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Translator: Ichinonsense
Chapter 8 - The Thousand Years White Fox

Saying that he doesn't want to go to have a look, that would be lying. Yue Qianchou hesitated over and over again, and finally dispelled the idea, the atmosphere around feels a bit wrong ah! The prelude to the danger of film and television drama is just like this, especially that red blood characters.

From inside the cave, suddenly came the sound of zither, mixed with the sound of falling water, although it was not quite clear, but he was sure that was the sound of zither, Yue Qianchou decided to turn around and listened.

"Mother! what is that? Does it try to lure this Father? No matter, let's go inside to have a look," Yue Qianchou made up his mind and walked down the cave. As the saying goes, curiousity kills the cat, and it should also apply to people, wonder if this was an example.

Standing at the mouth of the cave, a cold air pa.s.sed him, Yue Qianchou shivered, inside was a pitch-dark, the waterfall outside was defeaning, he barely heard the sound inside.

With body covered in sweat, Yue Qianchou gritted his teeth while bracing himself and walked in. He turned around a corner and couldn't see anything, hand touching the moss-coverred rock wall, slowly touching it. After a long walk, although nothing could be seen, but he felt the terrain going downward.

"d.a.m.n it! Where does it lead to?" in the dark, Yue Qianchou felt his teeth ached relentlessly, the sound of zither becoming clearer, suddenly the pitch-dark cave appearead to be slightly lit, slightly startled, he increased his forward speed.

The light was getting brighter and brighter, until it was discovered that he had reached the end of the pa.s.sage. A huge underground s.p.a.ce was in sight, surrounded by glowing fluorescent stone. A pond, quietly lying in the entire cave. There were many small islands in the pond, in the middle of the island there was a pavilion, a person was sitting inside indistinctly, probably a woman. It was from there that the sound came. Yue Qianchou stepped on the stone bridge leading to the pavilion on the island.

"s.h.i.t! Forbidden place my a.s.s, it is actually hiding a woman! Scared Father like a fool" Yue Qianchou complained, with both hands behind his back he walked following the stone bridge.

On the way to the pavilion in front of him, Yue Qianchou instantly widened his eyes and opened his mouth wide, drooling. In front of him, a white skinned woman without any embellishment, a simple silk sash was holding her hair, a pair of slightly sad bright eyes weirdly looking at the zither, her slender hand gently caressed the strings. As if had not discovered that Yue Qianchou was standing nearby.

This woman, although didn't wear any adornment, it would not be exaggerated to say that her looks would bring disaster to the nation and it's people. Perhaps outstandingly beautiful, peerless grace, such words were not enough to describe her beauty.

She just sat there quietly playing the zither, her eyes could not hide the sadness, let a person feel distressed. The hidden bitterness, as if telling the pain of yearning to sweetheart. Yue Qianchou suddenly felt that this gloomy stone room was not brightened by fluorescent stone, it was by her pressence....

Yuo Qianchou only now found out that the immortal big sister who had been wandering in his own dream was mediocre! Although that sister was obviously slightly younger, but if compared mutually, one could only be the green leaf as contrast to the safflower.

Yue Qianchou, who did not know how to speak for a long time, bowed and finally choked a few words to keep his heart beating. When he looked up, he found himself in the eyes of the beauty of the pavilion simply as nothing, she seemed too lazy to look at him, let alone care about him.

Similiar to the child who made a mistake, Yue Qianchou smiled embarrasedly, not caring about the rudeness to other people, "This beauty probably too busy playing her zither, i won't be heard! it won't matter! Though i don't understand what she is playing, it's good to meet such a beautiful woman!" He thought, then lifted his foot to enter the pavilion.

His body just entered the pavilion, then suddenly felt that there was an invinsible wall blocking himself. Yue Qianchou made an effort again, but still couldnt walk in. With the beauty in the front, a little angry, he made a fierce fist.

"Bang!" A flash of purple screen light suddenly blasted Yue Qianchou's body a few meters away, he got confused and disoriented. He stood up and saw the four pillars supporting the pavilion, the four spell inscriptions were shining. When the purple light disappeared, the spell inscriptions also disappeared.

"s.h.i.t! which b.a.s.t.a.r.d did that?" Yue Qianchou couldn't hold his composure and cursed angrily. Only after getting the hang of himself, he couldn't help but wanted to burn his own mouth, how could he spourted such a foul language in front of the beauty, he lost his face a big time.

Seeing the appearance of the beauty still indifferent, he felt like a clown. After blushing, he went forward with a serious expression, solemnly asked, "Is it the Green Light Sect's old immortals who imprisoned you?"

