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“So you’re saying your family is far away from here, and that it’s likely that you’ll never be able to go back?” XunMi pretended to be astonished as she held pity for her in her heart. Some people always think transmigration was a good thing.

Only after they transmigrate do they realize that it won’t be as blissful and happy as they expect it to be. Instead, it was a bitter experience.

This was even true for XunMi, who had no family in her real world. But it was different for Ouyang HanShuang. She had parents and close friends that loved her dearly. The only good thing was she had a little brother. At least, in her absence, her little brother can accompany her parents.

Ouyang HanShuang grasped her teacup, her mind a million miles away. She didn’t know if she would have the chance to go back. Dispiritedly, she laid atop of the table.

XunMi patted Ouyang HanShuang on the shoulders, giving her silent support.

“I’ll teach you cultivation. As long as you have the ability to protect yourself, you’ll be able to live a carefree life.” XunMi had a sudden idea, slapping the table in high spirits.

The original female lead’s teacher was LiuGuang Sect’s Elder Tian Xuan. But now, Tian Xuan already accepted Liu ZhenXin. If she sent the female lead there now, it would be purposely sending a lamb into a tiger’s den. Instead, she should just teach her herself. If not, then she can take some time off to look into the hidden family clans and see if she can get a good teacher for the female lead.

Ouyang HanShuang was also interested in the prospect. She was a successful career woman in modern time. Even here, she would like to depend on her own strength. Her heart started burning with pa.s.sion, emotionally calling out: “Teacher.”

Seeing her glistening eyes and hearing her resounding voice, XunMi blushed. She had so easily gained the support of the female lead, even making her her own disciple.

“You don’t need to call me teacher. It seems like we are about the same age, so you can just call me by my name. I’m currently soul sage ranking. My cultivation style might not be best suited for you so I can only teach you some basic techniques. When we find a suitable teacher, you can then be his disciple.”

Ouyang HanShuang wasn’t disappointed by XunMi’s words, “According to the rules here, it would be whoever instructs you would be your teacher. I don’t mind age,  strength makes the master.” As long as you become powerful, you won’t have other people stepping over you. Today was a good example. She had just arrived when she was targeted. But she didn’t think it was a coincidence.

She had of course had suspicions about the lady in red that saved her. However, she seemed too clean. Moreover, her eyes were so clear and bright. They were like looking into a clear, calm lake, as if reflecting her moral behavior.

Of course, it could just be that she had too good of a mask and was hiding her true self.

“Okay. Since you call me teacher, then I will make sure to teach you to my fullest.” XunMi firmly looked at Ouyang HanShuang, her eyes sharp. “But I have one condition. I won’t allow for betrayal.”

“Yes, teacher.” Ouyang HanShuang kneeled down and respectfully poured a cup of tea for XunMi.

This was the first time that anyone had called her ‘teacher’. It actually felt pretty good. She helped her up from the ground, “I will protect you until you have the ability.” This was her promise to her. Not only for the mission but as her responsibility as the teacher.

In two more months, GuiYuan Sect and LiuGuang Sect’s exchange meeting will begin. She wanted to bring her new disciple to LiuGuang sect just to annoy Liu ZhenXin.

If LiuGuang Sect doesn’t want her, then she’ll just go to GuiYuan sect. She’ll even bring along a thousand of her Strength pills.

During the exchange meeting, she’ll make sure to slap LiuGuang sect’s reputation in the face.

XunMi was about to turn into a red bean paste bun. White and pure on the outside, dark on the inside!

In the following month, XUnMi gave Ouyang HanShuang a XiSui pill and stood with BaoBao to watch the female lead roll on the floor in pain. After persevering, XunMi taught her some quick techniques.

The female lead was truly deserving of the role of female lead. Her cultivation rate was quicker than most people. Within one short month, she had already went from a soul disciple rank to soul scholar, just about to break into the threshold of soul master. XunMi was jealous, this girl was definitely is Heaven’s daughter.

Her martial arts also progressed quickly, but she was still at the martial arts disciple rank.

The two chatted and laughed the whole way, leisurely taking their time to get to LiuGuang sect.

“Ai, did you hear? The one from Liu family was attacked. I think even a soul sage that was in secluded cultivation had to come and help in order for them to push back the enemy.”

“Didn’t two geniuses come out of that family? How could this happen?”

“Apparently, it was because that concubine daughter of Liu family provoked someone she shouldn’t have.”

XunMi didn’t have the patience to listen to the rest of the conversation. She felt waves of fury in her heart.

That was probably the original soul’s feelings. No matter how ruthless Liu family was, it was still her home of two decades. It was the place that had given her all the resources as a child. If not for Liu ZhenXin’s stab in the back, she would have been a soul monarch by age 16.

At that rate, the original soul could have been on her way to becoming a soul immortal or a demiG.o.d at her peak.

“Teacher, are you okay?” Ouyang HanShuang worriedly asked. The second day after she recognized her as her teacher, her teacher had revealed her true ident.i.ty to her. After hearing her story, Ouyang HanShuang could only feel angry.

How could there be such a younger cousin? She was obviously below XunMi in every aspect. It was one thing to be jealous of her but to act so viciously and break her meridians and push her down a cliff? If her teacher hadn’t been so smart, she would have probably died down there.

Coincidentally, that horrible cousin was also the same person that wanted to kill her too.

“I’m fine. We pa.s.s by Liu family on the way to to LiuGuang Sect anyways, we can go take a look.” XunMi rubbed her thumb on her flute. After knowing her for a month, Ouyang Hanshuang felt like she understood her teacher now. She was very protective and softhearted towards her own people but was she was pretty violent in general. That is, she liked to use force to settle matters.

╮(╯▽╰)╭ It wasn’t her teacher’s fault that she had such an alluring appearance and that it caused her to gain a trail of suitors. That was also tiring okay?

Ouyang Hanshuang didn’t realized that half of the suitors following them was because of her. She would also attempt to use her fist to chase them away. If the fist didn’t work, then she would run and tattle to her teacher.

But these two instigators didn’t bother to wear any masks or muslin veil, instead strutting flamboyantly along their way. It would be more shocking if they didn’t get
attention.  ┑( ̄Д ̄)┍

Ouyang HanShuang never considered herself to be goodlooking so she never even thought that the attention could be directed at her. Meanwhile, XunMi had been used to it after so many worlds of experience.

The result of both their ignorance was the small tail of suitors that had been following them their whole way.

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