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Translator: Ichinonsense
Chapter 7 - Starting Cultivation

"Yue Qianchou right?" The master asked warmly, followed by the disciple behind him, the latter replied quickly, "Yes, Master!" The voice of the answer sounded very respectful, even a little flattered.

"The root bone is a mess, but the name also has a little meaning," The Master nodded and asked, "Why do you want to cultivate immortality?" his disciple immediately replied, "In order to punish the evil, and uphold the justice... ..."

The Master stopped, and turned to cut his words, "Don't talk nonsense with me, answer honestly."

"If i tell you the truth, and you don't drive me away, i'll let you know... To hit on girls, you know?" Disciple in his mind thought such, but his face embarrasedly smiled, said "Master is really virtuous, i can't hide anything from you. In order to soak up... In order to live forever!".

"Humph!" The master turned around, his disciple followed suit. They asked and answered back and forth as walking along.

Through the mouth of his master, Yue Qianchou gained some knowledge about the Green Light Sect. Master name was Hao Sansi, he belonged to the eighth generation of disciples, and the Sect Leader Liu Changqing was of the same generation, as for the higher generations, they have no interest in worldly matters, in seclusion in the back of the mountain to cultivate wholeheartedly. Looking here, Yue Qianchou seniority was very high, if the lowest eleventh generation disciples were to encounter Yue Qianchou who was the ninth generation disciple, they have to call him martial uncle. Hao Sansi had never accepted any disciple before him, Yue Qianchou was the first.

Just walking over the bridge, Yue Qianchou was taken aback, looking around, mountains were built upon the mountain, there were more than a thousand of houses, on such a high and steep mountain to have many large buildings, it shows how much resources needed. Yue Qianchou gave the sect's evaluation of the word "Rich"

Looking along the gravel road, the style of the house was uniform, most of them were attached with the courtyard, the house and the courtyard were both big and small. Hao Sansi led Yue Qianchou came before a rather big house, the yard also big. After going in, Hao Sansi said, "Here i live alone, there are many rooms, you pick one for yourself."

Yue Qianchou was dumbfounded when he came in. From the outside of the yard, the house was bright and normal, but as soon as he came close, there was an unbelievable smell. In short, it was extremely unpleasant. At that time he thought, is this the legendary medicine pills smell like? Now the present scene left him unable to believe that this was the place where the immortals live.

The smell of alcohol, the smell of sweat, the smell of feet, and the decay of all sorts of rubbish. He looked everywhere... That one.... That one.... And there is that. Yue Qianchou could not tell what it was, the dark pile of heaps piled high around the wall, emitting a mess of smell, and the whole courtyard could not even be seen a single weed. He got the feeling of vomiting on the spot, but in order to give his master some face, he forcibly held it back. He could not believe that a living person could live in this house!

When the master told him to choose any room casually, he nodded in tears, not moved, but smoked by the smell. If described in his own words, that is, to cut onions right on the d.a.m.n eyes. At this moment, Yue Qianchou only wanted to label his master with one word, "Animal."

Hao Sansi seemed to know what Yue Qianchou was thinking, he picked a jug of wine, and drank a moutful, laughed, "I haven't cleaned it for more than a hundred years, you have to put up by living here!"

"More than a hundred years..... s.h.i.t!" Yue Qianchou finally could not hold it anymore, he dashed outside and vomitted wildly while sobbing.

In the following half month, Yue Qianchou fully devoted the spirit of hard work, worked tirelessly from the sunrise, and took a rest when the sun set. During the daytime, he appeared like a certain ninja turtles, carried a bag of things on his back one by one and threw every of it away from the cliff. During the night, he slept in the wild forest, the sky above accompanied him to sleep.

Another half month later, the house was finished washed with spring water like a brand-new, it was filled with fragrant flowers everywhere. Yue Qianchou finally chose a room of his own, the process was miserable. He also understood why the surrounding houses about one hundred meters from his master's were empty.


See the chimney smoke rise, twilight covers the land
I ask the chimney smoke, where are you going to?
The setting sun is so poetic, the nightfall is like a beautiful painting
Though they’re so beautiful, my heart only goes to you... ...

On the courtyard, the sun was setting, a curl of smoke rising. Yue Qianchou hummed a song, with a hat made from a folded banana leaves on his head, busy enjoying himself. A self-made griller, filled with things, he was holding a wooden brush, dipped in sauce, and constantly smeared the grilling food. This time, he wasn't doing any strange things, but to kiss his master's a.s.s, the purpose was self-evident.

