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Chapter 7 The Golden Sun Thunder Sword Art

“Hmm? Someone is coming with full energy and fresh blood, haha!”

A pair of red eyes glanced at Chen Feng, full of evident hostility.

The monster bore a murderous glare and two protruding tusks. Its only eye was on the top of its head, and it emitted dim red light.  

“Hmph, just an inferior monster daring to be arrogant. I’d like to check what exact treasures were hidden behind the stele after killing you.” Chen Feng sneered with a fierce momentum arising.

Demons were usually divided into several levels. Without full evolution, the monsters of this type were only low-level ones with limited capabilities, although they were ferocious. Despite being a pract.i.tioner at the Ling nature level, he was not powerful since he could not control weapons.

Chen Feng rushed out with a howl from his mouth. The ma.s.sive force suddenly broke out to form a protective layer around his body. His two fists were raised high and covered with a brilliant flash of light and energy that resulted from the released vitality.

At the Ling durability level, the vitality would be released to kill the enemies at a distance.

“Overlord Fist Position, Fierce Tiger Punch!”

Chen Feng waved his two fists to stir up roaring winds. The most powerful move he made, Fierce Tiger Punch, was the most lethal one he had practiced up to now. The power of an instant burst could kill almost all the pract.i.tioners at the same level, even the pract.i.tioner at the Ling nature level could also be suppressed.   

Howl! A fierce tiger seemed to be roaring above his fists, which slammed into the body of the monster with such a fierce force and fast speed that the monster was kicked away in an instant and fell heavily onto the ground.

“Ah! Abominable and trivial human beings! How dare you provoke the dignity of our great demons, d.a.m.n it!” The monster trembled and stood up with blood all over its body. With two long tusks broken, it seemed to be more and more ferocious with a murderous expression on its face.

Its rootless claws suddenly grabbed at Chen Feng, and the claws were sharp enough to cut the air without any difficulty.

Without hesitation, Chen Feng quickly fell back. For some period of cultivation, his body was more powerful and flexible. Although the claws of the demon had never touched him, it still deeply alarmed him.

“It seems that the demons sealed behind the steles are not easy to deal with. If it’s an ordinary monster at the Ling durability level, my strike a moment ago was powerful enough to kill it. The monster in front of me unexpectedly has enough spare energy to fight against me! This is very weird!”  

With a serious look on his face, Chen Feng stared at the monster from the front, like a hunter staring at his prey while the prey was glaring at the hunter.

Suddenly, he moved. Even without the flash at the Ling durability level, the speed was twice as fast as before, and the brilliant white light flashed away in his hand. The figure of Chen Feng quickly pa.s.sed through the body of the monster.


The monster as tall as three people fell down, and behind its body was a young man with both of his hands full of blood. Then he swayed slightly and sat down, breathing heavily.

“What exactly is the Unknown and Mysterious Marital Art? Why did I move so fast just now? What secrets are hidden behind this martial art? I almost lost my mind in that moment,” Chen Feng whispered with lingering fear.

Looking at the body of the monster lying on the ground, Chen Feng temporarily suppressed the doubts in his mind and walked ahead. It was through the large hole in the middle of the body that Chen Feng had penetrated just now.  

The mysterious towers fell into a dead silence with numerous standing steles, one of which had been smashed now.

Chen Feng walked to the side of the body and a flash of golden light underneath attracted him. It was a golden long sword with glimmering light, which seemed to be a rare weapon. Beside the long sword was a mysterious pamphlet.

“I didn’t expect such a little monster had such a treasure. Judging from the quality, the sword should be a top-level treasure,” Chen Feng muttered to himself.

On the continent, the weapons were divided into conventional ones and invaluable ones. A powerful weapon would undoubtedly strengthen the power of its owner. With an invaluable weapon, the strength of the pract.i.tioners at the same level would be greatly enhanced to kill opponents at higher levels.

Both the conventional weapons and invaluable weapons were divided into three levels: top, medium, and bottom. The top level enjoyed the best quality while the bottom level was the worst. The long sword in front of him was of the quality of top level at least, which naturally made him very happy.   

With the golden sword in hand, a sense of chill continuously penetrated the meridians of his body. Although his strength had reached the Ling durability level, it was still difficult for him to completely control such an invaluable weapon with his hands. However, Chen Feng didn’t worry, no matter how arrogant the sword was.

The power rushed out of his hands and the strength was firmly condensed into the golden sword, which trembled with a hissing noise and then calmed down quickly.

"Maybe it's because I killed the monster. Otherwise, how come the treasure could surrender so easily?"

Picking up the pamphlet, he was delighted to find it turned out to be a secret sword scripture. Obviously, this was tailor-made for him. With the sword of top quality and the secret sword scripture, his strength would undoubtedly improve to a higher level.

"I will practice it now so that I can finish before the Tianyun Festival. Then, I will be more confident when the time comes," Chen Feng told himself.

This sword scripture was also a superior martial art of cultivation, named the Golden Sun Thunder Sword Art, which included three strokes with great fierce powers. Once the pract.i.tioner had reached the top level, it was a piece of cake to kill opponents at higher levels.

