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Chapter 6 The Third Son of the Chen Family

Three months had pa.s.sed and it was winter now. The continent’s West Sea had been covered with heavy frost, and with snowflakes flying in the air, it was bitterly cold.

The branches of the Chen Family got ready to make trouble again after three months of cessation.

“The annual Tianyun Festival will be celebrated throughout the continent a few days later. The branches may get together in the capital once again. We don’t know what kind of trouble they are going to stir up this time.”

Chen Xiong’s eyes were full of vigor and arrogance. Two young people standing beside him were also mighty in spirit and heroic bearing, seemingly very powerful.

“Chen Lei and Chen Dian, you’d better have a rest after the long journey back. I’m afraid that you will be fully occupied in the coming days.”

The two young people were none other than Chen Feng’s two elder brothers, Chen Lei and Chen Dian. They looked at each other and said, “Father, we are not tired. Why is our younger brother not here now? We have also heard of some news about him; how is he doing now?”

 “Well, the three of you! He is in the pond beyond the hill now. How about you go and give him a surprise? I’m sure he will be very happy to see both of you.” Chen Xiong nodded gladly.

The two brothers agreed and headed for the hill.

“Ha! Oh! Ha! Oh!”

Having arrived at the hill, they found a young man practicing on the big rock in the center of the pond, waving his fists and legs. Wearing only a thin robe, the young man had tied heavy iron blocks to all his limbs.

“That is . . . our younger brother?”

Chen Feng seemed to have heard something. He turned around and cried with a grin, “Elder Brother and Second Brother, how come you are both here?”

“Aha! It really is you. We haven’t seen each other for half a year and you have unexpectedly grown so tall.” Chen Lei felt surprised and then amazed because he obviously felt great a difference in Chen Feng.

In the past three years, whenever they came back, they could always feel his depression, even if he squeezed out a smile to greet them every time. However, they felt very surprised this time because he gave them a different impression.

“Brothers, why didn’t you notify me in advance so I could go to receive you?” Chen Feng said.

Chen Dian’s eyes were shining when he saw Chen Feng leap off the rock just now with such agility. He sighed inwardly. “Even the pract.i.tioner at the Ling gather level cannot leap with that kind of agility. The strength of our youngest brother is not the same as rumored among the clans. What exactly is going on?”

Chen Feng crossed the pond with a leap, which greatly shocked Chen Lei since he also felt an unusual strength in his body.

Chen Lei moved his steps and suddenly attacked Chen Feng with a whistling punch. With a prompt change of eyesight, Chen Feng showed no sign of panic. He slightly adjusted his gesture in the air and pushed his body downward like a fierce tiger; he launched a heavy fist.


The powerful forces exploded in the air, splashing the snowflakes everywhere. Chen Feng violently withdrew a few steps while Chen Lei remained still.

“Elder brother, you are so great that only ten percent of your strength is enough to push me backward,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Chen Lei didn’t think so and said, “Chen Feng, although I only exerted ten percent of my strength just now, the Ling pract.i.tioners of the fourth level cannot be shaken. However, I felt a secret force penetrate the body; you indeed have made a lot of progress.”

“Oh, since my Qihai acupoint was damaged, I am now practicing the overlord fist position, a martial art with external practice,” Chen Feng explained.

“External practice?”

“Yes, with the same powerful external forces. When practicing at a higher level, even tens of Qihai pract.i.tioners at the same level are no match for it. The marital art of our Chen Family is so powerful because it’s also a combination of external practice and Qihai practice.” Chen Lei was thoughtful and naturally felt happy for the changes in Chen Feng.

The three of them stood by the pond and Chen Feng said, “It’s hard for all of us to get together; why don’t we have good drink. Do you still have it?”

“Aha. You are trying to steal our father’s Yuqiong wine again?” Chen Dian snickered, feeling mischievous.

“Hha! Since both my brothers have come back, I would rather take the risk of being punished to steal the wine again tonight, so that I can give my brothers a good treat.” Chen Feng felt great confidence, because Yuqiong wine was in the private collection of Chen Xiong, and n.o.body knew where it was stored, expect for Chen Feng.

Chen Lei was about the refuse at first, but he soon nodded to agree due to the great temptation of Yuqiong wine. He deliberately kept a serious look and said, “In that case, we will have to wait for your good news.”

Without any hesitation, Chen Feng set out to “steal” the Yuqiong wine.

Everything went smoothly. Yuqiong wine was stored in the treasure room of the Chen Family with countless restrictions and hazardous mechanisms. When Chen Feng followed his father to come here in his early years, he became quite familiar with the surroundings and had accessed it many times as a frequent visitor.

With the wine in hand, Chen Feng immediately left without staying for long.

No sooner had Chen Feng left than a figure appeared before Chen Xiong, whispering, “The third young master broke into the treasure room again. Without triggering any restriction mechanisms, he took away two jars of Yuqiong wine.”

Chen Xiong waved his hand and said, “It doesn’t matter. Since he could avoid the guards without triggering any mechanisms, the two jars of wine should be regarded as a reward for him. It cannot be revealed to anybody, especially the elderly of the clan. Understand?”

“Yes, Master; I’m leaving.” With these words, the figure disappeared.

At night, three of them enjoyed the drink in Chen Feng’s room and talked about the events from days past.

However, they were especially curious about Chen Feng’s story, but he only talked about the external practice.

Chen Lei said, “Third younger brother, the Tianyun Festival is several days away. All the branches of the Chen Family will get together in the capital city, including the royal family of the empire as well as the other major families.”

“Yes, I know. I’m wondering why you’re bringing it up now?” Chen Feng asked.

“I’m just worried. After three months of silence, the branch members seem to have made good preparation. They will surely exert great pressure on our father. What should we do then?” Chen Lei said.

With a sneer flashing on his face, Chen Feng said quietly, “It seems that it’s inevitable to have conflict with the branch members. Although I have made great progress in my practice, it’s far from being enough. Fortunately, I have made sufficient preparations through my practice these days; it’s time for me to make a breakthrough.”

Late at night, Chen Lei and Chen Dian also felt a little drunk, so they left one after another.

However, Chen Feng returned to the pond beyond the hill.

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