"Singing nonsense song again, it's hard to hear," Said Hao Sansi, laughing with bamboo sticks pierced to frog, pheasant, and rabbit meat all around in his hand.

Under the moonlight, two simple bamboo chairs, laid one old and one young, the two held a jug of wine on one hand, and bit a barbecue on the other. In between there was a griller, the fire was on, sending out the heat, sizzling grilled meat were roasted above. The two people were enjoying the food, it was very pleasant.

"Master! Don't just throw away those bamboo sticks, please cherish my labor!"

"Ha-ha! It's my habit to throw, must change, must change!"

Living the life of a countryside people was relaxing! Yue Qianchou was lying on a chair, watching the starry sky, though his heart had thousands of knots. Because the Green Light Mountain was quite high, the sparkling stars were exceptionally bright. Gulping the wine, he feebly asked, "Master! I have been here for three months, when will you start teaching me to cultivate ah?"

Next to the griller, the master replied back, "Worrying too much! I told you before, your root bone is just too bad, you can't cultivate, even if you cultivate, you won't gain anything, it is a waste of time. Why can't you give up on it, do you think Master tricked you?"

"I'm really unwilling ah! I came with hope and pa.s.sion, but now my days are filled with grief and indignation. Hey! Even those eleventh generation disciples dared to sneer at me. All right! It doesn't matter, i can endure that! But when is such a day! Am i not even going to have a chance to stand up? Master! Even if it doesn't work, you have to let me try ah! Just a little chance, you also don't give me... ..." Yue Qianchou sorrowfully said, his voice became smaller and smaller, he took the wine to drink more. Almost everyday, his master and him spent the night drinking wine. Whispered voice could still be heard a repeated phrase, "Master! I'm really unwilling... ..."

Hao Sansi sighed, the bleary eyes slowly closed. The two people were snoring under the brilliant starlight.

The scenery became brighter, the sun rising out of the horizon, dyeing the mist on the Green Light Mountain into golden yellow.

Lying on the bamboo chair, Yue Qianchou was in a dream meeting the immortal big sister, his chest shook, something woke him up. Yue Qianchou raised his hands to block the shining golden light, and sat up, the same thing that woke him up fell from his body. Needless to say, it must be his master doing. With a stretch, he casually picked it up, it was a book. On the green cover was written 'Profound Heavenly Art' a three words. Yue Qianchou squinted his eyes, he didn't care too much, just about to throw it aside, suddenly his whole body shook, couldn't believe he looked again, at the bottom corner there was a word 'Elementary'

Wow.... Yue Qianchou jumped in joy, in his hand was the Green Light Sect's 'Profound Heavenly Art' elementary cultivation technique, he had heard about it, but unfortunately never had the chance to learn. After regained from his joyous moment, he tightly held the book on his chest. Turned around, Master Hao Sansi was smiling looking at himself, Yue Qianchou suddenly thought that this old guy was just too cute, he was excited and a bit speechless.

Hao Sansi laughed back at him, light words floated out, "Although i haven't taught you anything, but i know you have been working hard in the past few months to prepare for your cultivation, i believe with this book you should be able to comprehend, i don't have to teach you personally, if there is something you don't understand, you can always come to me."

Yue Qianchou's arms wrapped around the book, tears converged upon his eyes, he raised his hands to wipe it dry, knelt down and kowtowed three times. Living a life, what matters can compare to the happiness of tasting the realization of hope? He was kowtowing very sincerely in these three bows, in the heart really put Hao Sansi as his master.


Yue Qianchou in his own room, almost one month time, he had already started the introduction of cultivation technique, which started from the Qi Condensation, unless feeling hungry, he almost never gone out. Hao Sansi, who often pestered him for food, did not bother him either. According to the cultivation technique practice, first was to feel the heaven and earth spiritual Qi, and then to be absorbed for their own use, but this stubborn body, had spent for nearly a month, not even a fart did he feel, let alone that heaven and earth spiritual Qi.

Thinking of the Green Light Sect's bunch of old guys remarks of his wasted body, his heart sorrowed. However, he also refused to give up, if he was that kind of dead character, his past life wouldn't be the infamous Boss Guo. There was a story in drama TV, he deeply thought... Do not lose hope, do not give up!

