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Translator: Ichinonsense
Chapter 4 - Death Row Prisoner

Yue Qianchou thought that his body should be able to recover fully after resting for one more day, who knows that this body was incomparable to his previous life. Although his appearance was still a boy, but the physique was quite bad, almost three days to recover, this was just too depressing.

The most depressing was remembering about one thing, it made his heart ache. In the previous life, he still had a few hundred million in the Swiss bank. After his conversion, the previous life wealth probably worth more than 10 times of Yue family's. The more he thought about it, the more painful it was. Finally resigned, even if he didn't get transported, he would get shot instead.

The most miserable thing in life is where a child wanted to support, but there was no one to support. Guo Jianjun's parents died when he was young, he couldn't give filial piety. Now he had become Yue Qianchou, several times a day, his parents would come to visit with warmth and took care of him, and soon he smoothed his lost heart. The face of the two old people played in his mind, seeing them as his own parents.

Yue Qianchou wandered at the Yue family's garden, he thought a lot in his mind. In the previous life he had received education from small to big, it let him face the country and the people in it, even with the invisible pressure, there were still some lines where he wouldn't dare to cross. Now it was different, there were no strict laws of his past life. Boss Guo, no, it should be Young Master Yue, took a note, to be here was to be more unrestrained.

What he thought all along was that how he should kill Xue Gaibao. A headache, he didn't come up with a proper solution, his biggest concern was his current parents, especially his mother, the only child of Xue family was very precious to her.

At the garden, flowers were in full bloom. Yue Qianchou circled around a few laps, eventually did not come up with a good plan. He looked at the yellow chrysanthemum flower in front of him, Young Master Yue's eyes stared for a long time, until he took a deep breath, put out his hand to pick that flower, sniffed the fragrance under the nose, his eyes slightly squinted, and muttered, "Indecisiveness leads to disaster. s.h.i.t! these days, just drinking water is scary,  what if it was poisoned? What if i would die instead? Almost make me in depression, so what if you are the only son of Xue family? I'm the only son of Yue family! Why make this Father suffer, you can do it right away, but i still have to consider some things?"

Yue Qianchou left, the garden was quiet, clean stone road, the crushed chrysanthemum flower in hand.


Xue Gaibao was very happy, Younger Cousin these days had been lukewarm to him. Today, he would spend his evening by enjoying wine at the backyard. He had always thought that some things have been exposed some time ago, it was found out by Yue Qianchou, feeling uneasy, it seemed that he was worried.

Xue family was defeated and he defected to his aunt. In the Yue family, although he never got treated unjustly. His days had always been living in inferiority by the pressence of the Young Master, such a change of living made him uncomfortable. The expenses that his aunt gives him were big, but usually spent to take care of the extravagant flowers. With the pressence of Young Master Yue that pressured him, he hadn't gotten his time to shine, time and time again, he buried the resentment in his heart.

One day alone in the restaurant, he was drunk and complained, "Hah! Yue Zhanggui, if not for my Xue family, how can you be as successful as today. But you! Only give me 120 silver every month, ungrateful ah...."

All of his remarks fell to the ear of the person next table. This person was a bandit leader of the Octagon village. Knowing that Xue Gaibao was the Swallow city's richest merchant Yue Zhanggui's nephew, he approached and acted like a good friend to him. The two hit off a deal easily, then set off to kidnap Yue Qianchou and use him to blackmail Yue Zhanggui to get some money and inheritance. Like this, the group of bandits may obtain the wealth, and Xue Gaibao would obtain the inheritance. What the two people didn't expect, although they successfully kidnapped Yue Qianchou, but the latter escaped.

Afterward, he saw that Yue Qianchou had returned to the family.  Afraid of things to be exposed, Xue Gaibao readied his heart to kill. But Uncle Yue Zhanggui had sent people to guard there day and night, he never had the chance to do it.

Originally quite worried, today his younger cousin cheerfully invited him to drink while enjoying the moon. His worried heart finally calmed down. Younger Cousin obviously didn't know that matter about him. He ceased his endless thought, and decided to find another chance next time.

The maidservant helped him to organize his attire, Xue Gaibao was pleased to go for a drink.

On the stone table of the garden, the wine and dishes were ready, Yue Qianchou stared at the lantern and waited alone. The candlelight flickered, shone upon his hazy face. His fingers were tapping on the stone table, then the sound of footsteps approached. Yue Qianchou glanced to the entrance of the garden, his face immediately changed putting a pair of ardent smile.

"Elder Cousin! You kept me waiting!" Yue Qianchou stood up and laughed.

Xue Gaibao walked toward himself and said, "My attire is unsightly, how embara.s.sing, coming to Younger Cousin's appointment like this."

