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"Okay, I didn't know you could heal with the Spirit Bomb technique?" Vegeta said as he raised his knee to kick Goku in the side.

Goku grinned as he lowered his elbow to block Vegeta's knee, "Yeah, I learned a lot on planet Metamor."

Vegeta seeing the move ahead of time changed tactics, he stomped his kicking leg towards the ground, targeting Goku's foot. "However, you can't heal as often as I can, you wouldn't want to start killing all the plants and animals around you."

"I know that, but here there is an ever-expanding s.p.a.ce that has no limit to plant life around us." Goku stepped his foot back and punched out for Vegeta's face simultaneously.

Vegeta tilted his head to the side and felt Goku's fist past by his cheek as he dodged, raising his fist into an uppercut, Goku barely moved as he avoided the attack.

The two began to focus on their fight, each of their attacks missing each other by a narrow margin every time; if Whis were here, he would see the two moving very close to the level of Ultra Instinct.

Goku and Vegeta continued to trade blows for almost a full day, by the end of their fight, they were both exhausted and completely tapped out of energy, they stood across from one another, dripping sweat onto the ground, panting and covered in wounds.

The two then looked at one another before they both said, "You look exhausted; maybe you should just give up."

Vegeta laughed, he was out of Mana, and Goku couldn't so much as raise his hands to collect the energy needed to heal himself.

"Another draw then," Vegeta said as they both collapsed.

After chowing down on a Sensu Bean, the two jumped back up and enjoyed the feeling of their increased strength.

They then called in Gohan, Trunks, and Goten to continue there training as well, and for the next 3 Years inside the Training Grounds, Vegeta and Goku trained with one another and their kids full time.

Whis agreed to train everybody, just as long as they supplied him with good food, and with his aid, everyone grew stronger by leaps and bounds.

Vegeta senior and his wife also joined in for the training, Vegeta even managed to pull in his wife every once and a while, but she didn't train as much as the others.

Nappa had chosen to continue his training, but, as a graduation guide for the upcoming Saiyan Warriors, the bald Saiyan had very little time to train because he was so busy leading new Battle-Ready Saiyans on their first mission with the s.p.a.ce Patrol.

Lapis and Lazuli were allowed to return to Planet Earth, but they insisted on staying and training with Krillin.

After leaving Goku smiled as he sensed Cell's new strength on Earth, "Awesome! He got a lot stronger in just the two years we gave him."

"Well, he did get a lot stronger, but so did we," Vegeta said as he pulled out his Dragon-Scouter and checked all of the highest power-levels on his planet.

Goku and Vegeta and managed to raise their Power-Level from 3 Quadrillion to 25 Quadrillion.

The remaining fighters levels were.

Gohan, 24, Quadrillion.

Goten, 5, Quadrillion.

Trunks, 5, Quadrillion.

Krillin, 15, Quadrillion.

Tein, 14.5, Quadrillion.

Piccolo, 25, Quadrillion.

Bardock, 24.5 Quadrillion.

Gine, 10, Quadrillion.

Chichi, 18, Quadrillion.

Radditz, 22, Quadrillion.

Bulma, 8.2, Quadrillion.

Bra, 3, Million.

Spra, 3, Million.

Vegeta Senior, 20, Quadrillion.

Vegaan, 22, Quadrillion.

Lapis, 150, Quadrillion.

Lazuli, 150, Quadrillion.

Nappa, 600, Trillion.

Goten and Trunks jumped up and shouted, "We are gonna kick Cell's b.u.t.t!"

Gohan shook his head and said, "You two are fighting first since you're the youngest."

"Sorry Gohan, you won't get a chance to fight, I'm going to beat Cell into the ground!" Goten yelled with his fist up.

"Only lucky cause you won Rock, Paper, Scissors!" Trunks shouted while pouting.

Everyone laughed at the two kids arguing about who gets to fight first.

Bulma moved over towards Vegeta and elbowed his side before she said, "Those two kids 'really' take after their fathers."

Vegeta chuckled and looked at the two 5 and a half-year-old kids, "They are much stronger than I at their current age, as long as they don't stop training, the day may come when they finally surpa.s.s us."

Goku grinned as he said, "Won't that be the best? Not only will we be proud, but we can also challenge them too!"

Vegeta shook his head and said, "Come on, fighting maniac, we have a tournament to win."

Vegeta then teleported everyone to Mars; he then sent Cell to Mars as well by using his Zoom Spell.

Once he arrived, Vegeta stood in front of the gathered party, "Listen up, here are the rules for the Cell Games, rule one, the whole planet is the battlefield; leaving the atmosphere is considered to be going out of bounds. Rule two, the match will continue until one or the other, admits defeat, gets knocked out, and lastly, if either contestant is incapacitated by maiming, or dismemberment, the offender of such a case will be disqualified. Rule three is simple, no killing."

Everyone nodded their heads, "Any questions?" Vegeta asked as he looked around.

Cell stood up, "Who's fighting first?"

Vegeta turned to Goten, "Your up kid."

"You can do it, son!" Goku shouted, "Try your hardest."

Goku looked at Cell and said, "Break any of the rules, and I'll kill you!"

Vegeta laughed as he actually saw Cell sweat a bit, but was more laughing at Goku's att.i.tude towards Cell.

"Maybe my some of att.i.tude rubbed off on him when we fused," Vegeta thought as they found a nice flat area to fight on; it was a large and open gra.s.s field that spanned hundreds of miles before being surround by forest, Goten stepped up to fight and held his hands out in the traditional Kame stance.

