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Translator: Ichinonsense
Chapter 9 - Peeping Tom

Hao Sansi was leaning at the door, after seeing his disciple cheerfully coming back, he didn't know what kind of wrong medicine his disciple ate, he didn't even greet him for coming home. The latter entered his room and rushed to the bed, he grabbed a blanket to cover his head, pursed his b.u.t.t, and hid inside while laughing endlessly. He could never thought that by simply performing a song could get him such an incredible treasure, no wonder people of the past life said that knowledge changes fate, his case was a very good example.

Thinking that, he wasted no time to get up, sitting cross-legged, and started to feel the existence of the spiritual Qi according to the Profound Heavenly Art.

Overnight, not even a fart of spiritual Qi could be felt, instead, his b.u.t.t became numb. Yue Qianchou felt sleepy, with a yawn, he couldn't resist to fall down and sleeping. An unknown time later, he woke up and wondered, after swallowing the treasure, how is it still no reaction? This does not fit the plot of the protagonist ah!

Another one month had pa.s.sed, Hao Sansi didn't know what happened to his disciple, not a single smile was seen on his face, it becoming worse day by day.

Yue Qianchou was a bit dumbfounded, he didn't know what should he eat. Recently, his body particularly became very easy to get dirty, and his p.o.o.ping time also increased drastically, almost enough to fertilize a large farmland. He questioned himself, if everything he ate was turned to waste.

He asked the White Fox about the problem, but she also had no idea about the reason. Yue Qianchou doubted that this bead was only effective for demonic beast, not for human. As time went by, he became more certain of his suspicion, making his teeth in ache.

Once again, the 'Rookie Convention' was about to begin. it was a tense moment for the late Qi Condensation disciples. At that time, the people of cultivation union will be gathered and performed on the same stage to decide the owner of some Foundation Establishment pills. What was Foundation Establishment pill? Cultivators from Qi Condensation to Foundation Establishment from various parties worked together to collect resources to make the pills. After refining the pills, it wouldn't meet the needs of all the disciples, the gap was very large. One part got the share, while the other part could only see and walk away.

The 'Rookie Convention' resulting in the most powerful Qi Condensation disciples to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion, the more wins, the more Foundation Establishment pills will be gained by the sect. As for how the sect will divide the said pills, it is their own decision.

For example the Green Light Sect, the partic.i.p.ant is guaranteed one Foundation Establishment pill, even if they would fail, it would be considered as harnessing their experiences. The rest was discussed and dealt by sect elders.

Qu Ping'er, Green Light Sect disciple of the tenth generation, who had reached the Foundation Establishment in the early days, could be considered one of the best among her generation. The atmosphere in the sect nearing the preparation of 'Rookie Convention' was very tense, most people who would partic.i.p.ate felt very depressed, this was not only related to how many Foundation Establishment pill to gain, but also related to sect's reputation.

Qu Ping'er also partic.i.p.ated ten years ago and got lucky, she got her Foundation Establishment pill, the sect also rewarded her another pill for her good performance. The moon sometimes got clouded, while other times it would be a clear full circle, people have good and bad fortune. To breakthrough to Foundation Establishment, sometimes it would take one or two pills to succeed, there were many reasons for failure. Qu Ping'er took two Foundation Establishment pill, but both were a series failure. The mood at the time could be imagined.

At that time, the handsome and unrestrained Senior Brother Liu Zhengguang appeared. Who was Senior Brother Liu Zhengguang? He was the grandson of Liu Chanqing, the leader of Green Light Sect, and the most talented person among his peers. He was also the most dazzling disciple of the 'Rookie Convention' at that time.

Outstanding talent didn't disappoint, Senior Brother Liu won three Foundation Establishment pills, while only took one pill to breakthrough to Foundation Establishment. Good hearted, seeing that Qu Ping'er failed on her breakthrough, he gave her one. Qu Ping'er really couldn't believe it, Senior Brother Liu actually gave her such a precious thing. Overjoyed, she tried to breakthrough again, and finally succeeded.

From then on, Senior Brother Liu became the person that occupied Qu Ping'er's heart. However, it was a pity that such a person focused solely on cultivation. including Qu Ping'er, many other females disciples have the same one sided lovesickness.