The beauty paid no attention to him, selfishly played her zither. Afterward, he asked various questions, but the other party remain unchanged. Finally, with an injured self-esteem, Yue Qianchou absent-mindedly walked out of the cave without any gain...

Shortly after he left, a beautiful white skinned girl came in. She walked to the outside of the pavilion and sat down, quietly listening to the woman in pavilion playing her zither. If Yue Qianchou would see this girl's appearance, he must be surprised, this was, none other than that immortal big sister whom he dreamed about.


"Master! i want to ask you something!"

Holding the jug, Hao Sansi looked up, seeing his disciple impotence appearance, he couldn't help but laughed, "What Happened?"

"Do you know the cave on the forbidden mountain?" Yue Qianchou asked.

"What? Did you go there?" Hao Sansi surprised for a moment, saw his disciple nodded, then said, "That is where the prisoners got enclosed, there have been many extraordinary strong people there, so as to keep it safe from the younger generations, it is restricted. Now the cultivation world is rather peaceful, so it has not been used for hundreds of years. Otherwise, how could you get in!"

"Is that true?" Yue Qianchou hesitantly asked, "How did i see that there was a woman imprisoned inside?"

"Oh, you mean that White Fox! It was two hundred years ago, the former head imprisoned her. She was originally imprisoned for one hundred years to let her repent and start anew, but afterward she refused to come out, so she still there"

"White Fox?" Yue Qianchou asked puzzingly: "Master, did you mean she is a real fox?"

"What's so strange, after cultivation for millenia they can naturally turn into human form, is..." Hao Sansi suddenly stopped, looking up and down at his disciple, smiling strangely while saying: "Disciple! Are you charmed by her appearance and fell in love with her?"

"Oh!" Yue Qianchou felt qualms in his heart, shifting the topic" "Master! Tell my why she was imprisoned by the previous leader?"

"I warn you, she is a demonic beast, i don't know what's in her head, otherwise you might get sucked out of your soul, don't blame master for not reminding you." Hao Sansi seemed to see through his disciple's mind, carefully reminded, and poured wine. He sighed "enamoured by evil-doer ah...."

After listening to the Master narration, Yue Qianchou thought it was a cliché story, but he also sighed in admiration.

it turned out that the woman in the pavilion was really a white fox who had practiced for thousands of years. Before she turned into human form, she was injured by a hunter and fled, thanks to the help of a scholar. Thousands of years after, the White Fox searched for her benefactor to repay. She found a handsome young man, the White Fox identified that his past life was her lifesaver. The young man didn't know the true ident.i.ty of the girl, surprised at her beauty, eventually falling in love with her, a man and a demonic beast became husband and wife.

In the days that followed, the two were in love. The young man wanted to take part in the palace examination, in order to bring honor to his ancestors, he studied relentlessly. The girl took care of housework and supported her husband, she lived as a normal housewife. Hard work finally paid off, after studying a.s.siduously for a decade, the youth got first place in the examination and became the foremost person in the field. The only regret was, the two failed to have their own children, it may be the reason for the union of a man and a demonic beast.

As the foremost person in the field, the young man became the emperor's disciple, his status suddenly flew highly. The prime minister at the time fancied him and wanted to take him as a son in law, but he already had a wife, it was impossible. The prime minister was displeased, suggested the young man should divorce his wife to aspire a big ambition, otherwise it would be a dark future. The young man was in dilemma, one side was his good wife, while the other was the daughter of prime minister, it was difficult for him to choose.

But he could not resist the tyrannical power of prime minister. With the cover of cannot giving birth and pa.s.sing the inheritance to the next generation, the wife was divorced off the family. The girl was in deep sorrow, she knew as a demon, she was unable to give birth for her husband, she silently accepted her husband's divorce. Although she was divorced, the girl still loved the young man, and was silently waiting for him.

There was an unforeseen circ.u.mstances, the prime minister daughter who recently got married suddenly got sick and died. Listening to the slanderous talk of people, the prime minister was furious, and mistakenly concluded that the young man was dissastified with his new wife and killed her. With the power of prime minister, he got rid of the young man on the court, the fate of the latter didn't need to be said. Just during that time, the White Fox had the matter to go afar, and when she came back, the beloved one had been decapitated. The White Fox was deeply grieved, in a rage, several hundreds of people in the prime minister's government office were all beheaded by her.

This matter shocked the entire capital, the current mortal's dynasty could not handle the White Fox and invited Green Light's leader. This was how she got imprisoned.

Since ancient times, Men are vulnurable to power just to fall over, while women are vulnurable to love just to get hurt. Yue Qianchou sighed, finally knew the reason why the beauty was in sorrow. Although knowing the beauty was a fox, but with such unparalled face in the world, it kept lingering in his mind for a long time. In the next few days of cultivation, he was still unable to calm his mind.