Cell showed interest, he knew he was far stronger, but he lacked the experience to really fight, he may have the techniques and cells of all the greatest fighters, but, he still hasn't had a proper fight to test them.

Cell mimicked Goten and stood in the same stance, Vegeta then shouted, "Begin!"

Two shot towards each other, Goten transformed into a Super Saiyan and went from 5 Quadrillion to 250 Quadrillion, Cell easily blocked every one of Goten's attacks, however, he was thankful for every strike, he could see how Goten used his martial arts and was adapting to real combat.

Goten suddenly transformed into a Super Saiyan 2, his power reached 500 Quadrillion, Cell smiled as he watched the boy speed up, but even then, it was no use, Goten grunted seeing that this wasn't getting him anywhere, powered up to Super Saiyan 3, his power level just using basic Ki, allowed him to reach Low Tier Mortal G.o.d Ranking.

Cell started to show some concern, he slightly increased his power to handle all of Goten's attacks, blow for blow, a barrage of deadly punches and kicks where stopped by Cell, who was slightly exerting more of his strength.

Goten grinned as he shouted, "Check this one out!" As he transformed into a Mastered Super Saiyan 4, surprising everyone. Goten's new power level was Mid Tier Mortal G.o.d Ranking.

"When did he master it that?!" Goku shouted as he stared at his sun with stars in his eyes.

Trunks grinned and began bragging, "We figured it out when we did the fusion dance, after achieving it together as a Gotenks, it was a lot easier for us to master in a shorter time!"

Vegeta smiled as he rubbed Trunk's hair, "Little rascal, you hid that from us!?"

Trunks grinned and laughed as he watched Cell actually taking some hits, however, every once in a while, Goten would take a very noticeable, powerful blow from Cell.

Goten went in and hit Cell's gut, Cell, however, countered by kicking him into the ground so hard, an imprint of his body formed into the earth.

Goten powered up as much as he could and shot out of the ground, he placed his hands into the traditional Kamehameha stance and shouted, "Super, Spiral, Kamehameha!"

Cell was surprised by the attack and countered with a Kamehameha of his own.

The blast slammed into each other and the two began struggling back and forth, Cell's base power was that of a High Tier Mortal G.o.d, yet Goten's Spiral Kamehameha had bridged that gap.

"What a powerful technique!" Cell thought to himself as he continued to power up.

Little by little Goten was being forced back, "Darn it!" Goten shouted as he pushed the limits of his body, "I will win!" Goten shouted as Goku noticed a hint of G.o.d Ki surging inside Goten's body.

With a loud shout, Goten hair reverted to his base form and his hair and fur turned vibrant red, a ma.s.sive explosion of G.o.d Ki surged out of his body as he transformed into a True Super Saiyan G.o.d Red.

Goten's blast completely overpowered Cell in his base form, Goku shouted at the top of his lungs, "You can do it!"

Cell quickly transformed into his Red-Gold Form and disappeared, Goten's blast went straight through the planet, the dragon's magic quickly kicked and instantly repaired the damage, Cell had appeared at Goten's side and gave him a swift chop to the back of the neck.

Goten's eyes rolled back as he landed on the ground and reverted to his base form. Goku appeared beside his son, placing one hand on the ground and the other on Goten's back, Goku then gathered the life energy from the nearby plants and gave it to Goten in order to heal his wounds.

Once Goten recovered enough to swallow a Sensu Bean, Goku fed him one and picked him up, "You were amazing, son! I'm so proud of you."

Goten laughed as his father threw him up and down into the air, however, once Goten had a chance to calm down, he puffed up his cheeks and spoke with a sense of annoyance, "Aw, man, I lost didn't I?"

Goku nodded Goten's head and patted and said, "Yes, but you grew much stronger, you even managed to achieve True Super Saiyan G.o.d Red. I'm proud of you, son."

Goten blushed a bit and hugged his father, "I won't lose next time!"

Goku nodded to Cell and said, "Thank you."

Cell nodded his head in return as Goku flew back to the rest of the group.

Trunks met up with Goten and shouted, "That was awesome! You finally caught up!"

Goten turned his head to the side, "I know right, now our fusion will be even stronger."

Vegeta turned his head and said, "You sneaky little runt, don't tell me that you unlocked your G.o.d Ki?"

Trunks rubbed his nose, "Hey dad, I'm not much stronger than Goten, so I think Gotenks should make his appearance."

Vegeta smiled and said, "If that's what you wish."

Goten and Trunks smiled, they then walked up to Cell and shouted, "Hey! Cell! Get ready for your next opponent!"

Vegeta smiled as he watched the two boys perform a minute long Fusion Dance, the fusion dance worked by merging one's Ki and Body by imagining two great streams forming into one. The longer the water ran, the wider the river grew, or the time limit in this case. Every fifteen seconds equated to half an hour, giving them two hours if they stayed in base form, one hour and a half if they go full force.

Once Gotenks appeared, the planet shook as he posed by pointing his thumb and his chest and shouted, "The ultimate warrior has arrived, prepare to lose, Cell!"

Cell looked at the two and said, "Fascinating, your entire being has fused into a new individual, impressive technique, I'll make sure to memorize it."

Gotenks jumped over to Cell and said, "Now, let's try this one again!"

Cell was caught off guard by Gotenk's sudden arrival; before he could make a move, Gotenks transformed into a True Super Saiyan G.o.d Red and punched Cell so hard that he went flying through a few mountainsides.

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