"We are a family, it is unnecessary to pay much attention to it, Elder Cousin sit," Yue Qianchou asked him to sit down and picked up the jug to pour him a drink, his hands accidentally brushed the lantern on the table.

The lantern fell to the ground, candle extinguished, an instant black one. Yue Qianchou embara.s.singly said, "Look at me, how clumsy."

"Younger Cousin should not worry about it, let me pick it up and light it," Xue Gaibao laughed, he bent over to pick it up. Just about to look up, he saw a flash of dark shadow hit him. Xue Gaibao suddenly fell down with a stuffy humph.

Under the moonlight, Yue Qianchou was seen raising a stick, then jumped through the stone table, his hands swung down many times against the head on the ground with rage. A moment later, he finally stopped his action, kicked with his feet, and said, "d.a.m.n it! Spent so much time with you, afraid you did not die yet!"

The candle was re-lit, Young Master Yue took the lantern closer to the ground, and saw a b.l.o.o.d.y corpse, he stabbed it with a stick, knowing that there was no more breathing, he nodded. Young Master Yue put the lantern back on the table, he poured a gla.s.s of wine and took a drink, then smacked his lips, "Finally, with this scourge gone, i can sleep at ease. It should be fine! Father doesn't believe they will send the sole young master to the authorities."

Finished, he walked while carrying the stick, vaguely could hear his mouth muttered, "d.a.m.n! Such a big mansion, incredibly couldn't find a suitable weapon, harmed father to find a thick stick from the pile of firewoods."

Young Master Yue carried the stick to the kitchen, then casually threw it into the stove, pat his b.u.t.tocks and went out. Around the gate, he looked for a corner to squat down. After squatting for a moment, Yue Qianchou felt there was something missing, he grouped his left chest, suddenly stunned, then sighed, "It seems i have to quit smoking, d.a.m.n! Where should i find a cigarette to smoke."

The front gate opened, just finished with the matter, Yue Changgui came back with two followers in tow. Just a few steps away, he suddenly heard someone shouted, "Father!"

It was his son's voice, Yue Changgui was startled, he turned around to see the corner of the gate, there was Yue Qianchou squatting there, he knitted his brows and said, "Chou'er! What are you doing here? Your body just recovered, be careful or you might catch cold."

"Father, i have something to talk to you," Yue Qianchou said slowly. Yue Changgui knew, his son was here to wait for him, it was the first time he saw him like this, then he said to his followers, "You two go back and rest," The two saluted respectfully then left.

"What happened?" Yue Changgui kindly asked. Yue Qianchou said "Father, come with me," The former did not ask anymore, and went to the garden with his son.

Yue Qianchou lifted the lantern on the stone table and lit up the body on the ground. Looking at the illuminated ground, there was a body lying down in blood, the head was smashed heavily, it's hard to tell who it was. However, the body was in Yue family's attire, he still could be identified, vaguely guessed the body on the ground, Yue Changgui frowned, then slowly asked, "Is it your elder cousin?"

Yue Qianchou nodded and observed his father's expression, but the latter did not reach much. He thought in his mind, "Sure enough, the matter can be as complicated but also can be as simple as it is."

Yue Changgui sat down on a stone bench and stared at his son, then asked, "Why did you do this? Did your kidnapping was done by him?"

The son did not directly answer his question, just holding up the jug and poured a full of wine gla.s.s to his father, he said, "The wine and snacks are clean, no one touched these," Finished, he gave himself a gla.s.s of wine, then sat down and drank the wine, only after that he told the matters slowly.

The more Yue Qianchou explained, the heavier Yue Changgui's face became, the latter pounded the stone table, angrily said, "It is really that raised dog doing, actually dared to make Yue family without a heir, i already suspicious of him, if not for giving face for your mother, i would already make him suffer till he beg to die."

"Father! I personally killed him, i fear that mother will get the gist of it..." Yue Qianchou words did not finish, Yue Changgui waved his hand, "You don't know anything, go back and rest! I will take care of this."

"Understand, Father, then i should go wash and sleep?" Yue Qianchou asked, the opposite Father nodded his head.

Seeing the son indifferent leaving, Yue Changgui was a little surprised, he could never thought that his son would personally kill someone, but more never thought his son to be actually so calm, he was aware how much the psychological quality needed for it. It seemed to be stimulated by the kidnapping incident, but now it's not a bad thing, better than the previous self of indecisive young master. After drinking a gla.s.s of wine, he sighed, "Yue family has no lack of successor to carry on."

"I don't have to be a big brother for years, i don't love the cold edge of the bed, do not force me to think of you, do not force me to cry, i will get angry..." His heart was free of trouble, after washing himself, Yue Qianchou went to lay on the bed, with a hum of a song, he slowly and peacefully sleep."

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