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The entire world was shaking, Vegeta and Goku were astonished by the power growing beneath their feet, so much so, that when the energy started affecting the gravity around them, the two Saiyans were forced to retreat more than a few miles away.

"Holy c.r.a.p Vegeta, do you feel that!" Goku shouted.

Vegeta grunted as he pulled out his scouter to see that the being in the center of the light had finally settled into his base power level, "800 Quadrillion!" Vegeta said as he looked at the new version of Cell floating amongst the rubble.

He looked completely different than his original timeline version, for one, he was far more human looking, Cell had a few lines running across his skin, each of them formed a pattern that was reminiscent of his Perfect Form's armor; only it was just a blackish outline.

Cell's tail was the same peachy color of his skin, it was around the same length as Frieza's tail in his final form, and his tail lacked the usual signature pin needle shape that the original Cell had.

His feet were in the shape of a Frost Demon's and small black orbs were centered in chest, knees, and elbows. His dark green hair was spiked up and short, something close to Gohan's Mystic Form, only without the bangs.

His face was handsome and thin, almost a perfect replica of Android Zero after absorbing 17, and 18's I.E.Rs, and he was slightly taller than Goku by around 4 inches.

His body was lean and well built, but nowhere near as bulky as the original, and his eyes were the same purple iris and black purple color that the Cel's always had, and lastly, his hands looked mostly human but had sharp claws rather than fingernails, similar to Piccolo's.

As he opened his mouth, Cell shouted, "I am complete, Perfect...No I am the Ultimate life form, Ultra Cell!"

Vegeta was shocked as Cell continued to grow even stronger, the moment his power reading made it to 999.9 Quadrillion, it slowly changed to Low Tier Mortal G.o.d Ranking.

"So Quadrillion is the limit for normal Ki until it can challenge G.o.d Ki," Vegeta said as he looked at Cell slowly land on the ground.

The scouter finally stopped rising once it reached Mid Tier Mortal G.o.d Ranking, Goku and Vegeta couldn't help but whistle as Cell used magic to create an outfit for himself.

It was a long sleeve two-toned shirt, the center of it was a gradient shift between black and green, and the sleeves were green and had black spots covering them like Cell's old skin.

Cell's pant was dark green in color and he wore a pair of knee high boots that looked like his old legs.

[A/N: If you wanna see the general gist of what Cell looks like check this image out.]


He then looked over to Vegeta and Goku and said, "Well, I guess I should thank you two for allowing me to be born...however, I hope you don't think that means I'm going to spare you now. I still have my programming to follow after all."

Vegeta grunted, "You don't have the power to defeat us, in fact, Kakorot's son here can probably kill you with ease."

"Oh, are you going to change red, is that what's giving you such confidence? If it is, I have some bad news for you, I can do you one better." Cell started to power up, the ground around them quaked and the skies roared.

Suddenly a bright light covered Cell's body, his skin had turned golden, and his hair had turned red, "I suppose I could call this form, Red-Gold Cell."

Vegeta and Goku were stunned, his energy was phenomenal, and they could sense Cooler's Golden Demonic Ki and the Saiyan's Red G.o.d Ki merging into an entirely new power.

"Ohh, what's this, such a powerful G.o.d Ki," Beerus said looking up at Planet Salada's sky. "Whis, this must be that Cell guy, let's go check him out."

Whis nodded his head and tapped his staff, only took them a second to appear next to Goku and Vegeta, Cell was taken completely by surprised stared down Beerus with a hint of worry, "Why can't I sense the end of his strength?"

"This is the artificial human created by the Earthlings? Well, the fact that it can use both G.o.d and Devil Ki is impressive," Beerus inspected the being known as Cell.

"Who are you?" Cell asked with a bit of fear in his voice, "Fear, I feel fear!!!"

Beerus cleared his voice and said, "I am the G.o.d of Destruction...you...are an Insect compared to my existence, so don't get c.o.c.ky around me punk."

Cell cringed at the words, he the ultimate being was mocked by a purple bipedal cat.

"This is my first time on earth, I must say, it's not bad," Beerus said looking around.

"Lot's of sentient life and most of them are good at heart, although a little selfish, they still have room to grow," Beerus said as he placed his hands behind his back.

"I noticed lord Beerus, and to think that wonderous cooking method comes from this place as well," Whis smiled at the group as he raised his staff, "I think we'll go check out that food stand Bulma was speaking about."

As the Angel's staff slammed against the ground, a large circular light appeared around them, within less than a second, Bulma appeared beside them.

"Woman! Take us to this food stand you talked about, and this all you can eat place as well!" Beerus demanded.

"Don't you take that tone with me!!" Bulma shouted, with a quick raise of her hand, she slapped Beerus across the face and said, "I was in the middle of playing with my daughter, do you have any idea how scared she look when you dragged me here."

Beerus's ears twitched as a handprint appeared on his face, Goku stood shocked, Vegeta eyes widened just as he saw Beerus raise his hand with an open palm.

Transforming into a True Super Saiyan G.o.d Purple, Vegeta appeared in front of Beerus and grabbed his hand, "Now, I know you weren't thinking about striking my Bulma, Lord Beerus!"

Beerus twitched and frowned as he couldn't move his hand, Vegeta's power was skyrocketing, his eyes glowing with a fierce and wrathful expression.

Beerus was getting ready to rage, when Whis stopped them, because of their recent boost in power, their fight would be equivalent to two G.o.ds of destruction going at it, now if they were in the training room, Whis wouldn't have interfered, but as they are outside, Whis couldn't risk the universe being destroyed.

