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Cell froze in place, "What did you say?"

"I said that's enough, you're boring me," Vegeta announced again.

Vegeta powered up with his Kokoro-Ken Times 2 and started to wail on Cell.

Cell was completely overpowered, and no matter how hard he tried to block, Vegeta broke through his defenses every time.

A straight right into his face, a dozen punches rained down on his torso, as Cell kneeled forward, Vegeta landed a spinning kick straight into his neck.

Before Cell's body could go flying off, Vegeta grabbed his ankle and pulled him back into another barrage of blows.

After Vegeta had finished, Cell looked like a mangled mess, his arms were bent in awkward positions, his back bent backward, his legs twisted, and his face distorted.

Vegeta crossed his arms and said, "Do you see the difference in our power?" Vegeta then raised his hand and shouted, "Hakai!"

Imitating Beerus's Destruction Ki, by fusing his most powerful Destruction Spell with his G.o.d Ki, Vegeta was able to recreate a weaker version of Beerus's Hakai.

"Blarg..." Cell coughed up a mouth full of green blood as his hand started to erode, "Error, unable to complete designated routine, threat of destruction imminent, Gete Protection Protocol activated."

Vegeta looked genuinely surprised, "The Gete A.I!? How did Gero get his hands on that?" Vegeta stopped attacking.

"Erasing Doctor Gero's Protocols, erasing negative memories a.s.sociated with hate or dislike for the Saiyan species," Cell continued to ramble on like a machine, his pupils were running a stream of green ones and zeros across their surfaces, Vegeta tilted his head at the words Cell was speaking.

"Hah!" Vegeta laughed as Cell's body slowly regenerated, he watched him rip off his own arm and regenerate the damage done to him completely.

Like string cut from a puppet, Cell went back to his base form and collapsed, as he fell through the air, Vegeta grabbed his arm and thought, "I guess, I should take him back to Bulma's, maybe she can fix him up, or better yet, reprogram him."

Vegeta smiled and shouted, "Hey, Kakorot!"

Goku teleported over, "Yeah?"

"I think we can still get a good challenge out of him, but he'll need some work," Vegeta said as he teleported back to Planet Salada.

"Ahh! Wait for me Vegeta!" Goku shouted as he teleported after him.

Bulma was surprised to see the two Saiyans pop in with the unconscious threat known as Cell in tow, Vegeta rubbed his nose and with an embarra.s.sed expression said, "Well, I need your help."

Bulma sighed and scratched her head, "Follow me to my lab." Bulma walked outside and pulled in a bit of air with her Ki and flew to their moon from planet Salada.

Vegeta grinned and followed after her, they ended up on one of Luna's scientific bases, races from all over the milky way had come here to study Bulma's technology, but they didn't realize who they were messing with, using a single piece of her time to coax the new scientist to work for her, Bulma had made herself quite the enterprise for the Milkyway.

They ended up in a large room full of mechanical and unique technology, Bulma had them set Cell down on a table, while Vegeta kept a hand on him in case he woke up.

Using some kind of advanced scanning machine, Bulma ran the device over Cell's entire body, after a few minutes, she looked quite surprised by the data she was receiving on her tablet.

"Wow, this guy is crazy, first all of his multiple genes have merged completely, no impurities or genetic damage is visible," Bulma explained.

"Is that why he looks so different than the original Cell?" Vegeta thought as Bulma continued.

Bulma then began showing them the information on a larger screen, "His body isn't exactly made of flesh either, it's some kind of organic metal like the other Androids, only far more advanced, also the biggest mystery is the A.I chip inside his head, I've never seen a more advanced piece of technological wonder, there's no way Doctor Gero built this thing, its way too alien in nature."

Vegeta nodded his head, "Can you do anything about the programming done to him?"

"Actually, the A.I's self-preservation protocols seems to have erased all of Gero's data, can you tell me what happened to activate it?" Bulma asked.

Vegeta quickly explained how Cell was completely outmatched, and what he said moments before Vegeta was about to kill him.

Bulma placed her hand on her chin while her blue tail twirled around her back, "I got it! It must have realized that its best chance at survival would be to abandon its current objective, and since Gero wasn't the one who made this, it could override his commands."

"What, so Cell isn't a problem anymore?" Goku asked innocently.

"There are no files pertaining to any Z-Fighter, also, it seems all memories concerning your fight have been erased as well, this A.I's preservation protocols are very thorough," Bulma moved over to her keyboard and began typing in a bunch of data.

"So what are the plans for this guy?" Bulma asked.

Vegeta shook his head, "Well, to be honest, I'd rather not kill him, he hasn't done anything wrong."

"Then I'll to create my own set of protocols, for one, instead of hurting the Z-Fighters, let's turn this guy into an ally. To Work with and defend innocent life and those allied with the Milkyway alliance. I don't want to interfere too much in another being conscious, it feels a little wrong, so let's stop here." Bulma scratched her head as she created an entire set of programs in a matter of seconds.

"Well, I guess you can use your speed training to do that too. I bet building and working have gotten far easier for you." Vegeta grinned as he stared at his wife.

"Yep!" Bulma smiled and said, "I build a ship with my bare hands now, you have no idea how cool that is!"

Vegeta chuckled, "I can imagine."

After turning back to her work Bulma spoke up, "Okay, he should be done now, do what you have to do, I'm going to spend some time here and study the A.I Chip." Bulma used a piece of technology that created a beam of light to remove the Gete A.I from Cell's brain without harming him or using surgery.

Vegeta smiled and said, "I'm glad to see you excelling in this place." He knew that the technology and meeting fellow scientist from all over the universe was allowing her to advance in technologic knowledge.