"I have not seen Senior Brother Liu in the past few days, wonder what is he doing? Is he okay?" Qu Ping'er was looking toward the back of the mountain, thinking here she couldn't help but to blush. The sect forbids inner disciples to use a flying sword, although Qu Ping'er who had reached the Foundation Establishment was able to use it, but she still carefully walking through the road, leading to the forbidden area.

Qu Ping'er accidentally dicovered a cave a few years ago, inside was the imprisoned woman, although she had always been confident in her appearance, she stunned when she first saw the woman in front of her, feeling the inferiority.

For several years, she had not spoken a word to the imprisoned woman, and once she found a record in the library, she realized that the woman was a humanoid fox.

She was amazed at her beauty, especially the playing of her zither, it was very mesmerizing to listen, a feeling of yearning, as if her ownself to Senior Brother Liu. For a few years, she never got tired listening. Every time she missed Senior Brother Liu, she would come here.

Thinking of Senior Brother Liu, she couldn't help but fasten her footsteps. After finding a flourescent stone, she walked toward the dark cave. Hey! someone is singing! With the sound of the music, she stopped her steps. A little hesitating, she continued her steps, Qu Ping'er surprised and covered her mouth. She could not believe to see that the woman who had never spoken a word in a few years was actually singing!

Qu Ping'er went to the pavilion, and confirmed her eyes. For a long time, just as usual, she finally sit down slowly, her hands supporting her chin, listening to the woman singing about her bitter past.

"I'm a fox with a thousand years.. ..In the dim lantern's light, could you see me dancing?.. ..When i left you, you excelled the exam and engaged in a n.o.ble marriage.. ..The vows of eternal love gone to nothingness..." Qu Ping'er listened to the song, as she imagined the White Fox in that period of past time: "White as snow, a sorrowful woman, dancing in the dark place, watching the dim light, the scholar, only hope he can look at yourself, knowing that she danced for him..."

Qu Ping'er's two clear lines of tears dripped down. Listened for the second time she sobbed herself. For the third time, it was a mess of tears. She could not stand it anymore, standing up, she wiped her tears with a "Hum!" and ran outside.

Outside the cave, Qu Ping'er was still immersed in the story and sobbed. It seems that sort of thing was too much for the innocent little girl, wonder if Young Master Yue learn this situation, what would his reaction be?

Long time after, Qu Ping'er finally stopped sobbing, she stared at the cave entrance behind the waterfall until she recovered her mind, she raised her hands to wipe her face, it was full of tears, she helplessly stomped her foot: "Ah! My face is spent by all the crying, if i happened to meet Senior Brother Liu, how can that be good!" She turned to look at the clear water under the waterfall, then looked around the surrounding...

But what she didn't know, behind the woods, there was Yue Qianchou with his mouth wide open. For an unknown reason, even with Qu Ping'er's cultivation base, she unexpectedly could not detect Yue Qianchou's pressence.

That face couldn't be more familiar, it was Yue Qianchou's immortal Big Sister, he never thought that she was also Green Light Sect's disciple. He shouted in his heart: "Destined! Destined! If this is not fate, then what? f.u.c.k! Too destined! Uh.. immortal Big Sister, what is she doing?"

Qu Ping'er went to the pond side, she removed the sword on her back and put it on the ground, then gently untied the snow-white garb, showing her personal clothing with the outline of her b.u.mpy figure. After putting down the garb, the fine hand began taking out the cloth buckle of the neckline, a piece by piece was untied.

"Rich! I got rich!" Yue Qianchou exclaimed in his heart, his mouth opened and closed unconsciously, in the heart he shouted, "Off! Off! Continue to take off!" As he wished, Qu Ping'er at the poolside exposing her creamy like skin, slim slender thighs, white lotus-like arm rolling to the back, slender jade fingers pulled a section of the red string.

"Get the cake! Show me the legendary red cherries! G.o.d, you are not playing with me!" Yue Qianchou could not believe it, the first time seeing the immortal Big Sister of his dream, she actually gave him a strip show.

Finger inserted into his mouth, he mercissely bit it, "It hurts! This is not a dream. Alright! Can't waste, gotta to enjoy it!"

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