"Okay you two, that's enough," Whis said with a dull expression, "Beerus, we could have at least warned Bulma before calling her here. You deserved that slap."

Beerus let out an angry but accepting grunt, "And Vegeta, I understand your anger, but do you wish to destroy the universe?" Whis turned stared at Vegeta.

Vegeta grunted, "No."

"Then apologize, both of you," Whis commanded.

Vegeta looked to the side and said, "I'm sorry, I lost my cool."

"I'm..mumble..sorry," Beerus crossed his arms and sulked.

Whis then nodded his head in satisfactory, he then summoned a crying 2 and a half-year-old Bra, in her fright, she had powered up to a Super Saiyan form and couldn't calm down.

Vegeta grinned as he approached his daughter, Bulma did so as well, it took them a bit to calm her down, but, after realizing that she was being cradled in her parents arms, Bra collapsed from exhaustion, the Super Saiyan From was just too much for her young body to handle at the moment.

"I suppose I must congratulate you, I a.s.sume 2 and a half is some kind of record for obtaining the Super Saiyan form," Whis said with a smile on his face.

Vegeta smiled and handed Bra over to Bulma, "I'll be right back, until then..."

Bulma smiled and gave him a kiss, "Just make sure to come back in one piece, I'll deal with the G.o.d of Destruction."

"I still can't believe you slapped him." Vegeta chuckled.

"I have the universe's strongest husband, why would I be worried about holding myself back from being who I am," Bulma said as she started to fly into the air.

"Come on Beerus, if you want to eat, then stop your grumbling!" Bulma shouted.

"Beerus started to fly into their air, but just before he did, he turned to Cell and said, "If you destroy this planet, I will Haikai you!"

Beerus held out his hand and disintegrated Cell's finger, Cell was shocked as he could not regenerate the damage, as Beerus flew off, Cell tore off his finger, past the part where Beerus destroyed and after his blood spilled across the ground, Cell was able to regenerate once more.

Vegeta turned back to Cell and powered down before saying, "We can't fight here."

Cell stared down the two Saiyans with a bit of anger, "How, how are you so strong!?"

"We can use the dragon b.a.l.l.s to turn Mars into a habitable planet that's solely for fighting on," Vegeta said ignoring Cell.

"Okay, but who gets to fight him first?" Goku asked staring at Cell like he was some sort of prize.

"I am talking to you, answer me!!" Cell shouted.

Goku and Vegeta grinned, they held out their hands and started to play rock-paper-scissors, Vegeta threw his arms up in victory as Goku lost.

Cell started to grind his teeth as he shouted, "Enough!" he powered up as high as he could and charged towards the two Saiyans, Vegeta powered up to True Super Saiyan G.o.d Blue and captured his hand.

Vegeta grinned and said, "Take it easy, we can have our fight soon enough."

Vegeta then forced Cell down on to his knee, "Kakorot, make the wish so that Mars becomes habitable, increase the gravity to 1G, and no matter how large the damage, everything on Mars must be able to regenerate all damage done, or recreate the ma.s.s as it's destroyed, instantly."

Goku nodded his head as he used his instant transmission to go back to Planet Salada.

Vegeta kept Cell from moving for more than a few minutes. After Goku made the wishes, he returned to Earth and said, "It's done! Now we have a planet we can go all out on."

Still holding on to Cell, Vegeta teleported him to Mars and Goku followed close behind.

When they arrived Vegeta saw a ma.s.sive blue and green world, there was no life other than bacterial, and even the plant life was free from insects.

Vegeta let Cell go and said, "This is where we'll fight!"

"What the, how did we? Was that teleportation?!" Cell stared at the two Saiyans in horror.

He knew his objective was to kill Son Goku, but he could tell that his power was still lacking, "If only I had time to train, this body is still brand new, and my potential has hardly been tapped into," Cell thought to himself.

Vegeta then transformed into his True Super Saiyan G.o.d Red as he faced Cell, "I think this form is perfect for our fight."

Cell knew Vegeta was mocking him by relying on a weaker form, "d.a.m.n you Vegeta!"

Cell threw the first punch, Vegeta grinned as he dodged it by a mere inch or two, he then punched Cell so hard in the gut, that his stomach looked like it was stretched out as he was sent flying into a nearby mountainside.

As he plummeted through the stone surface, the ground behind him was healing as fast as the damage was made. When Cell exited out the other side of the mountain, Vegeta smiled at the fact that the planet showed no signs of damage, even the trees and foliage had regrown.

Vegeta powered up and chased after his target, Cell gritted his teeth as he chose to fight back.

The two began exchanging blows, countless explosions rocked the planet Mars and caused havoc and destruction that was completely repaired.

Every time Vegeta and Cell reappeared, the concussive forces of their blows shook the warriors down to their bones.

"Hahaha! Come on Cell you have our genes running through your veins, you can do better can't you?" Vegeta said as he hit Cell with a roundhouse kick straight to his dome.

Cell's body fell into the earth and caused a ma.s.sive explosion that sent debris flying into the atmosphere, only to be pulled back in by Mars's gravity and become raining b.a.l.l.s of fire that scorched the earth.

In his anger, Cell let out a ma.s.sive explosion that took off a chunk of the planet, Cell continued to grow stronger as he shouted, "d.a.m.n you!"

Vegeta smiled at his progress and said, "Okay, that's enough."

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