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“If there is any problems with Liu family, you can inform me. I will protect Liu family for the next 10 years. After ten years, I will officially cut all ties with Liu family.” XunMi straightened her back. Even if she was abandoned by her clan, it wouldn’t destroy her proud nature.

“What? Young girl, what happened? You-” The two elders were both startled. What had happened while they were in secluded cultivation?

Why didn’t they get any information on this? If not for this current situation, would they have been kept in the dark forever?

“Wait, young girl. You said you are already a soul spirit and are preparing to breakthrough to soul senior?”

XunMi nodded her head and reached out to grab first elder’s arm. “First elder, I’ve always remembered the teachings that you taught me when I was young. Because I had you guys, I was able to succeed today.” If not because of the parents, the original soul’s family actually wasn’t too bad.

“Right, first elder! This is my disciple.” She pulled Ouyang HanShuang forward and introduced.

“It’s getting late. First elder, second elder, we’ll be leaving first. My promise goes into effect as of now. LiuGuang sect isn’t that far from here so if I have time, I’ll definitely come back to visit you!” XunMi kneeled on her knees and kowtowed three times to the elders.

Although this was all that she could do for them, she’ll remember their care for her in her heart.

Ouyang Hanshuang also kneeled down to kowtow. Her teacher was even more pitiful than her. How could there be such parents?

“Quickly, get up. What are you doing? Young girl, you are part of Liu family! Who dares drive you out?” First elder supported XunMi up.

Second elder also helped Ouyang Hanshuang up and felt her cultivation. “Not bad, double cultivation in magic and martial arts. She’s like you, XunMi.”

XunMi face darkened, she can no longer do martial cultivation.

“Two elders. You don’t know yet but Teacher can no longer do martial cultivation.” Ouyang Hanshuang furiously interrupted while glaring at Liu HuiRan.

“What do you mean?” The two elders were astonished.

“Humph, it’s because someone mistook a fish eye for a pearl and kicked Teacher out of the family. They even allowed that fish eye to try to kill Teacher and block all the meridians in her body so that she can’t cultivate. As if that wasn’t enough they even pushed her into Death’s Eye. If not for her perseverance, she wouldn’t have been able to come back. Teacher is kindhearted. As soon as she heard something had happened to Liu family, she came here to help. However, she could have never imagined that even the doorman would refuse us by saying that there was no eldest miss of the Liu family! The world truly is hypocritical, what a group of dignified hypocrites.” Ouyang Hanshuang finally was able to vent. XunMi was such a good person, why would these people want to hurt her?

“Some people are just-”

“HanShuang, enough.” Before Ouyang Hanshuang could finish, XunMi interrupted.

The two elders and some other relatives unfamiliar with the Liu family’s history were stunned. “Liu HuiRan, explain this to me. What happened? What, did you think just because we were in secluded cultivation that you can do any shameful nonsense you want?” First elder was so angry that his white beard shook with his words. Her cultivation was gone, her meridians were blocked, and she was pushed into Death’s Eye.

Her enemy really didn’t want her to live! Even though she was still alive, he couldn’t imagine what bitter hardships she must have suffered. Yet she didn’t hold any grudges against them.

Liu HuiRan was also a bit nervous. He had never been close with this daughter. So when her cultivation fell, and he discovered that Xiao Xin was outstanding enough to strengthen Liu family’s standing, he took away his eldest daughter’s heir position and took in Xiao Xin without hesitation.

But when he drove her out, this eldest daughter had lost her cultivation. How did she suddenly become a soul sage?

“Elder, Liu XunMi’s cultivation at the time was far too low. She didn’t have the ability to represent Liu family in the family clan compet.i.tion. Xiao Xin was a soul king at the time. Moreover, she was the disciple of elder Tian Xuan.” Liu HuiRan stepped forward to explain without a bit of regret. He still didn’t believe XunMi was a soul sage while Xiao Xin was just about to breakthrough to soul monarch.

“Muddle-headed! Liu family will be destroyed in your hands.” First elder angrily waved his sleeves. Why did Liu family choose him to be the family head?

XunMi patted first elder’s chest to help him calm down. “First elder, don’t be angry. I’m fine. Haven’t I profited from this setback? Moreover, look, no one is controlling me now so I can do whatever I want anytime so carefree. Liu family head, I need to explain. That year, Liu XunMi had already broken through to soul monarch. When I delightedly wanted to go tell my parents, I instead was greeted with news that I had been removed from Liu family register. Now I’ve said everything I’ve needed to say. First elder, second elder. I’ll be leaving with my disciple now.”

She lightly hugged the two elders while secretly slipping first elder a small bottle. She turned and took Ouyang Hanshuang’s hand. Soon, the two disappeared into the air. The swipe of her red gown and the swish of her black locks stole everyone’s attention.

“My G.o.d, only soul seniors can control air. Didn’t eldest miss say she was only preparing to breakthrough?”

“It must be because eldest miss’ composition is different. She entered the soul senior phase but has not officially broken through.”

“I think it could be that eldest miss heard the news about Liu family and came in a hurry and gave up on secluded cultivation.”

“Eldest miss truly is kindhearted. How could she be kicked out of the clan, how pitiful.”

“The family head really is blind. If it were me, I’d-”

“Shut up.” Liu HuiRan angrily shouted. They were speaking so loud, was he supposed to pretend he couldn’t hear? He glared in the direction of that the two had departed towards.

Liu HuiRan’s mood was complicated. That daughter really was about to breakthrough to soul senior? If so, it would be great if she partic.i.p.ated in this year’s compet.i.tion.

The two elders snorted, not even looking at Liu HuiRan. “We are old now. Liu family head, you should solve Liu family matters yourself.” They quickly disappeared and returned to seclusion.

“Second oldest, that young girl secretly slipped this to me. Let’s open and see what it is.”

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