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Chapter 5 - Jade Slip

On the third day of his peaceful sleep, he climbed to the corner of the bed then gawked stupidly, he thought about the transformation from Guo Jianjun into Yue Qianchou was really inconceivable, muttered a few words. "Yue Qianchou, the meaning of the name is very good, it means there is nothing to worry! However, i don't know what do i look like."

Thinking here, he called the maidservant to prepare his bath and change. Shortly after, he sat in front of a bronze mirror, the bronze mirror was hazy unlike the mirror of his past life. Yue Qianchou was a little listless, he couldn't see his appearance clearly, compared to his handsome past life as Boss Guo, the current posture was simply too ordinary. The only advantage was the younger age than the previous life, this year he was only 16 years old.

He comforted himself, it should be the mirror problem, then ordered the maidservant to prepare a basin of water. That plain face, was reflected on the water. Yue Qianchou lost his heart completely, last night dream about the immortal big sister, himself and her were a perfect match, however now, could only be a fleeting dream.

Meanwhile, someone reported that she found a man and a woman's bodies outside the city. After the government confirmed the investigation, the deceased were people from Yue mansion, Xue Gaibao and his personal maidservant, it was estimated that they got robbed, then met their disaster.

After the people of Yue mansion got the gist of the news, they sent people to confirm the ident.i.ty of the deceased. After learning that Xue Gaibao died, Xue Erniang cried helplessly, but the government also could not find out who exactly was the murderer. Yue Qianchou understood the matter, he admired his father ruthlessness, he thought that Yue Changgui feared the news would leak, even the maidservant was also killed.

For a few days, Yue mansion hung a white flag to commemorate the big funeral, a lot of priests were seen busy for several days. Both father and son also put on a sad look, these two didn't need people to teach them, they were already a good actor.

Xue Erniang was crying for a few days, she talked endlessly about Xue family whose only heir is dead, then don't know from whom she listened the idea, pulled Yue Qianchou, and begged his son to give birth to a few children, to pa.s.s the inheritance of the Xue family. Hearing this, Yue Zhanggui's face became pale, and his teeth ached endlessly, he had to make excuse for Yue Qianchou to deal with it.

After a few days, Xue Gaibao was buried, Xue Erniang grievance finally pa.s.sed, she called her son over. Yue Qianchou heard his mother called, his scalp a little numb, these days he was afraid to see his crying mother, he even regretted that he had killed Xue Gaibao, with the help of his father, he found a reason to hide from the public for the last few days.

Yue Qianchou saw that his mother was no longer crying, he was relieved, then obediently sat down in front of her. Xue Erniang took a piece of crystal clear jade in her hand, silly stared at it, and soon her eyes went red and tears appeared around it.  Yue Qianchou panicked, he thought of something good to say, and finally her mother calmed down, he was sweating a cold sweat.

"Mother, you called this son to come, what is the matter?" Yue Qianchou was afraid she would cry again, hurriedly brought the topic up. Xue Erniang nodded, and called the son faintly to come closer.

Originally, the rise of Xue family started from the great ancestor of certain generation, it was said that the ancestor had saved an immortal, that immortal for repaying the saving grace, helped Xue family to prosperity, and left a jade slip. Before leaving Xue family, the immortal said he could help Xue family for once more, if there was any request, break the jade slip and he would naturally come.

Xue family's ancestor that time was young, unmarried, and an upright person, he never intended to ask the immortal, he decided to make the jade slip as a family heirloom to be pa.s.sed down for generations. To Xue Erniang's father generation, seeing that the eldest son temperament was bad, he didn't dare to tell him. Before dying, he pa.s.sed the jade slip to the daughter, and told her that if her brother's children had a generous character, it could be pa.s.sed down to him. If not, rather turn this jade into something else, lest disturbing the immortal.

Now, even Xue family's only heir also died, this jade slip could not be pa.s.sed down. Xue Erniang meaning was, she wanted to take this jade slip to make a deal with his son, as long as the son promised to have an heir to be adopted as part of Xue family to continue the inheritance, her hands were willing to leave the jade slip to his son, no longer pa.s.sed it to Xue family.

Yue Qianchou heard his mother, the two eyes flashed a green light, he stared at the jade slip in his mother's hand, and swallowed his saliva with a big effort. Since he knew that there were immortals in this world, his daydreaming mind revolved.  The thing that had been suffering him for having no way to attain it, unexpectedly held in the hand of his mother.

But when his mother said about the adoptive things, his father gave a strong opposition. To know that in this world, the responsibility of giving birth to children were as big as the heaven, Yue family was not prosperous in this part, for the last three generations they always have a sole heir, the last time Yue Qianchou went missing, Yue Zhanggui was so anxious his mouth went bubbling. Even if his son was to prosper, to have one or two children, he was not too happy about pa.s.sing one of them to other family, thust he rejected the idea.