Among the towers, Chen Feng started to practice. His talent was not bad. He failed to improve his level because of the damage of the Qihai acupoint. Now, since all this had been solved, it was naturally difficult for him to practice.

Due to so-called profound acc.u.mulation, Chen Feng had stayed at the Ling guide level all year round, which enabled him a very strong foundation. In the past years, it had greatly tempered his mind and perseverance.

The Golden Sun Thunder Sword Art was so superior that Chen Feng that got a hint of aura after practicing for some time.

In the glint and flash of the sword among the towers, the figure of a young man was constantly moving so fast that it looked like a thunder storm with an explosion of sounds heard all around.

Three days later, Chen Feng suddenly stopped his movements. Once the long sword was waved in the air, all the rays of light converged and all the Lings surrounding were turned into a gust of wind and scattered afar.

“I’ve finally made some progress and the sword vitality has been acc.u.mulated inside with great power once it burst out.”

The sword vitality was acc.u.mulated at the Qihai acupoint in Chen Feng’s body, just like the Ling condensed by the Qihai acupoint pract.i.tioner. However, the sword vitality inside Chen Feng was swifter and fiercer. It was at that time that Chen Feng found even if his Qihai acupoint had been injured, others would never know that because of the existence of the sword vitality. Only the pract.i.tioners at higher levels could discover the sword vitality contained inside his body.

Chen Feng smiled and said, "It’s good, since no one can detect my Qihai acupoint and I needn’t worry about the exposure of my unknown mystery martial art. To fight against the pract.i.tioners of the same level, I only need to use the Overlord Fist Position. With the Golden Sun Thunder Sword Art now, I will never dread even the top pract.i.tioner at the Ling nature level.”

The Tianyun Festival finally came and the whole capital city was very crowded and noisy. Many masters of martial arts came to the capital city, including the Chen family.

On that day, many extended relatives of the Chen family also came to the capital city.

“Master, it’s the Tianyun Festival now and we’d better make some plans for the coming new year, since the rules of the family should still be abided by!” In the hall of the Chen family, one person suddenly shouted, who was from a powerful clan of the family.

Hearing his words, many people nodded in agreement with him.

Chen Xiong looked around with a fixed expression on his face. He certainly knew the purpose of the clan – they simply intended to make some trouble for him.  

Chen Feng, Chen Lei, and Chen Dian were also standing in this hall. Only the outstanding descendants of the Chen family were eligible to attend the ceremony. Soon, Chen Feng was noticed by someone named Chen Beishan, the master of one clan of the Chen family.

With a cold stare, Chen Beishan wryly said, "Chen Feng, how dare you come and attend such an important ceremony now? Get out!"

Chen Xiong sneered and his fingers gently pinched to generate some Ling power. He responded coldly, "Chen Feng is my son; do you think he is unqualified to stand here? Chen Beishan, you are just a master of the clan. It seems that you have let it go to your head.”

He moved his finger and a bundle of Ling force was turned into a sword and rushed out, like a lightning flashing across the sky, and a thunder shocked the hearts of everyone at the site. They took a close look and found a hexagram-shaped pit on the ground.

To change the invisible Ling force into a visible shape with the condensation of willpower was far beyond the capability of the pract.i.tioners at the Ling shape level. The artistic conception of the Ling force was so mysterious and profound that only the masters at the Ling sense level could realize such a kind of result. Chen Xiong simply waved his fingers very casually just now without any intentional effort, so his actual strength was unimaginable.  

“Acting as the master of the Chen family for many years, Chen Xiong seems to keep practicing very hard as usual. I didn’t expect his level was so advanced that it must have surpa.s.sed the ordinary Ling sense level now, let alone that it now reached the top grade. Fortunately, I have also reached the Ling sense level, so I needn’t be afraid of him since I also have a powerful weapon in hand,” Chen Qingshan whispered to himself stealthily. As a blood brother of Chen Beishan, he was more powerful than him.   

“Master, we can expect nothing from Chen Feng now. Even if he can recover his Qihai acupoint, he has already missed the best time for practice, so he’s not qualified to stand in the hall for discussion now. If you still act arbitrarily, I am afraid all of our entire clans will not accept it.”

“Yes, let Chen Feng get out of here and never attend our discussion in the hall anymore.”

Chen Han glanced at Chen Feng with a grin of contempt and turned to Chen Xiong again, saying, “I, Chen Han, from the eastern clan of the continent, request our master to ask Chen Feng to leave the hall.”

His words were echoed by others, who all intended to drive Chen Feng out.

Keeping a straight face, Chen Xiong glanced at all of them and said aggressively, “Do you want to rebel?”  

“That’s not what we mean. But according to our traditional rules, the Chen family should reject the incompetent ones! We will stick to our viewpoint even before the Council of Elders,” Chen Han replied coldly.

“Hmph! To suppress me with the Council of Elders? You’ve turned out to be good at playing tricks now. Good! Very good!” Chen Xiong slightly fluttered his fingers to condense a white cloud of Ling force and waited for opportunity to launch a strike.

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