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Standing in front of the Liu estate gates, XunMi felt it was completely unfamiliar to her. The original magnolia carving gates had been switched for a dazzling gold adornment. The originally simple door was now embed with numerous jadeite stones. Their entrance itself was announcement of their nouveau riche status, making XunMi take a step back from the blinding sight.

Liu family was once one of the longest lasting hidden family clans that was had a low profile and was dignified. But now, XunMi didn’t even want to be a.s.sociated with them. This was a 180 degree switch from the Liu estate that she remembered from memory.

“Teacher, is this your home?” Ouyang HanShuang was a bit in disbelief. Why did the place that helped nurture this beautiful woman appear so…tacky? _(:зゝ∠)_

It was like they were afraid people wouldn’t know that they had money. Therefore, they had to flaunt all of it on their door.

XunMi hesitated, “Probably. It…should be. Hehe, it’s been two years since I’ve come back here so some changes are normal.” She scratched her head and chuckled.

“I guess,” said Ouyang HanShuang. “Then should we go in?” There wasn’t even a guard at the door. The front doors were closed tightly. Was there really some scandal going on? On their way over, they had heard a lot of news about Liu family. It was all about Liu family’s daughter stole someone’s treasure and was then chased away. That or she had stolen someone’s secret cultivation method and caught LiuGuang Sect by surprise. If not for elder Tian Xuan’s protection, she would have already gotten herself killed. But her luck was always so d.a.m.n good. She can find nine secret recipes for pills just by going on an evening stroll. When she went to restaurants, she could even discover a high leveled weapon in her food.

Based on the news she had been hearing, XunMi could surmise that Liu ZhenXin has started her search for treasures. Due to her high profile actions, she’s raised the suspicions of those around her.

Perhaps they had only been curious about her in the beginning, but after discovering her good luck, there would be countless people attempting to gain her. Every sect would want a treasure hunter of their own. How could they be willing to let LiuGuang sect enjoy the profits of such a golden touch for treasures by themselves?

“I’ll go knock.” Ouyang HanShuang knocked with the circular door handle while mocking under her breath. This door handle alone was made of gold. Based on the feel of the handle, it had to be at least 80% pure gold. Did they have to be so extravagent? Wasn’t it just a door handle?

“Who is it?” A voice sounded from inside.

“Liu family’s eldest miss is back. Please open the doors.” Ouyang Hanshuang courteously replied. No matter what, this was still her teacher’s home. She still had to act polite in front of her elders.

The voice inside was doubtful, “Eldest miss? What eldest miss? There’s only a second miss in the Liu family, you’ve mistaken. Hurry and go!”

The doorman weren’t loud but XunMi’s soul sage rank allowed her to hear everything clearly. That’s right, the original soul had been kicked out two years. Her parents never softened, and only thought of her as an embarra.s.sment for not being able to compare to a concubine daughter.

They would rather adopt that concubine daughter than to have their biological daughter to embarra.s.s them.

Both the original soul and XunMi couldn’t understand this line of thinking.

“Please tell the house owner that Liu XunMi wants to meet with them.” XunMi had her head lowered so that no one could read her facial expression. Although there was no emotion in her indifferent tone, she held sympathy for the original soul in her heart.

This was similar to the first world: although they were her family, they treated her no better than strangers.

“Then wait here. I’ll go notify the estate owner.” The doorman felt the name ‘Liu XunMi’ was a bit familiar so he decided to go to his boss.

At the current moment, the two soul sages that had been in secluded cultivation in the Liu clan were discussing the recent situation with the Liu family head and other elders. In the past month, there were numerous people coming asking to compete, causing their energy to deplete.

If a few more soul monarchs knocked on their door, they wouldn’t have the ability to fight back.

“Family head, family head!” The doorman called out.

“What are you yelling about? Don’t you know the family head and the other elders are in the middle of an important conversation?” The housekeeper berated the interrupting doorman and hoped that the elders inside were not disturbed.

“Housekeeper, there’s a girl outside claiming to be Liu family’s eldest miss. She wants to see the family head.” The doorman was new so he wasn’t very clear about the history of the family.

“Eldest miss? Miss XunMi is back?” The housekeeper excitedly clasped the doorman’s shoulders.

“She did call herself that.” The doorman blankly responded.

The housekeeper pushed the doorman aside and swiftly knocked on the room door. Those inside all had strong cultivation so they must have also heard their outside conversation.

Liu Family Head Liu HuiRan pursed his lips. The daughter that had been kicked out had returned. But didn’t Xiao Xin (Liu ZhenXin) say that she had personally seen her being chased into Death’s Eye and dying.

The two elders in the family quite liked XunMi. When they thought she had died, they bad been heartbroken. Now, hearing the news that she had come back, they immediately rushed outside. They had been in secluded cultivation so didn’t know that XunMi had first left because the Liu family head had kicked her out.

Since the two family elders had rushed out, the rest of the people had no choice but to follow suit.

Creak. The tightly closed front door was opening, allowing people to slowly stream outwards. In the front was Liu family’s two elders. XunMi’s memories were filled with them. When the original soul was young, they liked to tease her and teach her cultivation, even gifting her with numerous treasures.

“First elder, second elder. It’s been too long. Are you well?” XunMi stepped forward and respectfully bowed with a warm smile.

“Young girl, you’re finally back! Everything is fine as long as you are okay. Come tell me, who had been trying to kill you? First elder will help you get back at them.” This child had been so lovable when young. Now that she was grown, she had become outstanding.

Behind them, Liu HuiRan’s face darkened. This daughter seemed different now. Her aura had changed, her p.r.i.c.kly stubbornness was hidden well. The most surprising thing was that he was unable to detect her cultivation level.

What hidden magic weapon does she have on her?

“Thank you, first elder. I will make sure to take revenge on this matter myself.” Pausing, XunMi turned directly to Liu HuiRan by the elders’ side, disappointment evident in her eyes.

Liu XunMi, you can be at peace now.

“I’ve returned because I’ve heard about the recent news about Liu family. Although I am no longer part of the Liu family, I haven’t forgotten about the kindness that Liu family has shown me growing up. First elder, this bottle of eighth level DaHuan pills are for you. I hope it can be of use for you and second elder.” She twisted the s.p.a.ce ring on her finger and extracted the bottle to give to the first elder.

“I am preparing to breakthrough to soul senior level so I will be heading to LiuGuang sect.”

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