Is this the right thing to do? Thought of here, Yue Qianchou shyly said, "Why doesn't Mother ask Father? Son is afraid to decide about this idea."

"Son, can you pa.s.s this thing to your father instead? To tell you the truth, I dont want to ask your father, your father has always been doting to you, you're asking him is better than myself," Xue Erniang said a bit irritated.

Hey! even the strategy to save the nation was used, Yue Qianchou smiled and said, "How about Mother let Father know about the jade slip, maybe father will agree."

Xue Erniang clenched her jaws, said "I didn't tell him that day, he didn't agree, then in the evening i told him about the jade slip, the stubborn man still didn't agree."

"Ah!" Yue Qianchou scratched his head, embarrasingly laughed, "If Father didn't agree, then i can't do anything," Who knows that as soon as his words finished, Xue Erniang tears immediately bursted out.

s.h.i.t, not again! Yue Qianchou's scalp numbed, and quickly comforted his mother, "Mother, please don't cry, i will beg Father for it, okay?"

"Really?" Xue Erniang asked with tears. Yue Qianchou didn't dare to say anything else, he nodded with promise.


Two days later, father and son sat in the back garden on the stone table.

"Father, immortal ah! Are you not going to say yes to something so good? if it is about the successor, this son will give birth to seven or eight of them, just pick any of it," Yue Qianchou anxiously said.

"Disgraceful thing, how can we casually pa.s.s Yue's descendants to others. You do it, then where should i put this old face, where? After i died, how can i face the ancestors of our family!" Yue Zhanggui said angrily.

The old man didn't budge with his decision, his mouth worn out from it. Yue Qianchou cursed in his heart and said loudly, "I want to get that jade slip from mother!"

"Stupid!" Yue Zhanggui scolded, stood up and pointed at his son cursed, "You do not agree, afraid of the jade thing slipping away, the two of us husband and wife after hundred of years, if Yue mansion is still not in your care, do i need to change my own son? Idiot!"

"Uh..." Yue Qianchou stunned, finally know what the father was thinking, thought in his heart, "Ruthless! This old guy wants to eat all he wants! Also not wanting his son to go out, too dark!" he then stood up, and said in a clear tone, "Father, i want to cultivate to become an immortal!"

Yue Zhanggui was startled, immediately shook his head and said, "No! Although being an immortal is good, but i never heard an immortal pa.s.sing their descendants, Yue family only has you as a sole heir, if you would go, who will give me descendants?"

The old man was worried about this, seemingly remember the past life webnovels, immortals were able to have children, Yue Qianchou thought for a moment, then hit an idea, to make up an encounter with an immortal, from the mouth of the immortal, he learned that the immortal not only can pa.s.s the descendants, but also inherit thousands of years of immortal techniques, in short, the listening Yue Zhanggui was stunned. Finally, Yue Qianchou asked, "Father! Don't you want Yue family to become immortal family and live forever?"

Yue Zhanggui didn't think that his son would lie to him, the way he told the story was so delicate, he thought that it should be the truth. How could the ordinary people know this? Suprised, he asked his son, "Son, is that all true? You really didn't lie to me?"

Yue Qianchou knew his father was excited, he added oil to the fire, then guaranteed with exaggeration. Yue Zhanggui finally agreed, the two father and son immediately went to Xue Erniang.


"Rich! Rich!" Hands held the crystal clear jade slip, Yue Qianchou exclaimed in his mind unceasingly, finally succeded with his cheating. He wanted to throw the jade slip on the spot, couldn't wait to go straight to the immortal, "Mother! That's an immortal ah! A few hundred million in swiss bank are nothing, even if it is ten billion, even if it is hundred billion, Father will not look a glance," If not for Yue Zhanggui who pulled him, wanting to light some incenses to respect the immortal, he would really did that.

Xue Erniang heard her son wanted to go with the immortal, she no longer wanted to give her Xue family inheritance, also refused to give out the jade slip, but how could she resist the unity of two father and son, one old and one young coaxed her, finally got the jade slip with struggle.

At the back garden, incense sticks were set on the table. Yue Qianchou was kneeling there after taking a bath, he was excited and nervous, holding the jade slip his hands were shaking. At the last moment, he was swayed by personal gains and losses. A moment.. "This jade slip is really useful ah!" A moment later.. "The immortal will take me away ah!" All weird ideas came out.

Son was leaving, Xue Erniang was crying in her husband's arms. Yue Qianchou, knelt there, turned his head and looked at the two people and said, "Son will throw it down!" In fact, he said the same thing three times already, each time but did nothing afterward. It was clear that the guy was really nervous.

When he said the same thing for the seventh time, Yue Zhanggui couldn't hold his patience anymore, he grabbed the jade slip from Yue Qianchou's hands, "PA!" and smashed it to the ground, suddenly, the whole garden went quiet, Xue Erniang also stopped crying, eyes stared around.

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