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Chapter 5 An Unknown and Mysterious Martial Art

The dense characters describing the skills of martial arts made Chen Feng feel a headache suddenly strike. Being completely different from his familiar skills of the Chen Family, they were more profound and complicated. Chen Feng was just deeply attracted for a moment.

Throughout the continent, the practice was divided in two: external practice and internal practice.

The internal practice referred to the practice of Qi to introduce the Ling into the body for integration, while the external practice referred to repeated physical exercise to enhance muscles and strength.

However, the external practice was extremely difficult and the most powerful pract.i.tioner on the continent could only reach the Ling shape level.

At that moment, the skills coming out in his mind made Chen Feng believe that it was a powerful martial art, which was far beyond the skills of the Chen Family.

Chen Feng fell into meditation with his eyes closed. He didn’t know where the unknown martial art came from; however, it could provide countless a.s.sistance for him currently.

One paragraph of profound characters slowly came into his mind. Chen Feng got startled; it was a rhymed formula.

Making his mind flow with his senses, Chen Feng immediately felt the Ling gradually penetrating his body without any obstacles and absorbed it much faster than he’d been able to in the past. 

“Why is this? The speed of absorbing the Ling is multiple times faster than before. It’s weird that I never have a bursting feeling with such a powerful Ling in my body,” Chen Feng mumbled with certain excitement in his mind.

According to the martial art, Chen Feng vaguely understood that the internal and external practice aimed to enhance the essence and blood.

For pract.i.tioners, the more intense essence and blood, the stronger that vitality and strength would also be greatly improved. According to the method, it focused on both internal and external practice as well. 

To improve the “essence” of the pract.i.tioners, the unknown martial art enjoyed endless advantages. Based on the practice methods, everything in the world could be converted into the strength of the pract.i.tioners.

 Chen Feng suddenly came up with an idea: could such a ma.s.sive Ling help collect strength during the internal practice?

He immediately took actions to collect all the Lings around him and made them continuously penetrate his body from the Baihui acupoint on the top of his head, then circulated it all over his body after it was converted into pure forces. However, all these Lings were just scattered in his body, which didn’t pa.s.s the Qihai acupoint.

Chen Feng didn’t lose confidence. This book contained a mysterious martial art. If the Qihai acupoint was damaged, the pract.i.tioners would never make any progress when practicing other martial arts. Since the unknown martial art could convert forces without the Qihai acupoint, it was more suitable for him. 

A whole day had pa.s.sed. When Chen Feng opened his eyes slowly, the sun had set beyond the hill ahead and the shining moon gradually rose out of the water.

Standing up, Chen Feng leaped away from the rock and immersed his entire body in the pond. The water was full of Ling and Chen Feng could do more exercises there.

It was at this moment that Chen Feng found he was very br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy and all his tiredness had already gone. Something inside his mind seemed to be awakened. 

Out of the water, he found the meal box on the bank.

“Father, you cared about me so much that I will never let you down,” Chen Feng mumbled, and his stomach growled with hunger.

“With a whole day of practice, I feel hungry unexpectedly,” Chen Feng said with a smile, and started to enjoy his food.

All pract.i.tioners of martial arts could absorb the Ling to make their bodies full of energy. Even without meals for days, they were still strong and able-bodied. However, there were very few cases like Chen Feng.

Just like the wind puffed the clouds away, the food―enough for two―in front of him was wiped out. Patting on his stomach, Chen Feng frowned because he felt still a little hungry.

“It seems that I have to double my meals from now on.”

After the meal, Chen Feng returned to the big rock. The wind was cold at night, but he didn’t feel the slightest cold. He was even immune to the icy water in the pond.

With a wisp of smile on his face, Chen Feng thought the martial art was remarkable indeed, for it had brought such an incredible effect within only one day of practice, it’s hard to imagine what it would be like after practicing for some time. 

He couldn’t help thinking about the mysterious tower in his body, which had firmly stayed between his eyebrows without rotation and even its brilliance had been restrained. If he didn’t sense it carefully, Chen Feng could not even feel its existence. 

“The unknown martial art came into my mind after I left the bottom of the pond; could it be possible that it had something to do with the mysterious tower? Or, was it Gu Mo’s conspiracy?” Chen Feng was lost in thought, trying to communicate with the tower between his eyebrows.

However, no response came at all and the tower still stood between his eyebrows steadily.  

“It’s weird. It was when I contacted the tower last time that I got the complicated skill, so how come there’s no response now?”

“It has nothing to do with the tower? Since it has stayed between my eyebrows, there must be some secrets hidden behind. There’s always been something between my eyebrows, but since I know nothing about it, that’s not good.” 

Chen Feng spoke to himself with a frown and something suddenly occurred to him.

“Perhaps it thinks I’m too weak?” Chen Feng murmured, then continued to practice contentedly.

Meanwhile, the Chen Family was now filled with a heavy atmosphere. Chen Xiong, the Master of Chen Family, was listening to the report by his housekeeper. 

“Master, although those from the branches have left, they would never give up.”

Chen Xiong nodded and said, “I know. But they are not strong enough to pose a threat against me now. Even if they don’t admit defeat, they have no choice but to restrain themselves. I hope the issues about Chen Feng can be solved in the near future.”

“Well, how about Chen Feng nowadays? Is he still practicing in the pond beyond the hill? Since we are troubled by the clan branches all the time, I nearly have no time to visit him,” Chen Xiong asked.

“Master, please take it easy. The third young master is still practicing diligently there. Amazingly, he seems to eat more nowadays.” 

As the youngest son of Chen Xiong, Chen Feng had two elder brothers with great talents. They were away from home to hold the posts in the empire then. 

Chen Xiong felt a little stunned. Since the “overlord fist position” he taught to Chen Feng aimed to practice the external skills, which was beyond the capability of common people, it’s natural for him to eat more after practice.

“Okay, do everything according to his request.” Chen Xiong waved his hand and headed for the pond beyond the hill. However, he just looked at it from far away and left.

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