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Translator: Ichinonsense
Chapter 6 - Disciple

The wind at the garden was blowing and the flowers were swaying. A family of three waited for a long while, very nervous, but found no accident whatsoever, the legendary immortal, also didn't appear. Both father and son looked suspiciously at Xue Erniang, the latter was red faced, crampingly said, "I didn't talk nonsense, this is really my family ancestors handed down words."

"Are you the descendant of Xue Daniu?" Three people looked at the crushed jade slip on the ground, then came a strange and ancient voice. The three people were surprised, turned around and became dumbfounded. A long white hair, gentle face, hand caressed the long beard, an elder dressed in white robes was smiling looking at the family of three.

"Ah..." The three people froze in place. Yue Qianchou was the fastest to response, in heart exclaimed, "Such flamboyant appearance, it is exactly like the immortal on television, d.a.m.n!" He was the first to get down on his knees. With the son to take the lead, both couple followed kneeling down. Xue Erniang replied, "Xue Erniu, is this humble servant's great grandfather."

"Ha-ha! Before this old man, no need to be overly courteous, get up!" The old man said with a smile, then the three people stood up. The old man asked again, "What is it that brings this old man here?"

The family of three looked at each other in dismay, didn't know how to speak. Yue Qianchou clenched his teeth, went to kneel again while saying, "I want to seek the ancient deity to accept me as a disciple and take me to cultivate immortality."

"Get up and talk" The old man raised his voice. Yue Qianchou thought, "d.a.m.n it! You haven't agreed, can i get up now? I thought that the custom is to kneel until the person agreed to answer," Thinking that, he was naturally kneeling.

The old man glanced at him with a profound gaze. Yue Qianchou heart slightly shoked, thought in his mind, "No way! What i think in my mind, can he see it?"

The immortal slowly said, "Xue Daniu has shown me grace, when i left, i have calculated that his descendants will meet with misfortune, therefore i left the jade slip, the thought was to solve the misfortune that befall Xue family. Now it seems... Hah!" he shook his head and looked at Yue Qianchou, then continued, "Young man, not that i belittle you, but your root bone is extremely poor, the immortal cultivation simply does not suit you, even if i take you back to the mountain, you will have no bright future, you should think about it again carefully. Why don't you change your request?"

Yue Zhanggui and his wife listened to the old immortal words, they were deep in thought, but also worriedly looking toward their son.

"s.h.i.t! Old man so much nonsense, he suggested me to change my request? Father is not fooling around, do you think that this broken place, outside of the immortal can attract me? Such a good opportunity, where else can i get it? d.a.m.n it! Don't change it, let's see who is more thick-skinned," Yue Qianchou complained in his mind, eyes deliberately looking at the jade slip on the ground, not moving a bit.

Yue Qianchou action made it clear that he was set on his decision. Seeing their son, the couple was really afraid they offended the old immortal, not knowing how they should speak.

The old man frowned, thought in his mind that this kid was really the misfortune, with unpleasant tone he said, "Since you do not want to change your mind, i should keep my promise, but the matter of receiving you as a disciple, i cannot do it because of my status, you have to choose another master, are you willing?"

"Forget it, can't force this old guy to be in rush, if i provoked him, my a.s.s will be finished," Yue Qianchou quickly went to kowtow again and again while saying, "I'm willing, i'm willing."

"Then go!" The old man waved his sleeves, Yue Qianchou stood up about to say goodbye to his parents, suddenly he couldn't move any part of his body, his vision went pitch black unable to see, only heard a whirring sound, he couldn't help but cursed this old immortal for 18 generations in his heart.

The couple at the back garden, saw the two in front of their eyes suddenly disappeared, stunned, but also knew that their son had been taken away by the old immortal....


Green Light Mountain, Green Light Sect,

In the depth of the mist there was an immortal trace.

The place was blessed with happiness,

Life in the mountain was boundless.

Green Light Mountain, was about 3,000 m tall, covering a radius of several thousand miles, the mountain was high and steep, there was a l.u.s.ty green jungle under the mountain, wild animals appeared and disappeared in all places, a solitary place. What the common people didn't know was that the summit is another part of scenery. The true cultivation virtue and strength of the extraordinary Green Light Sect, was at the top of the mountain.

A flash of light swept by, landed in front of the Green Light Sect's entrance. Yue Qianchou's whole body loosened, his vision was blinded, held for a long time finally able to see things. Looking around, he appeared to have come to a mountaintop, halfway up could be seen a sea of clouds, the whole mountain shrouded in a layer of green light. Yue Qianchou secretly exclaimed, "An immortal paradise! Really the place immortals live in."

"Come with me!" The old man lightly said, Young Master Yue hurriedly followed. Two people at the entrance gate saw the old man, bowed simultaneously while saying aloud, "Greetings Sect Leader!" The old man nodded. Yue Qianchou became startled and his small liver beating faster, exclaimed in his mind, "My.. My... It is the Sect Leader ah! Incredible! It turns out this old guy is also taking the handle, and Father's past life was the peer ah, also the boss!" Then hurriedly followed.

Along the way, many people saluted the old man, Yue Qianchou then came before a hall. The hall was very s.p.a.cious and grand, resplendent in gold and jade carving, the boy whispered in his heart, "If it were to be developed as tourist attractions in the past life, then, with the unique natural environment and scenery, it would certainly make a big fortune. But well! the mountain is too high, first of all, should install a cable car on the peak."

Yue Qianchou followed the old man into the hall, and there were a lot of old guys stood up from their meditation mats, they saluted while saying, "Sect Leader Senior Brother!" The old man smiled to both sides of the people, then went straight to the center of the chief mat to sit down, Yue Qianchou obediently stood by him, others followed and sat down, but all eyes stared at Yue Qianchou.

The old man smiled and explained, "A hundred years ago, i owe a life-saving grace in the Swallow City, and now his descendant is begging me to join the Green Light Sect to cultivate. To repay this grace, i had to bring this young man to the mountain. To be honest, his root bone is extremely poor, which is not suitable for practicing at all. I do not know which Junior Brother would give me a face and accept him for granted, consider to remain under you to do odd jobs also good.

"s.h.i.t! This old codger, to introduce father like this, so many people yet giving me a little face ah! Actually suggesting Father to do odd jobs, just you wait! One day Father will tear down this s.h.i.tty Green Light Sect..." Yue Qianchou cursed in his heart again and again, but did not dare to show it on his face, he understood that the people here would notice it immediately.

However, looking at the bunch of old men in the hall, only few people continued to stare at him, but no one seemed to want to accept him as a disciple. For a long time, the sitting scruffy old man in the back finally stood up and said, "Then follow me! I don't have any disciple anyway."

Sect Leader, whose face had been gradually sinking, laughed at this moment, "It must be hard for Junior Brother! Acknowledge him as your master!" The last few words were obviously said to Yue Qianchou.

Yue Qianchou hurriedly to run, then kowtowed three times against the old man, "Disciple Yue Qianchou greets the Master!"

The old man smiled and called him to get up, he said to the Sect Leader, "Sect Leader Senior Brother! Then i'll get him back first," Sect Leader nodded and all of them congratulated him on having received a good disciple, the old man shook his head with a smile, and led Yue Qianchou away. The latter scoled a sentence in the heart, "A bunch of old fogey b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!"

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