Another two months later, Yue Qianchou mood in his room became so irritated, still couldn't feel a thing ah! During this time, he often encouraged himself by the story of the hare and the tortoise. But this place breaks the mood, no one can stand it ah! Felt the state of his mind were out of sync, he immediately decided to stop, went out for a walk to adjust the mentality. He believed there was always a day

Moving his four limbs, Yue Qianchou swung out the courtyard door. Holding a jug of wine, Hao sansi was leaning at the door, he looked at the departing back, sighed and shook his head.

Green Light Sect's disciples were numerous, along the way he met many familiar and unfamiliar faces, many people also pointed at him. Yue Qianchou rarely went out, but the reputation of the bag of dirt had been spread throughout the Green Light Sect. Those familiar faces naturally have had conversations, such as the two eleventh generation disciples who came before him.

A man shouted, "Yo! Martial Uncle! Have you had enough?"

Another man added, "You say this, Martial Uncle won't come out without eating till full ah! Eat and drink all day and night, sweep his greasy face! It doesn't matter if you don't have a good meal! Martial Uncle, say, am i right?

The two suddenly burst into laughter. This was the usual talk of these familiar faces when meeting him, even some Masters regarded him as the opposite of a model disciple. Yue Qianchou wasn't surprised to these, smiled and pa.s.sed the two people. Let the true heart stays aloof, the nature of a proud person confronting those rumors ironically. The bitterness was not something that outsiders could understand, he also wouldn't forget the matter.

Eyes everywhere, Green Light Sect's beautiful female disciples are a lot ah! Yue Qianchou's heart sighed, picked up a ridicule gaze from the other side, 'chase after girls' he was unable to say the words. He knew very well that he had lost the qualification now. Even if it is by appearance alone, this Yue Qianchou also not meeting the human standard ah! Do you want to impress them with kindness? Yue Qianchou was not that stupid. Perhaps entangle them with brazen and shameless move? He didn't even have the will to do such a disdainful move, for him, that and begging for money from others' pities were not different.

In his own words.... Can do despicable, shameless, and obscene things, but not to be evil, unrestrained, and dirty person, in another meaning, to not lose one own consciousness and integrity. From this, it could be seen in Yue Qianchou bones, was still that proud smile of an organized crime's boss.

Eyes gazed at the pa.s.sers-by carrying a sword, he got envy in the heart. That was the symbol of the disciple of Qi Condensation level four. Qi Condensation stage of level three was the last of early stage, breakthrough level three to four was to become a mid stage, The Green Light Sect would allocate a weapon to them, a special sword, a special sword incomporable to the common swords of his past life.

In order to avoid the sneering eyes, it could be said that he subconsciously sought for an escape. Yue Qianchou walked deep to the back of the mountain, because the back of the mountain was the place for Green Light Sect's ancestors to cultivate in seclusion, most disciples did not dare to disturb he, he also knew and walked vaguely in admiration.

Looking at the end of the road, there were dozens of plain buildings, hidden in the jungles. Yue Qianchou stopped his footsteps, he did not dare to proceed again, these seniors' dwellings, even the Sect Leader Liu Changqing would not dare to break through. This was also his first time here, couldn't go forward, but there was no where else to go. Sighed, he turned to return from the same direction. Yue Qianchou took a few steps, but suddenly stopped.

Is this? Beside him, seemed to be a deserted forest path, extended downward along the mountain, did not know where to lead. If not looking carefully, it was really a bit invisible, vaguely could see that there had been a road traces. Yue Qianchou a little hesitated, decided to look forward, stepped on the wild road full of thorns, carefully striding through.

The mountain all the way down, he walked for about half an hour, on the foot actually appeared stone steps, the stone steps gaps were covered with weeds, almost have it completely concealed. The road was crooked and not knowing where it would lead. Surrounded by dark trees, Yue Qianchou had the idea of going back home, but walked a long time, couldn't surpress his curiosity, he continued to go down.

About 15 minutes later, he heard the sound of falling water, couldn't help but fasten his pace. Suddenly, the scenery brightened, he reached the end of the road. An instant mist sprang, greeted by a waterfall, flew down from the cliff above. Underneath was a pond washed out by the waterfall day and night.

Surrounding between the pool was apparently an artificially flat land. A stone stele about two meters height was standing by the pond, from Yue Qianchou's position, he did not know what was written on it, hurriedly walked closer.

"Forbidden Area" a threatening two blood-red words were engraved on the stone stele.

Yue Qianchou slightly startled, thought in his mind he shouldn't have broken into this place. He could not help but look on the side of the stone stele, a dark cave was hidden behind the waterfall.

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