The forbidden cave was still dark, althought his master had warned him, Yue Qianchou could not help himself but to come again. Using the flourescent stone that was broken down from the cave last time he visited as a guide.

At the end of the bridge, the person was still there, the zither was still there, and the sound of zither was still. Yue Qianchou slowly walking forward, standing in front of the pavilion, quietly looking at the face that made men on the world subdued. Who could guess the beautiful woman of such appearance was actually a fox.

Feeling the bitterness, Yue Qianchou remembered the story of the white fox, feeling that this tone was somewhat familiar, as if he heard it in previous life, with an emotional mind, he parted his lips lightly, and began to sing:

I'm a fox with a thousand years
A thousand years of cultivating; A thousand years of loneliness
In the deep quiet night, could anyone see me crying?
In the dim lantern's light, could anyone see me dancing?

I'm a fox with a thousand years
A thousand years of waiting; A thousand years of loneliness
In the surge of the red dust, who planted the poison of love?
In the vast sea of people, who drank the poison of love?

When i fell in love with you, you were poor and worked hard on your study
When i left you, you excelled the exam and engaged in a n.o.ble marriage

May i dance for you one last time?
I'm the fox you set free thousand years ago
Look at my fluttering sleeves
The vows of eternal love gone to nothingness

May i dance for you one last time?
For the last look you cast on me when we parted ways
Look at my fluttering sleeves
The vows of eternal love gone to nothingness....

Yue Qianchou was immersed in the story of the white fox, feeling sad, he was singing emotionally with a hoa.r.s.e voice, moving the heart. He did not know that when he sang the phrase 'When i fell in love with you, you were poor and worked hard on your study', the zither came to a halt.

Then to the phrase, 'I'm the fox you set free thousand years ago'. That person, whom appearance was unmatched by others, quietly lifted her face, and stared silently at Yue Qianchou, from the eyes came two drops of tears, dripping down the cheeks, hitting the strings, fragmented, shattered.

The song came to an end, Yue Qianchou finally recalled himself, he was surprised to see the two heart-breaking eyes. The four eyes intersected, two people were staring for a long time. Yue Qianchou immediately came to understanding, secretly proud in his heart, "s.h.i.t! what a good thing, i've done it with the original song, so simple ah! As long as i know, Father had not make a fool of himself. Mother! no wonder those singers in previous life, with a bright voice, came a large group of fans ah! and all were hardcores! Looks like my voice is good too. Although only this one fan now, but i will get ten thousands more!. Good... Good... Next time i'll continue to perform, hardcore fans wait for me!"

Yue Qianchou was feeling excited, resolutely turned away, with a firm pace, walking to the outside of the cave, in the heart thought, "One step, Two steps, Three steps... s.h.i.t! Why didn't you stop me Ah! If Father already got out, even if you were to call me, i wouldn't even hear it."

With tearful eyes, The white fox suddenly found out that the person in front of her had gone, having lost her composure, she discovered the back of the person walking outward, she hurriedly shouts, "Child please stay!"

"Good.. Good.. more than a thousand years old Big Sister, i thought you were dumb, scared me ah! Scared my small frail heart! Gee! However, there is more of the beautiful appearance, even the calling is pleasant to hear, chilling  Father's bones. Ha Ha! My hardcore fan, i'm coming..." The small thoughts prevailed, Yue Qianchou was very satisfied with himself, put on a self-righteous expression, slowly turned around, and asked indifferently, "Senior, did you call me?"

The white fox stood up, and greet him gracefully, "May i ask child, the song that was sang a moment ago, where did it originate from?"

What a good figure, every move is seducting ah! No wonder the young scholar was seduced. Yue Qianchou was a bit entranced, sighed, "I'm the Green Light Sect's disciple, a few days ago i heard your story, i have seen you once. Seeing your so heavy sorrow heart, i was sighing emotionally, especially with your zither play, makes one to feel attracted, watching with admiration." While in the heart he prayed "Sister Chen Rui on Earth, for me to claim your hits without permission. Amitābha.. Please forgive me.. Please forgive me.."

"Child overpraised me" The fox said, with a hesitant face she asked uneasily "This humble woman has a presumptuous request, but i hope child can comply."

Yue Qianchou wrinkled his eyebrows, thought in his mind, "What presumptuous request? Do you want to suck Father dry? I don't want to," The fox saw his hesitation, worried that he wouldn't agree, hastily added "Child, could you teach that song to this humble woman, after learning it, this humble woman will naturally give a generous reward."

