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Su Ke then naturally pulled on Wei Lan's small hand without a sense of awkwardness.

Wei Lan also didn't feel any embarra.s.sment.

After they pa.s.sed the uniformed staff worker, they started to slow down.

Su Ke then pointed at the guy that had a large number of a.s.sessment books on the floor behind him before speaking. "Sorry! If you have any problems, you can go and find him!"

He then shrugged and walked away.

In the KFC restaurant, Su Ke sat opposite of Wei Lan with fries, fried chicken, and the books that she purchased from other bookstores. Wei Lan was still a bit gloomy though.

Su Ke then pa.s.sed her a french fry dipped in ketchup. "What is it? Are you still angry?"

"What do you think!?" Wei Lan pouted with unhappiness in her eyes.

"Okay. I've already avenged you! I think that that brat will still feel it after 2 days have pa.s.sed!" What Su Ke said was true. Looking at Su Ke's current level, and the strength of his kick; he wouldn't be completely healed for at least another 2-3 days.

"You're dressed so pretty today too, I almost can't hold back. Your b.u.t.t is so round and pert. My hand is starting to itch and tremble just looking at it!"

Su Ke said as he raised a hand for Wei Lan to examine.

Wei Lan giggled as she reached out and slapped his hand away. "I hate you!"

Su Ke saw that her complexion had cleared, so he knew that he had achieved his goal. "I'm actually speaking the truth!"

Wei Lan then took the fry that Su Ke had offered her and put it in her mouth. A smudge of ketchup was left on her lip. "You really want to touch?"

After speaking, her tongue swiped the ketchup off her lip, momentarily stunning Su Ke.

This is actually one of the s.e.xiest moves that a woman could make; which also includes the lips, lifting the leg, slightly parting the lips, and pushing up the chest.

Any one of these moves could kill a man.

After looking at Wei Lan's innocent face with such a s.e.xy expression and her natural dimples, Su Ke's heart skipped a beat.

As he was dazed, he didn't expect for her to suddenly blush and for her eyes to flicker after doing such an action. She then quickly looked down in embarra.s.sment, puzzling Su Ke.

It shouldn't logically be like this, but he did say that he didn't want to do anything except for touching. He would have normally been scolded rather harshly, so what was up with today?

Suddenly, he realized that Wei Lan's eyes were looking behind him, causing him to turn around and nearly make his heart beat out of his chest after seeing who was there.

Behind him was a man and a woman that stood tightly together. The two of them were pa.s.sionate, just like a blazing inferno. Su Ke could only see the back of the girls head from here, while the rest of her body was in the man's arms.

Judging by Su Ke's limited experience, the two of them were lost in their own world as they kissed, their heads moving unceasingly.

They were rather fierce, causing Su Ke to feel a bit awkward watching them.

That wasn't important though; because Su Ke realized that the man's right hand was under the woman's shirt.

As his hand moved, her shirt slowly rode up, revealing a sliver of pale skin.

Su Ke shouted in his heart, "F*ck! That's too much!"

No wonder Wei Lan suddenly blushed. It was almost like an R-rated movie.

While watching this, his whole body became hot.

If he continued, his little brother might make an appearance.

Realizing the severity of his problem, he quickly turned back around and took a deep breath, putting the image out of his mind. Wei Lan was still looking down shyly while he did so.

The two of them were silent, both lost in thought, causing the atmosphere to become weird and making Su Ke feel awkward.

"What's good?" Su Ke then bent his waist and lowered his head until his chin touched the table. He glanced at Wei Lan's expression and felt like her face was rather entertaining.

"Hooligan!" She muttered. When Wei Lan heard Su Ke's words, she knew that he had seen the fiery scene and was even more willing to lift her head.

After staring at the shy expression on Wei Lan's face, he started to tease her, "They're giving us a demonstration for us newbies. You should watch a little more so that you know what counts as a kiss, no? If not, when I beat you at the exams, you might not know how to uphold your promise!"

Wei Lan looked up, but she was still anxious as she glared at Su Ke. "Su Ke, you're too hateful! Do you really think that you can beat me!? Stop dreaming, you pervert!"

She looked like she was on the verge of going to his side.

Su Ke suppressed his laughter before speaking, "If I really beat you, then we'll be just like them!" He then realized that he was completely suppressed in Fang Fei, but with his cla.s.smates; he learnt about Luo Fei Yan and her friends.

Since he also had a way with words, he didn't even think before speaking.

This one sentence defeated Wei Lan once again, making her cheeks flushed.

She wasn't angry, but she snorted and picked up her chicken before pretending it was Su Ke and viciously biting into it.

"Eh!" Su Ke didn't know why, but after looking at Wei Lan biting into her chicken, he unconsciously shivered. Even his little brother was scared.

Who could have expected that the couple behind him would get louder and sound more pleasurable? Even though the woman was softly moaning, both Wei Lan and Su Ke could hear it.

You look at me, I look at you. Su Ke and Wei Lan were both nervous, blushing, and had erratic breathing. Su Ke then gulped and stared at Wei Lan's strange expression.

She felt like she was sitting on needles as she forcefully peeled her eyes away from the scene with a frantic breath. She finally couldn't hold back, so she squeaked, "Su Ke!"

Such a soft voice made Su Ke's body shudder. Wei Lan looked like she wanted to say something, but she suddenly stopped, causing his heart to skip a beat.

It surely can't be that she wants to settle the bet right now!

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