said: “… don’t ask why, if you want to do what's best for me, don’t tell others.”

Yue Chi sighed and said that he would come over tomorrow and instructed him to hide well from Ran Qingkong properly and not be found.

Chen Liguo said good and gave Yue Chi his estimated location, then the two hung up the phone.

As a result, not long after he hung up the phone, Ran Qingkong’s cell phone rang again. Chen Liguo saw that it was an unfamiliar number. His hand trembled and pressed the answer key.

“Wenyou.” When Ran Qingkong's voice rang out, Chen Liguo almost dropped the phone.

Ran Qingkong said: “Where are you?”

Chen Liguo didn’t talk. He held the phone in one hand, his other wiped its cold sweat on his trousers.

Ran Qingkong said: “Who were you talking to earlier?”

Chen Liguo called out quietly: “Brother Ran.”

Ran Qingkong smiled calmly. He perceived the fear in Chen Liguo voice and said, “Don’t be afraid.”

Chen Liguo swallowed his saliva.

Ran Qingkong said: “Since I said that I will not find you again, I will honor it.”

Chen Liguo:"……"

Ran Qingkong said: “Goodbye.”

Before Chen Liguo could say anything, the phone was already beeping. Chen Liguo stared at the phone and sighed deeply. It's over, the other didn’t want him to go back. How is he supposed to live from now on?

How would Chen Liguo know, when Ran Qingkong hung up, he smashed the phone in his hand. He looked at the broken mobile phone on the ground his expression gloomy. He said: "Wenyou, I will let you come back yourself."

After Chen Liguo finished the phone call, he found that the whole world seemed grey and dull. He casually bought two pieces of bread nearby and sat on a bench by the roadside, slowly nibbling at the bread.

It was already late in the evening, and Chen Liguo wondered where he should go to for the night. A beautiful blonde girl walked over on the roadside and asked with a mild tone: “Excuse me, are you Mr. Xu Wenyou?” Her Chinese is was slightly jerky, but there were no obstacles to basic communication.

"Hmm? And you are?" Chen Liguo took another bite of his bread,

The woman smiled and handed Chen Liguo a bag: “The Boss is giving you this.”

The moment Chen Liguo heard the word 'Boss', he thought of Ran Qingkong. He stuttered: “B-Boss?”

The woman said: “Ran…”

Chen Liguo almost choked. He did not expect that he would be found so quickly, only a few hours have pa.s.sed.

The woman saw Chen Liguo’s astonished appearance and smiled: “In this area, an Asian person eating bread on the roadside is very conspicuous.”

Chen Liguo: “…” What does Ran Qingkong mean by this?

The woman continued: “Mr. Xu, this is what the boss asked me to bring to you, please accept it.”

Chen Liguo accepted the things in the woman’s hand and found out that inside was a brand new ID card. He couldn’t understand what Ran Qingkong was trying to do.

The woman saw Chen Liguo's confused expression and smiled faintly. She said, “Mr. Xu, the boss told you that you must take care of your body.”

Chen Liguo snorted.

The woman said: “The ticket for returning home is also booked for you, but the boss asked me to give you a forewarning. Going back might not yield you anything.”

Chen Liguo said: “I know, thank you.”

The woman nodded to Chen Liguo and turned away without any reluctance.

If it were the average person that was treated like this by Ran Qingkong, they would surely feel a chill creep up their back. To have seemingly escaped, but is still completely in Ran Qingkong's control. Perhaps it would even destroy the hopes in their hearts.

Chen Liguo took the bag that the woman gave him and looked at her departing back and only thought—his life was really exciting.

Ran Qingkong not only re-established Chen Liguo's ident.i.ty but also prepared a thousand dollars in cash for him—in RMB1.

Chen Liguo held the money and found it unbelievable. He said: “When did Ran Qingkong become so stingy?”

The system ignored Chen Liguo.

Chen Liguo said: "He thinks too little of me! Does he think that if I am poor, I will go back by myself?”

System: “You won’t?”

Chen Liguo said: “I will.”


Chen Liguo: “So, how about you steal some money for me to use?”