"How generous is the reward? By body? No, master had warned me, you would suck me dry till the last drop," Yue Qianchou thought in his little obscene mind, knowing that the request of opposite party was this, he hurriedly went back to the pavilion, self-righteously said, "This small thing is not to be taken seriously, we are meeting here is a fate, there is no need to talk about reward, from now on we are friends, i will often visit you again," This shameless thing, for a person to set the relation between the two on a whim.

"When child sang just now, this humble woman was absent-minded, could child sing again?" The white fox was feeling a little shy, seemed to think that her request was a bit too much.

Yue Qianchou's mind took a swing, he really could not believe that the shy beauty in front of him was the legendary figure who killed hundreds of people in a flash. Yue Qianchou no longer beating a bush, brewed his emotion and sorrowly sing the song again, "I'm a fox with a thousand years..."

The song finished, the White Fox saluted and said: "Thank you! This humble woman have learnt it, but also please point out if there is any mistake, child, "She took a sit, her slender hands gracefully plucked the strings, a quiet zither sound came about, her glossy lips moved, a shiny teeth were looming in between, looking like a genuine artist compared to Yue Qianchou's performance. The sound of the melody echoed inside the cave.

"Child, do you think that i sang correctly?" She stood up and asked.

"Mother! This chick is a talented singer, listened to the pirated version, but actually able to sing like the real artist, I'm sweating!" Yue Qianchou felt ashamed in his heart, hurriedly clapped his hands together: "Good, good, it was very soothing!"

"Child overpraised, may i ask the name of this song?" The White Fox saluted and asked.

Yue Qianchou said with a smile, "I did it for you, it's called 'The White Fox' "

"The song that created by child, this humble woman really has a good friend. Accompanied by this song, this humble woman's life is not in vain." After putting her zither, she saluted again to Yue Qianchou.

Yue Qianchou was fl.u.s.tered, embara.s.singly waved his hand, then he looked around, and knitted his eyebrows: "Do you really want to spend the rest of your life here?"

The White Fox was moving lightly inside the pavilion, feeling isolated she said, "Living on a mountain for years unbeknowing to others, living in society for a thousand years, there is no differences for this humble woman... Knowing the Green Light Sect's cultivators, child doesnt seem to cultivate their technique, how could child be on this Green Light Mountain?"

This question hit the sore spot of Yue Qianchou, he smiled wryly and shaked his head, how he made his way to Green Light Sect, and how he also became Green Light Sect's trash was hard for him to say.

"So that's how it is!" The White Fox nodded her head and said, "Good friend, meeting with child is a fate, let this humble woman give some help!" Finished saying, she clapped her chest with the palm, her lips opened, spitting out a golden bead floating in the air. She pointed out her two fingers outside the pavilion, a purple light screen suddenly appeared around it, blocking the bead. She gestured her two fingers with a light flick toward the golden bead, the bead vibrated, and the purple light screen rippled heavily, the golden bead was pushed out of the purple light screen, before landing on Yue Qianchou.

"Is this for me?" Yue Qianchou caught the bead with stunned expression.

The White Fox nodded, "It was because of this bead, this humble woman neglected husband's life, a regret for life. It has not been used after obtaining, but the efficacy of this bead is no doubt, when imprisoned in the past, this humble woman's cultivation was at the late Nascent Soul, for two hundred years never cultivated, but now unexpectedly reached the late Tribulation Crossing, it's all because of the effect of this bead. As for the other functions of this bead, this humble woman had not researched further, nor know. But it will bring a miraculous effect to help with child's bone root, this humble woman has the feeling of it. Child, swallow it directly."

"Ah..." Yue Qianchou was taken aback. Never practiced, but crossed from the late Nascent Soul to the late Tribulation Crossing in just two hundred years, that's a whole three stages ah! In the Green Light Sect, For the common cultivators, even by practicing wholehearteadly, few people could rise from the late Nascent Soul to the late Tribulation Crossing in two hundred years. This could be inferred from Green Light's Sect leader Liu Changqing, who was almost two hundred years old but still at mid Nascent Soul.

"This really is a good treasure!" Yue Qianchou exclaimed. The White Fox raised her hand and said: "Child!" The former nodded his head and glanced at the lips of The White Fox, and thought, "Spit out from her mouth, to be swallowed by my mouth, does this count as an indirect kiss?" A faint fragrant came from the bead, similar to the smell of orchid, then got swallowed by his mouth. At this point, he found out that this egg-size bead was very hard to swallow. He saw The White Fox nodded her head at him, Yue Qianchou felt a huge pain in his throat, shedding a tear, the golden bead was drilled into his body.

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