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Chapter 85

Only when he saw Wei Lan ascend the steps to her house with her round and pert b.u.t.t swaying side to side did he relax . At the KFC just now, he actually thought that Wei Lan would kiss him!

Wouldn’t the task be completed if that happened?

Who knew that this la.s.s would think about me and ask for takeout .

Su Ke couldn’t do anything but quietly ask them to pack their food though . The two of them then walked around as they ate and drank their food until they were all sweaty and happy .

After wiping away the sweat from his forehead, he looked at the sun that was high in the sky .

Since the temperature might not drop below 35 degrees, he needed to go home and take a shower no matter what .

If not, there will be dire consequences when he takes Liu Qing Qing out later today!

He then showered, put on a change of clothes, and took a quick nap . In order to not make a girl wait again, he left his house at 2:30 pm this time . He was supposed to meet Liu Qing Qing at the school gates, so maybe she was afraid that her family would spy on them?

What made Su Ke depressed though was that when he reached the gates, he saw Liu Qing Qing already waiting on the street . She was wearing

a pure white cotton dress with lace trim that looked really soft and showed off her collarbone .

Even the two flowers that were st.i.tched on her chest were white . Her delicate facial features framed by her golden hair shone under the sunlight . Her hands were also holding onto a parasol with a pink bag slung over one arm, which complemented her pale skin .

After Liu Qing Qing saw Su Ke, she smiled like a blooming pure white flower, causing Su Ke to feel somewhat dazed .

“Brother Su Ke!” Liu Qing Qing then ran over to him and lifted her parasol above his head, shielding him from the sun and causing a beautiful shadow to grow behind her .

“Qing Qing, why are you so early?” Su Ke smiled embarra.s.sedly, one leg kicking the ground .

“Staying at home is boring . Why not come out early for some fresh air!?”

Liu Qing Qing had the same answer as Wei Lan, which made Su Ke even more awkward .

While scratching his head, he said, “Where are we going? I’ll park the bicycle at school!”

“En!” She then tilted her head and thought about it carefully, “Can we go to Xing Gong market? I want to ride your bike!” Her voice was soft, and her eyes were filled with antic.i.p.ation .

“Of course!” Su Ke was unable to reject her .

He then eyed the bike seat before continuing,

continuing, “You need to sit tight though!”

“Okay!” Liu Qing Qing saw Su Ke nod and was even more ecstatic .

The Xing Gong Market, that was just like a bazaar, wasn’t that far from their location . He was rather surprised that Liu Qing Qing chose to go to street stalls, but he didn’t object .

A boy and a girl were slowly riding a bicycle under the shining sun .

Liu Qing Qing was clutching her parasol, holding it up as straight as possible, while her other hand was gently placed on Su Ke’s abdomen .

Her exposed arm was wrapped around his stomach, causing his heart to beat faster and making the handlebars of the bicycle shake . The more crooked he cycled around, the tighter Liu Qing Qing holds him . Maybe she was scared of falling, but she actually leaned her whole weight onto him .

“F*ck!” Su Ke was stunned . Anymore and his heart will leap out of his chest .

He could also vaguely feel the outline of Li Qing Qing chest behind him .

They followed Liu Qing Qing’s breathing, pressing closer against him before moving away .

The soft and elastic feeling made Su Ke feel rather hot and feverish . .

Su Ke then gulped and unconsciously straightened up, but Liu Qing Qing didn’t seem like she noticed as she followed his movements . Her enticing buns also followed

also followed suit .

Liu Qing Qing didn’t know why she would do that, so her face became red and her breathing became erratic . As she leaned against Su Ke, a drop of sweat rolled down her nose .

“Maybe this is what the book meant by a masculine scent!”

The hand that she was using to hold up the parasol was getting tired, but she stubbornly held it above Su Ke while gritting her teeth and enduring the heat . Especially her chest area .

There seemed to be swelling after she squeezed her chest, but it wasn’t painful, just numb .

This numbness made Liu Qing Qing go soft . Luckily though, she had one hand around Su Ke’s waist so she didn’t fall off . Both her hands then started to sweat at the same time .

Liu Qing Qing then closed her eyes as her breathing increased . She placed her head on Su Ke’s back and repeatedly told herself, “Liu Qing Qing, you need to work hard and take the initiative!”

Su Ke then realized that he was still traveling at 5km per hour .

Liu Qing Qing’s attack from behind made him anxious, and she had even fallen asleep after she got on and hadn’t said a word, making him feel even more awkward .

Su Ke felt like his mouth was really dry, so he cleared his throat and asked, “Cough cough! Qing Qing?”

“En!” Liu Qing Qing?”

“En!” Liu Qing Qing softly replied with tightly shut eyes and red cheeks .

Her hair was also flying out behind her, refined like an elf .

“Eh! You aren’t asleep?”

“That’s right! Brother Su Ke, your back is really comfortable though!”

Liu Qing Qing then rubbed her cheek against his back, feeling like she was indulging but making Su Ke suffer .

When she rubbed her cheek against his back, Su Ke felt like his shirt was really thin .

He was sensitive to this kind of action, and he could also feel Liu Qing Qing’s body heat on his face . While Su Ke was dazed, a brick appeared in his path .

When he found out about it, it was already too late, so she quickly shouted, “Careful!”

“Bam!” Even though the front wheel made it across, the back wheel was unable to, causing the bicycle to jolt upwards . Liu Qing Qing nearly fell off . She tightly gripped onto Su Ke, her hand inexplicably moving down . During such a moment, she had finally taken the initiative .

“Wei!” Blood nearly spurted out of his nose . Su Ke then looked down at Liu Qing Qing’s small hand that was actually tightly gripping the front of his jeans . The worst thing about it though was that he didn’t know when his little brother stood up, but he was firmly within her grasp .

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