Bulma nodded her head, "Thanks, I really like this place. I know you Saiyans love fighting like I love technology. So I really appreciate what you did for me Vegeta, this lab is everything I dreamed of."

Bulma gave Vegeta a kiss on the cheek, "Now go do what you have to."

Vegeta smiled and teleported Cell back to Mars, as they stood on the surface, Vegeta slapped Cell a couple of times to wake him up.

"Who? What?" Cell shouted as he woke up.

"Hey, Cell, remember me?" Vegeta asked as he waved his hand in front of him.

Cell tilted his head as he tried to remember, "You're, King Vegeta, right, I see my programming has been overwritten, however, I still wish to challenge you."

Vegeta laughed, "Okay, better than before, the Gete A.I has been removed from your brain so you're a free creature now, Cell. I'll tell you what, I will give you two years to train. When you return, we will hold a tournament in your name. The Cell Games, we will bring you the most powerful fighters in the Milkyway to test your skills against."

Cell's brow lifted up, "Ohh, this does interest me, will Son Goku and yourself be there as well?"

Goku grinned, "Would I? Of course, I will!"

"I wouldn't mind fighting again, however, I think it's the next generation you have to worry about, they will be fighting first." Vegeta grinned.

Goku thought of Gohan, "Ohh, so you saw Gohan's potential and want to use this to tap into it?"

Vegeta laughed, "Sometimes I think you're just faking being dumb."

"Hey!" Goku shouted in his defense, "Oh, wait, that was a compliment right!?"

"And then you have to ruin it by opening your mouth again." Vegeta shook his head.

"Are you picking a fight, Vegeta?" Goku yelled out again.

Vegeta b.u.t.ted heads with Goku and said, "H~u~h! You coping an att.i.tude with me?!!! I think someone needs to be reminded of who has the lead in victories."

"It's at 1,038 Wins for me, 4,751 Ties, and 1040 Wins for you, you have two...yeah, only two wins more than me. Don't think you're stronger just because of your cheap shots." Goku pushed back against Vegeta's forehead with his own.

Vegeta grunted, "Okay Kakorot, you wanna go!?"

"Bring it on!" The two glared at each other before Cell interrupted, "Excuse me?"

The two suddenly turned their heads to Cell and shouted "What!?" at the same time.

Cell's head moved back, "Okay...I just wanted to know if you were going to fight here? It doesn't look like this planet is very strong."

Vegeta grunted, "Of course, you don't remember your fight with me so why would you know."

Vegeta then teleported Cell to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber's door and told Cell that he could get 2 years of training done in one day.

After leaving Cell to his training, Vegeta teleported back to Mars and told Goku to meet him at the training grounds.

Once again the two Saiyans returned to planet Salada and marched into the training grounds to settle their match, the two had sworn off using their transformed states.

Standing across from one another, Vegeta took Goku's stance, and Goku took Vegeta's, it was a mirror opposite of their first fight.

The two charged at one another and attacked with everything they had, they started with a fierce exchange of punches, they blocked each other's every move as they continued to cause a ma.s.sive storm of gusts to surge all around them.

Vegeta kicked out causing Goku to jump up and power up a Galic Gun, Vegeta in returned used the Kamehameha, their blast met and canceled each other out, Vegeta appeared behind Goku and punched out.

Goku disappeared and reappeared behind Vegeta, he reached out to grab Vegeta's neck, however like an afterimage, Goku grabbed nothing.

They continued to try and attack each other, only to past through one another like ghosts, Vegeta then threw out a wave of rapid-fire Ki blast, Goku easily dodged them by a hair's breadth and navigated through them as if he was walking through a stream of water.

However, the moment Goku made ground, Vegeta flipped his hand and showed Goku that the blasts didn't hit the ground but were floating inches away from its surface.

Like they were locked on to Goku's Ki, Vegeta shouted, "Homing Mines!"

All the blasts Vegeta fired off earlier came flying towards Goku's position, Goku flew up to escape the blasts, but the very moment he left the ground, Vegeta clenched his fist and shouted, "Detonate!"

A ma.s.sive explosion erupted around Goku, however, Vegeta didn't have time to celebrate the brilliance of his technique as he jumped forward while aiming a both his hands between his legs and blasted at his earlier position, after doing a few flips in the air, Goku shot out of the smoke caused by Vegeta's Ki blasts and tried to use a flying Kick to strike Vegeta's stomach.

Vegeta spun, dodging Goku's kick by a narrow margin and placed his open palm out as he struck at Goku's chest.

Goku raised his fists and grabbed Vegeta's wrists, Vegeta then head-b.u.t.ted Goku causing the two to fall back and rub their head like the attack hurt them both.

"Ow! What the h.e.l.l is your head made of? Vegeta said still rubbing his forehead.

"I could say the same..." Goku shouted only to be interrupted by Vegeta's sudden attack, barely dodging to the side, Vegeta's fist came down causing a ma.s.sive crater to form around them.

"Hey, that was cheap, Veg..." Goku was once again attacked before he could finish speaking, "You're too loose again, tighten up Kakorot!" Vegeta snapped Goku back into battle mode.

The continued to attack each other with every last bit of energy and stamina they had, it got to the point that neither of them could avoid each other's attacks anymore and began trading blows.

The continued to wail on each other without reserve and broke several bones in the process, by the time both of them were worn out, they stood across from one another covered in wounds, blood dripped over 60 percent of their body and they looked like they could barely move.

Vegeta healed himself and charged towards Goku, however, it appeared Goku had a bit of a surprise for Vegeta this time, he raised his hands and collected energy from the plant life around him.

Goku's wounds began to heal rapidly, and as his energy was restored, he met Vegeta's fist with his own, "I can heal now too!" Goku said with a sly grin.

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