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The bicycle then suddenly swerved, nearly sending Liu Qing Qing off of it.

Luckily though, she had a quick reaction and managed to reach out and steady herself.

Su Ke felt like his heart was about to stop as he looked down and saw Liu Qing Qing's small hand grasping the front of his pants. His place then started to stand up.

Fortunately, the material of his pants was thick, so Liu Qing Qing had only grabbed the edge of the tent. He managed to avoid a calamity, causing Su Ke to heave a sigh of relief.

Since Liu Qing Qing's hands were still rubbing a sensitive place, Su Ke's body tensed up and he didn't dare say a word. His legs then slowly stepped on the bike as he tried to steady his breathing.

Su Ke gave a strained smile as he spoke. "Hehe, were you scared?"

He could hear the tremble in his own voice.

If Liu Qing Qing's hand even brushed against the tent, it would immediately start a fire.

"No!" Liu Qing Qing was actually scared.

From the b.u.mp just now, it felt like her b.u.t.t was going to split into pieces.

"Ah!" Her voice dropped as she was startled. Her hand holding his pants then abruptly pulled back. She felt something move that was very hot and hard.

Like an electric shock, she moved her hand away, but she didn't actually pull back, just putting her hand back on his waist.

"Oh my G.o.d!" Liu Qing Qing was blushing furiously. She was now thinking about where her hand had been; a place she had learned about in s.e.x ed cla.s.s.

Thinking until here, how can Liu Qing Qing act like nothing happened?

She wanted to quickly move her hand away, but she wasn't willing to accept giving up her advantage. This la.s.s had already taken the initiative.

With a young maiden's idea of love, she persisted.

Su Ke then gulped down his saliva, getting rid of his reaction. Liu Qing Qing was like a monkey that stole a peach. With his non-victory, he could relax for a bit.

At this moment, there was the sound of a system notification.

"Task: Protect Liu Qing Qing. Reward: Cooking Skill (Beginner)"

After seeing this task, Su Ke was rather stunned. Protect Liu Qing Qing? Was it implying that she was in danger?

While he thought about it, Su Ke broke out in a cold sweat, calming down himself and his tent.

Even though 3 pm wasn't technically the hottest part of the day, the weather still made people hurry around. Cars were speeding by going towards their direction.

"Is it the cars?" Su Ke was worried that a car would suddenly run into them since it was rather dangerous to be out on a bike right now.

Even while walking across a zebra crossing, there was a chance that you would be hit by a car. Especially if there was even a task. Su Ke was crazy for a moment before tensing up.

His ears then suddenly perked up like antennas, before he widely opened his eyes and tried to see any suspicious movement.

He then suddenly heard the rumble of a motorcycle from behind him.

Since it sounded like a race car with high horsepower, Su Ke was shocked and immediately stopped his bike. With one leg on the ground, he turned around to look.

"What happened? Brother Su Ke!" Liu Qing Qing didn't know why, but Su Ke suddenly stopped.

"Nothing, I just feel like this motorbike is unstable; it's going really fast!"

Su Ke felt like the bike's speed was getting faster and faster. The man on the bike was wearing a helmet and lying on top of it, looking like he couldn't see clearly.

Liu Qing Qing heard the sound of the motorcycle earlier, so after hearing Su Ke's words, she turned to look around and screamed. She then covered her mouth like she had witnessed something horrible. Su Ke was even more frightened though.

He then glanced over and saw the motorcycle suddenly go out of control. The rider tried to control it, but there was then a bang followed by the screech of metal rubbing against the ground.

The sharp sound caught everyone's attention. Su Ke suddenly told Liu Qing Qing to, "Get off!"

"Oh!" Even though she didn't understand, Liu Qing Qing immediately got off and stood on the sidewalk while Su Ke quickly walked away.

He had a feeling that if he and Liu Qing Qing couldn't avoid it, then that motorcycle will definitely come by his side.

As expected, after the rider flew off the fallen motorcycle, it suddenly changed direction and sped towards him. The bike then screeched against the floor, causing sparks to fly out.

"Hurry up!" Su Ke saw the situation and immediately pulled Liu Qing Qing close to him before flinging the bicycle away. Liu Qing Qing then saw the rider fly away and plunge into the gra.s.s by the sidewalk, unmoving. While the motorcycle continued speeding at about 100 km/hr, it hit a black car on the road, causing it to stop.

This caused Liu Qing Qing to become pale and start panicking.

If it weren't for that black car, they would've definitely been hit by the motorcycle.

"Brother Su Ke!" Liu Qing Qing grabbed Su Ke's arm with a trembling voice.

"It's fine!" Su Ke furrowed his eyebrows and heaved a sigh. He didn't know if the rider was dead or alive. He then felt Liu Qing Qing grab his arm, which caused him to pat her on the hand.

"That person will be fine, right!?" Liu Qing Qing asked as she pointed at the gra.s.sy area.

"Who knows? Someone already called the police!"

At this time, there were quite a few people surrounding the area, especially the owner of the car that was. .h.i.t who was calling the police as he sprinted over.

"Let's go!" Su Ke wasn't interested in the excitement.

Fortunately, this incident pa.s.sed by rather smoothly. Liu Qing Qing nodded frantically, her face still pale. After leaving the scene of the strange accident on his bike, Su Ke continued to frown.

"What exactly happened?" When he entered the system, the task on the screen actually wasn't completed. Could it be that the real danger wasn't over?

Maybe it was the accident, but Liu Qing Qing was quiet as he rode on.

The two of them stared ahead, none of them speaking a word. Su Ke didn't know if he did the right thing by bringing her out. They could then see Xing Gong market.

He asked, "Qing Qing, we're almost there. What would you like to buy?"

Liu Qing Qing seemed like she hadn't considered the issue as she responding. "I haven't thought about it yet!" She immediately focused on the question as she tilted her head to think.

At this moment, an old van suddenly stopped in front of them before the doors opened.

Three men then suddenly poured out and headed straight for Su Ke.

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