System: "if you have money, you won’t want to go back anymore?"

Chen Liguo blushed and fidgeted for a while: “Still, still want to.”

If the system was a person, it would have already spat on Chen Liguo: “…”

Chen Liguo sighed and took the ID card and went to a nearby hotel and stayed there for a night smooth and steadily

The next day, Chen Liguo’s good friend Yue Chi quickly found Chen Liguo. After meeting Chen Liguo, he immediately took him back to China.

In the eyes of others, Ran Qingkong was simply a sinful person—because of his own l.u.s.t, has wiped out Chen Liguo's existence.

However, only Chen Liguo himself knew, he was originally never a person from his world.

Seeing Yue Chi’s indignant look, Chen Liguo gave a bitter smile and he said, “Yue Chi, I know you are angry, but this thing can’t be solved by being angry.”

Yue Chi said: “Wenyou, what do you mean?”

Chen Liguo said quietly: “We cannot fight against the Ran family.”

Yue Chi’s eyes widened, he could not believe that Chen Liguo would choose to silently swallow this bitter fruit. He said: “Wenyou, don't tell me that you don’t intend to retaliate against Ran Qingkong??”

Chen Liguo smiled bitterly.

Yue Chi said: “Because you like Ran Tongtong, you can tolerate what her brother did to you? Xu Wenyou, are you crazy?!”

Chen Liguo's smile stiffened, and he didn't quite understand why Yue Chi thought of Ran Tongtong…

Yue Chi said: “Xu Wenyou, think clearly, he locked you up—and told us that you are dead, do you understand what this means?”

Chen Liguo whispered: “My family knows.”

Yue Chi was dumbfounded.

Chen Liguo said: “They knew what Ran Qingkong wanted to do to me.”

Yue Chi looked at Chen Liguo’s face and found that he couldn’t say what he had wanted to say. If he was Chen Liguo, would he be able to be so indifferent? Abandoned by his own family, imprisoned by others, deprived of everything he had, he would not be able to be as indifferent as Chen Liguo.

Yue Chi sighed and said: “Wenyou, I am able to help you. I will definitely help you, whatever you need, don't be polite, and just tell me directly.”

Chen Liguo said: “Well… I want to go back to China.”

Yue Chi frowned: “You still can’t let go of Ran Tongtong?”

Chen Liguo: “……It's not that.”

Yue Chi said: “I hope so.”

Chen Liguo licked his lips and said: “Ran Qingkong……knew that escaped but didn't catch me and bring me back”

Yue Chi said: “Well?”

Chen Liguo said: “He, he also sent me two tickets.” He was shocked when he opened the bag. The woman said that Ran Qingkong had prepared a ticket for him. He did not expect that Ran Qingkong would prepare two for him. Apparently, he has already found out about Yue Chi.

Yue Chi: "……" To be honest, he is also somewhat afraid of Ran Qingkong. If it weren’t for Chen Liguo, he would never want to be an enemy of Ran Qingkong.

Chen Liguo patted Yue Chi’s shoulder and said calmly: “Things that should happen will always happen, and escaping is not always a solution.”

Yue Chi saw that Chen Liguo's expression was clear. and once again, he was full of admiration for his friend. No wonder the girls in their cla.s.s had liked Chen Liguo in the past, such a man who was like the sun, he was afraid that very few people would not like it. But unfortunately… Lang has love, but Qie has no intention2.

Chen Liguo didn’t think that Yue Chi had raised him to some high up pedestal. His mind was full of: When he completes Ran Tongtong’s bar, he will leave the world. What should he do, how can he do it once more with Ran Qingkong?

Translator Notes:

[1] RMB – 人民币 [Rénmínbì] the official currency in China. Currently (when this note was written) 1 Yuan = 0.15 cent of USD which is why he calls Ran Qingkong stingy

[2] Lang has love, Qie has no intention – 郎有情,妾无意 [Láng yǒuqíng, qiè wúyì] references a story that I couldn’t find, but ‘Lang’ is the guy, and ‘Qie’ is the way concubines referred to themselves. It means that the man is interested in the woman, but the woman is not. In other words, unrequited love.

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